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  1. Wow thanks, that is basically the same thing as Skitch and works super nicely. Thanks for the tip, didn't know that one and Snaggit is soooooo big and slow, typical bloatware.
  2. I am also currently trying snagit on my 2016 Macbook Pro. Is it normal the the capture cursor is SOOOO laggy and also the app in general is slow to start and come up after the capture... I think it is just too bloated compared to Skitch which is much faster. And I really don't need video or scrolling capture and all the other bells and whistles of Snagit. If it was fast it would be nice, but it is so slow.
  3. Thanks for the tip, it doesn't work though. I just tried it and it has exactly the same bug.
  4. Same issue here... I needed skitch several times a day... it sucks going without it and there are no alternatives that are useful. Please fix this!
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