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  1. The converse of that is, the update shouldn't be forced on the user at random times. Within a certain time period, the user should get to choose when the update happens, especially if the update will cripple the product for the first half hour of use following the update.
  2. So, I check several times a day to see if I get the update. Nothing. Until today, when I'm out and need a note. Guess what. We are updating - this may take several minutes. Several. Another word they don't understand. But now I have my default notebook. In fact, it's so special, I have two of them. Identical. Yeah, I know. Uninstall and reinstall. I think I'll go with Uninstall and reinstall.
  3. PDF Export still not working for me, at least Exporting a whole notebook as a PDF. Exports part and then says it's complete. Haven't heard anything from the ticket I opened two months ago. Also need to keep Legacy for doing something with more than a handful of notes. Legacy will move 30 notes in less time than v10 moves 3.
  4. Android still on .16, but I remembered how I fixed this a few weeks ago. I go to the Windows app, choose another notebook and set it as default. Then go back to my preferred default and redo the process. As soon as I do that, the missing notebooks reappeared. One thing that would be nice if a right-click on the default notebook showed that was the case. The only way you know is if the option to Set it as Default isn't there.
  5. I'll wait until 17 drops. If that doesn't fix it, I'll go back to Nimbus until they get this sorted out. On my laptop I have options for getting data, but out in the field, I need something reliable. Right now EN isn't that.
  6. Is it any better? I'm still on 10.16 and for whatever reason, check for updates isn't an option. I don't want to go through the whole uninstall/reinstall dance again. It seems like every other time I try to use the app, it doesn't work. One day it's fine, next day it's broken. Today, I wanted to record an audio note, but again, it wouldn't work. The last time, I finally figured out this was because the app no longer knew what my default notebook was. I just fixed that a week ago and now, with no update I'm aware of, it's gone again. Also, the issue I had last week of some notebooks not showing, but a gap where they should be. I fixed this before by switching in and out of dark mode. Today, that doesn't work. IN short, today, the Android app is useless to me. Tomorrow, it will probably work. Maybe I should just work every other day.
  7. I don't disagree, but I've got so many tickets open now and nothing has been fixed going back for months. Tired of being a beta tester.
  8. OK, so... I decided to reboot the phone, just in case. After doing so, more notebooks are missing, but now there are gaps where they should be. As if they are there but not displaying. Took a wild guess and looked at Dark Mode setting. It was set to use device setting, which is not where I had set it. I changed it back to Dark Mode, and all my notebooks reappear. This Android thing is getting to be a train wreck. Works fine sometimes and not at all others. Works for some people and not others. I'm glad we have a unified platform. That makes me feel better.
  9. Needed to access a notebook today on my Android phone, but the notebook was not there. This is probably my most used notebook when out with the phone. Used my backups on Nimbus to access the data I needed and dug into it when I got home. First I checked other devices. The notebook is on Windows, my Android tablet and web versions. So, I go back to the phone and searched for a note in that notebook. The note comes up, so I clicked on Move note. Normally, the notebook the not is currently in shows up blue with a checkmark. In this case, the notebook was greyed out with a lock beside it. I tried to look at option or settings on that notebook on the Android tablet, but the software was so slow and non-responsive, I gave up. Any ideas, other than uninstall and reinstall? I've done that 3 times on each device now and that has gotten to be old.
  10. I've only seen a very slight improvement. Moving a note now takes 3 seconds instead of 5 seconds. One note is 3 seconds. Ten notes is 30 seconds. 100 notes - 300 seconds. This against Legacy where it's 1 second, whether 1 note, ten notes or a hundred notes. I would be shocked if we ever see the speed of legacy again, but 5 minutes to do anything on a modern computer is unacceptable. It's been a year, progress has been very slow. I like v10 and the new features, but basic functionality is still broken.
  11. No. I need to spend more time looking at the settings in Android. That's how I figured out it had turned off my default Notebook causing many problems. It's strange how many options you have on Android and virtually none on Windows. Not very unified for a unified platform.
