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  1. Hi. If that was available in Evernote Legacy, you'll be able to get back to it instantly by just installing the older version. I was never aware of this being a feature, but I can't see it as a likely priority - Outlook users have been similarly left behind with the loss of their app integration. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote (runs alongside the new version with all the features that v10 is currently missing...)
  2. Always make sure that you force a sync both before and after you edit a note. That way you'll always edit the latest version of the note and save it to the server for the next person to view.
  3. Yeah - generally the trick to avoid sharing personal stuff on a work PC is to have a personal paid account and a work 'free' account with one or more notebooks shared between the two. Log into whichever account is appropriate for where you are. Clipper will automatically save to the logged account. See something at work that you need for home? Clip to your shared notebook. Need some home stuff to check out at work? Add it to your shared notebook while at home so you can look at it at work.
  4. Hi. You "sent the notebook link" ?? What version of Evernote are you using? What were the first 12 or so characters of the link? If you sent this link by email it would have been viewable in a browser only; if you sent the share through the Evernote process, they should have received an email to accept it. Get your contact to check their spam folder.
  5. Hi. Device? OS? If you click or tap into the note, is there a header/ toolbar with symbols?
  6. Hi. Well, for the moment you have Legacy; and if the new filters don't match up with the functionality you need, I'd suggest you raise it with Support - the developers don't necessarily use the search options at your advanced level. If you can explain to them what you need - a link to this Forum thread would be a start - maybe they can understand where what they have developed is falling short. Use the feedback option in one of the apps, or if you're a subscriber - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new
  7. Side issue, but just for general information - Can't remember whether I mentioned this in one of the earlier pages, but I can get page linking and internal page anchors to work in shared pages using Postach.io. It turns an Evernote notebook into a blog, with its own page linking structure in an HTML 'wrapper' as a separate website. Postach.io will accept and interpret HTML codes including page anchors, so once you have a blog 'site' you can assign any one of the notebook pages as a notional Index Page and grab the link locations from the published pages. Obviously won't help in exporting the sire to another service, but if all you're looking for is 'proper' linking...
  8. Far from it - there are a lot of happy free users. The comments were entirely because of the attitude. - And the 25MB and 60MB limits? They're like the notice you see on minefields - disregard the warning and bad things can happen. Work within them and you should find things will work as normal.
  9. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/113698-billingpayment-and-subscription-issues/
  10. Hi. Since Evernote keeps all your notes in the cloud, it understandably takes a little while to upload/ download 25MB; and since you have a 60MB per month upload limit, you've probably blown that out of the water too - hence the app no longer allowing you to play. Your best bet - if you have another email address to use - is probably to write off this account and start a new one for the time being. Since 200M other users are managing - mostly - to get along with the app (that's not quite the population of the US, but pretty close...) I wouldn't expect it to disappear anytime soon. - Oh and you could subscribe to help pay for the storage space and bandwidth you're wasting to get access to Evernote support.
  11. Hi. It is still possible to install and use Legacy alongside the new version. More languages will come, but we have no timeline for when.
  12. Hi. I routinely forward emails to Evernote containing links and haven't been aware of any issues... are you sending mails manually, or with a mail rule? And which mail client do you use.
  13. Because until this last several months it has not been technically possible to change the architecture of Evernote's database. Same reason your TV does not make coffee. No. it's not - but neither is this a request app. Evernote is reacting to user feedback and needs across more than 200M accounts. This development may be in a queue somewhere, but it's not (AFAIK) a priority - yet.
  14. Noted! (I'm only a Windows user - I get used to things going wrong... )
  15. Always nice to know the device and OS with queries, but in this case the answer is "not yet". On the other hand the Home page on a desktop has various widgets including ones you can filter for recent notes...
  16. Hi. Have you tried to uninstall the app normally and restarted your device before reinstalling the current version?
  17. There's no way to solve it in Evernote - it's not a page layout app. For any new notes, save your content in a WP file that allows more controls, and add the text content to the note with copy/ paste if it needs to be readable inline. Or you could simply use the Evernote Export feature and backup your notebooks to ENEX files for security...
  18. Hi. Not everyone is a kanban fan... you might be able to do something like this with third-party Evernote integration Filterize. It can recognize new and recently changed notes, and apply templates to the content - but it would be easier to stick with a Kanban app that can already do this sort of thing if there is such a thing...
  19. It might be the order in which you do things - try removing the bullets from your list, resizing the text and then add the bullets back?
  20. The web app never has been able to import files - are you thinking about an Import Folder? That's a desktop process. The web app can attach files to notes, but that's strictly a manual operation. Create import folders
  21. Nothing at all seems to be wrong with Evernote. Editing a note - even "pasting an image" - means downloading the old version, and re-uploading the new version including the image. Deleting prior uploads doesn't affect the total amount you currently have to upload this month - that's all 'paid for' in upload limit. You need the bandwidth to save an edited note, which is the full amount of that edited note Evernote keeps careful tabs on how much you have uploaded, so if it says you're out of space, you should believe it. -Either wait for the limit to reset, or subscribe to continue access. FAQ for upload limits
  22. Long notes are a pain. A notebook dedicated to the journal, with a separate note for each day, would give you a timeline, and tags to indicate any content of significance would allow you to find all the notes containing "Project X" forinstance. Actually Evernote's search is so good that a search within that notebook for all notes containing the phrase would do the same. No scrolling involved...
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