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  1. I just checked and according to Skitch I am “up-to-date”. Figures. Too late anyway.
  2. Monosnap FTW! Just deleted Skitch. Good riddance! I had all of the problems listed above. All have been fixed/replaced with Monosnap. Thank you to Stoic33 for originally recommending it. It's a very similar workflow to Skitch although I haven't figured out how to save to Evernote automatically. I GLADLY paid the $5 for the upgrade. Skitch/Evernote has lost a lot of money over this (and other issues) given the fact that we the users are dropping like flies and willing to pay for Monosnap, Snaggit, etc. Gee, if only Evernote would have charged for Skitch, maybe it would still work. Hey Evernote moderators, as an Evernote ECC I am disgusted and ashamed to be affiliated in any way with you given your lack of support and updates. Do everyone a favor and shut down Skitch. At least then we as users will know where we stand.
  3. It did t used to be this way. So Evernote is blocking itself from one of its own products? Another brilliant move on Evernote’s part.
  4. If I click the “Made with Skitch” next to the lock on Mac, yes. No way to edit on iOS that I can see. But WHY are they locked?
  5. I use Skitch for screenshots and have them automatically saved to Evernote. At some point all of my notes made with Skitch have become locked and are listed as Read Only. This is on both Mac and iOS. Any thought or help is appreciated.
  6. Me too, and it still is. Like I said, I am committed. Evernote just doesn’t realize that THAT is how it’s customers use it. It’s where Evernote came from. It was always billed as your digital filing cabinet, never forget anything, etc. Then it wanted to be a writing app. They’re are writing apps that ARE writing apps. Evernote is NOT (and never was) a writing app. It needs to get back to its roots and it’s core users.
  7. I pay for Evernote, I was in several of the betas, I am an Evernote Certified Consultant. Heck, I am user number 403,301. I know this because they thanks me for being one of its earliest users. So I’m committed. But the fact is, after Phil left, the whole company has lost its vision. It doesn’t know what it is anymore. It needs help. It raises prices (one can only assume because its losing money) with very little added features. Evernote was a fantastic app it it’s day. Unfortunately that day has come and gone IF they continue on this path. I firmly believe that Evernote can come back and hold its place at the top of productivity apps but only if it changes its philosophy NOW. Wait any longer and apps like Bear or Google Keep will take over. Come on Evernote, step up your game!
  8. Great idea, bad implementation. I've been asking for this ability for a while now. But why not implement it the same way as it is in the app? I tap the tag area and then start typing the tag I want. This makes perfect sense. But the way you have implemented it in the clipping/share sheet is terrible. I have to scroll through a list of all my tags. Not the best way to do this. Maybe this is a limitation of the share sheet and if so then so be it. I think it could be better. This has been long awaited as well, thank you. Incidentally I do not use 1Password but I use LastPass and the app extension works with LastPass as well. Thank you! One area for improvement would be the text formatting menu colors. For instance when I tap the "A" to choose formatting, underline, bold, etc. the menu is dark gray with dark green options. You can barely see them. Lighten up the green a bit and we should be able t see them.
  9. Evernote, which touts its tags and search based on tags so much, doesn't include adding tags in it's new document capturing app? This makes no sense. I see from above that Evernote is listening and we are not the first to ask for this feature so props to that. But seriously, why would't this be included from the get go? Tagging wasn't included in Evernote's own built in document camera so I just assumed that this new capture app would include it. Nope, so far this seems to be the same document capture camera (albeit without Evernote's signature green color and instead has it's new fancy blue color) rolled into it's own separate app. At least for now. So instead of capturing with the Evernote app and then opening the note to tag it, I am now expected to open the Scannable app to send it to Evernote, and then open Evernote so I can open the note so that I can tag it. Makes perfect sense to me. :/
  10. I'm not sure why Evernote doesn't do this. Apps like EasilyDo and Contactually can do it on iOS and desktop. Why can't Evernote?
  11. No need to highlight anything. Simply click the message once in the Preview Pane and click Paste to Evernote from the EN icon in the menu bar (ctl+cmd+v). No selecting anything, no copying anything. Voila! BTW- I'm still looking for a solution where I can do what the OP said. Be able to create a link inside the message that links back to a specific email i.e. Click here to see John's email. Click here to see Mary's reply to John. etc. Things for Mac does this but I stopped using Things because Evernote is a much simpler solution. J
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