  12. I just spent some more time digging into this and what I figure out is that the Android app no longer knew what my default notebook was. I changed it on Windows then back where I wanted it and now it shows correctly on Android. This solved my problem, hopefully it will help with yours.
  13. Ok, final post. I found how to set the default notebook on Windows, so I changed mine to a random notebook, then changed it back to my preference. A few minutes later, it showed up on the Android and now the new Note functions work.
  14. Ah, well here's another clue. I started going through menu options and found the Default Notebook setting. It is blank other than an explanation of what it is. So far, I haven't been able to figure out how to set that. I have had a default Notebook since day one and have never changed that. It works for my Import Folder function, but can't find any where in Windows or Android to choose my default notebook.
  15. I solved this, sort of, but looking at a problem someone else had in another thread. What I figured out is that I can't create a note, an audio, or use the camera unless I choose a notebook first. In other words, the New button on the home screen will not work, but from inside any notebook, I tried all three methods and they all work. Don't know if others have the same issue. I will come up with some sort of workaround using the Home page. I don't input from the phone a lot, and when I do, it is frequently audio or camera. I can use the Scratch Pad for simple notes.
  16. I had been unable to create a note using camera or audio, with similar results as you. So, I tried to create a regular note and got the same results. No save. Others have said they haven't had this problem, so I dug a bit more. What I found out for me is, you have to choose the notebook first, then the note and camera worked. So, the New button on the home screen is worthless to me. But at least I figured out that I can create a note when I need to. The camera function is something I use a lot. So, I think I've found a use for my Pinned Note. Hope this helps.
  17. I do that periodically, when I want to check in with the competition. Notion (when it works), Nimbus and OneNote all have easy ports from Evernote. So when I stop by, I always to a quick backup. I also as DTLow and others have said still do periodic backups with Legacy. I do a weekly ENEX backup and a monthly HTML backup. But before and above all that, mostly I do a Forward Up. Most of my important notes were scanned, copied or otherwise entered via the Import folder. I don't delete those so I have the original files in the original format on my hard drive, both external drives and my cloud backup. Those are my archives and my backups. Evernote makes it easy to find my data, but I'm not staking 12 years of data to any one entity. The majority of the rest of it comes from emails sent to EN. In that case, with a few trivial exceptions I still have the original email. Plus, if the email has an attachment, that gets saved to my import folder. So, I don't need a backup, I already have that done in advance. IMO, putting your only copy of important data in someone else's hands and then complaining that you don't trust them to back them up is silly. The rest are actual notes and my various backup procedures are more than capable of protecting those.
  18. It's working in the Windows version. Never knew about this one - thanks
  19. Or click on Display Settings and change it from Extend to either Show only 1 or Duplicate. Or drag it back over before you leave the office.
  20. Not yet, but TBH, getting a little tired of going through the entire remove and reinstall with every update, on every device.. This one isn't a deal breaker yet
  21. I waited a day to make sure this wasn't a fluke on my end. Most of my early tasks repeat daily. And my Evernote 10.20.4 runs constantly. Prior to v.20, every morning, my tasks said Due Today. Now, they still say Due Tomorrow until I click on something.
  22. More an FYI, than a bug. I'm having a slightly different issue, which is probably not considered a bug at this point. I upgraded to Pro partially to have more widgets, particularly scratch pads. You can't scroll past a scratch pad. Any touch at all puts it in edit mode. Having learned this, I am very careful where I put my finger and make sure it is between notes. IMO, it would be better if a long touch put it in edit mode. I am maxed out on widgets so smooth and fast scrolling is a must
  23. As a workaround, when/if they get it working properly, you could export that notebook as a PDF. I think this requires the pro version. Last time I tried, it didn't do a complete job. I have an open ticket on it. Haven't tried with version 10.20 yet.
  24. Yes, Saved Searches, keywords, tags, notebook, created, updated, and contains. Filters stack, so you can drill down pretty far if you wanted to.
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