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  1. Most of my notebooks are missing. I read the sticky on this, but honestly, I have a hard time being a beta tester on something that broken. Fyi, I am using an 'approved' browser; the latest version of Chrome. I'll check back in a day or two.
  2. I revisit my dashboard occasionally and add new links and content. One thing that would be nice is to have links to folders similar to notes. I know I can create a shareable link and embed that which would take me to the web version, but I would prefer it be internal to the Windows or Anderoid app, like Note links. My workaround is to have an empty note in these folders and create an internal link to that note. Not very elegant, but it works.
  3. I have always switched between article and simplified article depending on how much ***** was on the screen. At some point, article began selecting a 'clip' which seems to be some arbitrary section of the page. If I don't pay attention, I may end up with a tiny sliver of the article. Is this an option somewhere? I couldn't find it. I've started using full page instead.
  4. OK, well I'm an idiot. The solution was to simply put today's schedule at the top of the same note instead of separate notes per day. So the Today link works and today pops up. Also, much easier to scroll down to see previous days. I can create a new one weekly or monthly depending on how often I reference past days Thanks for the inspiration, all
  5. That makes sense; I'd love to see some screenshots. I'm probably overthinking the daily schedule thing as I use another app for task tracking.
  6. Sorry, Windows; I always start in the Windows forum, but forget when I wander about. I have access, but having retired from 30 years of databases and programming, it's not something I do if I can help it.
  7. OK, thanks. Another question about links. Is this possible, or can you think of a workaround. I want a notebook with daily schedules. Each note labeled with the date except the current day's which is titled Today. On my dashboard, I want a link to Today's schedule, but I don't want to have to rebuild that link every day. Anyway to build something like that? Thanks
  8. Good tip on the manual bullet characters. I was trying to do the same thing for the same reason. I was surprised when a bullet wasted so much space. My link tables also take up too much space. RCoonceTX how do you keep the cells that small. I can move horizontally, but the vertical spacing seems to be locked.
  9. I did an Enex backup this morning without knowing about this or paying attention. It split my 11K note 5+Gb file into 5 ~1Gb files. Never had a problem with the large files, so not sure I care, but I've never done a recovery from them either.
  10. I think if you ask him a fifth time, he will finally succumb to your superior debate skills and give you what you seek. OTH, he may not give a $#!+
  11. Shakespeare was a hack. Only reason his work has stuck around so much is so that people given to pedantic sesquipedalian loquaciousness somebody to quote. Usually incorrectly. He probably liked cauliflower.
  12. No, I ignore what I don't like because I don't like it. Take cauliflower for instance. I don't like it, so I ignore it. Doesn't matter how it is presented. Have seen where they make it look like mashed potatoes or cheese doodles? I just ignore it. But then, I would think a person who can't capitalize correctly to understand the subtle nuances of cruciferous vegetables.
  13. At least this thread was correctly named, I can't take it any more - Migrate out of an endless, pointless, rambling diatribe over semantics with nothing of any interest in several pages.
  14. I'm sorry, but the first word in the second sentence of your second paragraph, should have been capitalized. Therefore everything you have said prior to that is suspect and I choose to disregard it. Next!
  15. You win :0) Don't know how to do incremental backups. But, 95% of my Evernote data also exists in either my default directory or email.
  16. In the 10 years I've been with EN, I have bought half a dozen new devices, Getting up and running with EN was the easiest part of setting up a new device. Having said, that, I am religious about my backups. I have no reason EN is going anywere, but if they do, we will have plenty of time (and in only takes less than an hour) to grab all our stuff. But with the volume of stuff I have in EN, it would be irresponsible not to backup. I alternate weekly backups to the ENEX files, combined with monthly dumps into HTML. Plus the fact that almost everything in EN was someplace else on my hard drive first, which means it is also backed up to 3 external drives and the cloud. As far as the other debates are concerned, smooth peanut butter is far superior to chunky. It is known.
  17. That has happened with me for years, especially if I cut an image from a note. I notice it mostly if clip a web page and try to clean it up.
  18. I've always been a folder guy, but don't really care with Evernote as their search functionality is so good, it's not relevant to me. I can find anything I want in seconds, nested, tagged or otherwise. It's one of the standout features of EN. The main reason I don't want them nesting deeper is unless they change the entire structure of their database, which isn't likely, stacks are virtual. So in looking at other apps, when you port over your data, you have individual folders with no structure at all.
