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  1. I have this same problem in landscape mode at times - not always though. And this is on an iPad Air 4. I was able to get a screen recording and share it with EN. Hopefully we see a fix in the near future.
  2. Which features? The Basic account has not has any features taken away, just a more strict device limit. The difference between Basic and Premium has been the same for years now (not including new features like Home).
  3. I would be surprised if they do not read through most of the comments - at least at the top level. Listening is huge and it would be a big shock if they didn’t. Participating is another thing though - I am sure the % of users who participate in the forums is very small. They really have nothing (or very little) to gain by trying to engage with folks on the forum beyond what they are doing.
  4. 10.11 Update fixed issue for me. cmd+` is working again for window switching within EN 📣
  5. Working fine for me this morning also. Yesterday was bonkers with search not finding some notes that had the keywords in the title of the note.
  6. It’s odd as it seems to work for some folks. The shortcut cmd ‘ has not worked for me since v10 update.
  7. I can use the filtering to find specific tags within specific notebooks. Is this not what you are looking for? I got to this by using the app wide search - not searching within tags or notebooks
  8. The survey is very biased and geared to only pointing out problems. All questions are only asking the respondents to provide negative points only so it is not shocking that your takeaways show that as well. There are quite a few positives with the new v10 also. I get and understand that v10 is a struggle and not usable for some. However, I would think that there are quite a few folks that are using it daily without problems. The initial switch and rollout was a bugger for sure. Shoot I know I was complaining about white screens, stuck imports, and other things as well. I think it took ti
  9. Just a heads up that it should be fixed in 10.6. See this post: 10.6 fixes clips remaining
  10. Yes. Making the change to Basic does not remove your files. You have a much smaller monthly upload allowance. You will also lose all other premium features.
  11. Someone else will have to confirm. But I am pretty sure that when I made the switch from Premium the PDFs that were already indexed retained the indexing and I can search within the PDF. I started scanned with OCR and getting much better at tagging/naming notes to help with EN not indexing PDFs anymore.
  12. I am with you there. This is a big step up from what has been available in the past for sure.
  13. I think I was able to resize by dragging once - but having a very hard time replicating. And while yes the desktop edits carry over. With the ability to edit tables in the iOS app I’d think resizing cells would be part of the app update as well.
  14. It is great that we can not edit tables with latest iOS update. However, trying to resize a table column (widen) is next to impossible.
  15. This morning is particularly slow and brutal for app performance on my MBA. Running 10.5.7 and things are crawling along. Did quit and restart as well.
  16. Searching for notes this morning returns the note list - BUT the note content is white. Quit and restart fixed the problem. However, the old topic is closed and marked as solved in most recent release. It is not fixed - at least for me.
  17. I replied asking them to clarify and got the same response again.....I took the same screenshot on my computer I’ll try sending it to them. Crazy that they cannot take a minute to read and assume that the boiler plate feature is not available is a solution for all.
  18. I thought it might be a macOS shortcut - just never looked. And yea - works for every other app. Ideally I would uninstall the app and reinstall, however I do not have the ability to on this Mac (work computer without admin privileges). And this was support response when I went back to clarify with them: "Please allow me to further clarify that if you are referring to switching note windows, this feature hasn't built this feature into the new Evernote app. This is one of a handful of features we are still considering. Thanks for letting us know this feature is important to you. I wi
  19. I am on the most recent App Store release 10.5.7 and "cmd + `" is not working to switch windows. It has actually not been working for a while - though I thought it was working on one of the 10 releases. Support is saying it is not a feature that has been released yet but I have a real hard time believing that. This shortcut is there for every other app...... Is this working for anyone else?
  20. Thanks for the link I did not see that post in my searches. That post though says it is the current expected behavior - though EN admits it is not very useful. Nothing in there about it changing though though beyond asking. Hopefully in an upcoming release they do update this.
  21. Where is this bug noted? I spent some time digging around forums and did not see anything. I just assume that this is how EN set it up - the intended behavior.
  22. Yep - but when filtering without sub-tags no notes show up as the notes are not tagged with the parent. And when selecting the parent tag ALL tags are selected and of course no notes have ALL tags applied to them. So the request is have all tasks that are tagged with a child to automatically be tagged with the parent? So in my image examples if I choose insurance all notes tagged with the child tags would be selected as well. Really parent tags should work like notebook stacks and show all notes that have child tags.
  23. It would be great if parent tags selected all child tags. Just like with notebooks if deleting the stack all notebooks in the stack are shown.
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