  19. Wow. Came back here to cite my progress since my last post a few months ago, but this thread has taken so many turns since then, I think I'll let the dust settle.
  20. Yes. I only mentioned it because Notion uses Blocks very similar to Wordpress
  21. First, a question that I'll follow up on in another post, Do you use Wordpress? Glad you're not asking about editor, as I don't really know. My memory of it is it is similar to this window. I do a lot of writing, but other than basics, I don't care. On to the fun stuff. I am primarily using it and Evernote as a digital filing cabinet. N is so much more customizable, but as User63 said, out of the box, it's exactly the same. The import is seamless, so you end up with what you had in EN. I don't use tags much, but the ones I had came across. What happened to them? They became entries in a property (what they call field types) called Tags. Besides the ton of other page types or objects you can embed in a page, they have five basic page types. They call them views, which is better descriptor as, just like EN, you can view the same data different ways. EN imports come across with two views, List and Gallery. List view is very similar to List view in EN, with a major exception, I'll get back to. The coolest view is Gallery which is similar to Card view in EN, except you have more control over the image that is shown and the other data is completely customizable and controllable. You do this with the properties I mentioned earlier. And that is the difference also in the List view. You set up these properties, just like fields in a flat file database. Then you control which, if any of these show in the five views. For instance, I have a gallery view of Bills Due and Books. The Bills view shows a thumbnail of the bill, due date and amount. The Books view shows a thumb of the book cover, and title. I can open the record up to see the other fields, any freeform text and other things I will talk about in another post. Table view is just like a flat file database and works like any of them have since dBase or similar back in the dark ages. Board view is a Kanban type display and will group on any field you choose of the Multi-Select variety. So you could have a traditional Kanban showing Urgent, Next, Someday tasks, or, in my Books case, Read, Reading, To-Read- but there is a better, or at least different way to handle that. I could have separate pages, or separate views on the same page, that slices up my books database by those parameters. This is how I handle my task list. There is a master list with everything in it, including due dates, contexts, etc. Then I have views on my Dashboard (a generic name for my main page) with Daily, Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days and Done views of all my tasks. All are views of the master list. One of the coolest views, which I haven't even used yet is the Calendar view. Any database with any date field can be viewed as a calendar. Have more than one date fields? Build a calendar for each. All of these views are highly customizable re which fields you see, the filters and the sorting. So, if I wanted a calendar, showing all of my tasks around the house due in the next two weeks, it's a couple of clicks away. That's probably enough for now, but I will say that every time I see someone else's page or a new video, I think of a new way to display some of my EN notes. Meanwhile, they are sitting in the same folders I had in EN and the search function works just as good. And trust me, I haven't scratched the surface here. Having said that, for me, their biggest weakness right now is now email into function. I have no doubt that will be out soon as developers are very active, open and honest. later
  22. I will add this. It has always been my intention when/if I downgraded to keep Evernote. The limits placed on the free plan are easily worked around. I could either use the web client on my laptop, or as I did, revoke access to my tablet, since 95% of my use is laptop and phone. I don't hit a tiny fraction of the monthly limit and the 25Mb per note limit is not an issue for me. In that way, it could be a backup to Notion or I could modify my use of EN into something else. That being said, if they keep up the spam trying to get me to upgrade, I will drop it and never look back.
  23. There is. This gets you a $10 credit and me a $5 credit. Their paid plan is $48 a year or $5 monthly. https://www.notion.so/?r=9af10571a5e74b5594e491b4178a3358
  24. OK, just went over the expiration date on my Evernote. The huge PDF file was still there and viewable, but I couldn't move it or even delete if from the Win client. Did so from the web. As far as workarounds. I have created a page called Inbox and that is where my web clipper goes. For email and scanned files, I still use EN as the inbox and then move files or screen capture emails into Notion. I briefly tested an embedded spreadsheet, but haven't spent much time with it. Spent the last few days moving to a new laptop, so Notion/EN has taken a back seat. Re 100% disk usage, I spent a lot of times chasing down suggested fixes for that. There are a ton. some are useful, some not - none cured the problem. The new machine and SSD seems to have taken care of it. Agree on task scheduler. Takes a lot of time to go through it, but it's amazing how much ***** there is in there.
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