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  1. The credit comment was directed at previous poster who mentioned paying it over time.......nothing to do with Evernote or blaming Evernote - not sure where you got that from? And yes all versions are suitable for personal use and I have used all versions personally. Nothing in Evernote is offensive to me (though I some how offended you?) - just think a stripped down version without Work Chat, Business Card Scan, Presentations, Multiple Accounts would be nice. Again all business features removed from an offering. I am thinking about what Premium used to be before the BTB focus started. And again none of these are offensive or in the way of how I currently use EN.
  2. You are right that the premium subscription is not that much if you take into account only Evernote. However, I am willing to bet that most folks have a few different monthly services at a premium level and the costs for all of them add up to a bit more than a couple of coffees. It is about prioritizing services and how much you are willing to pay for a service. Also putting Evernote on a credit card and paying it over time = paying interest charges and it makes it even more expensive......... If we are forced to migrate away from the Plus option in the future I will be going to the free account - the $70 is more than I am willing to pay. I still wished that they offered a consumer version only without trying to jam all of the business stuff down our accounts. I understand that BTB is where the $$ is at, but it would be nice to go back to the basic EN that was offered years ago.
  3. Glad I downgraded to Plus when I did. I understand the fact that they need to need to make money and that Plus might not have been a very popular option - but it was a great one for those of us that do not need the full premium feature set. While searching in PDFs is probably the only feature that I miss at times, I have just been very careful to make all new notes images. I still have a hard time with the cost of premium. I have been using Evernote since 2010 and really hope that they stick around for quite a bit yet.
  4. That is not a comprehensive answer - just a checkbox about searching in documents. I would like to see it specifically address OCR and using OCR in search. This is more of the type of answer it would be great if EN provided - do they consider that search to be documents they OCR only OR previously OCR'd documents as well. I have started using Scanner Pro from my iPhone to OCR pdfs sent into EN. I would like to think that since I am providing the OCR before it is sent to EN that the OCR will still be searchable for Plus accounts.
  5. While I am not 100% sure of this, but this is how I understand it to work. If your upload a PDF that has OCR already it will be searchable in a Plus account, but EN will not OCR the pdf for you. EN will OCR images and pdfs in premium accounts. It would be great for EN to chime in here and provide a comprehensive answer to this as well.
  6. The conversation has surely degraded in this thread and got just a bit off topic...... In an effort to bring it back to the original question - am i staying? Yes. I have been a premium user for 5+ years and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. As soon as I see an increase in my account to $70 though I will be changing to the Plus level. The only feature I will miss is searching within attachments - but that is not worth the extra $$ to me as I do not use it all that much. I am not a power user by any means - EN is mainly a storage locker for documents for me that I want access to in multiple places. This can easily be done in other places, but after 5+ years I have a system that I like using and is well worth the $45 I have been paying yearly for.
  7. This is the question for me as well. Will all current PDF's that are already OCR'd by Evernote continue to be searchable? I try to OCR all of my scans before putting into Evernote, but I have been lazy as of late and scanning using my phone and Scanable. While I use EN quite a bit and have been a premium user for years (2010 join and 2011 premium) I am not sure I can stomach 55% increase for the same features.
  8. Any idea of time frame for the update? Thanks!
  9. Using Safari 8.0.2 I am not longer receiving EN notes that match searches I am doing in google. Anyone else getting their notes to show up?
  10. It would be great to disable (or ability to select per scan) the business card scanner feature. Scanning documents that are of similar size or shape bring up the business card features even when you are not scanning a business card.
  11. Using new clipper in Chrome 31Beta on OS X 10.8.5 when clipping a page adding a tag is next to impossible. I can easily scroll all my notebooks, but cannot scroll tags and they are hidden at the bottom. And I cannot add comments. The clipper is not auto sizing to my windows nicely. I generally like the update, but this problem makes it tough to use. Anyone have a solution (besides going back to old clipper, which I will do shortly) that makes it easier to use?
  12. I scan most things directly using my iPhone now-a-days. You can use the Evernote app to scan directly into the app, but I use Scanner Pro which uploads directly to EN and I believe does a much better job scanning. I do have a Canon P-150 that I use for things that I do not use my iPhone for and it works perfectly.
  13. It has happened a couple of times since the initial upgrade process. It its 100%+ and when I notice it I quit out (command+q) of EN and then restart it again and it is normal cpu usage.
  14. Like the update so far. One problem I am having is EN killing my CPU and running at 100% when I have it open on my MBP. I have to quit out and restart to stop it from using so much CPU.
  15. Same problem since last update to EN for me: Version 3.3.0 (300201) running on Mac OS X 10.8.1
  16. Is there a way to easily rotate a image on a Mac to fix this problem? On Win7 I was able to open the image in Paint -> rotate -> save -> fixed in EN. On my Mac if I open it in Preview the image shows up correctly, but in EN it is still displayed horizontal/sideways.
  17. Understanding the tech is different so they can not be identical. It would be great if PDFs were looked at sooner rather than later for the Mac.
  18. Thanks - the right click did it. The quick look is nice, but hopefully someday EN can look at implementing the way Windows handles PDFs inside a note as it is pretty slick.
  19. Is there a way to make the PDFs view as an attachment to existing notes? I have checked that option under clipping; however, a couple of notes that have long PDFs did not appear as attachments. Would like to retro it to already created notes if possible. Has there been any requests/discussion on the Mac side about having the option to view it like the Windows side? Much cleaner shorter and easier to read notes. The ability to page through PDFs instead of displaying ALL pages is very nice.
  20. I just picked up a MacBook Pro and of course first program installed is EN. One thing I have not been able to find out how to do though is change the display on PDFs. In the windows version EN only displayed the front page of a PDF and then gave an option button to page through it. On my Mac it displays every single page and makes for a very long note. Is there a setting/way that I am missing to be able to only show the front page of the PDF on the Mac version?
  21. I had this same thing happen to me on my Nexus S 4G. It made it so I could not access most of my notes, nor would they sync to my phone correctly. Ultimately what I had to do was uninstall and re-install Evernote on my phone. This fixed whatever problem I was having - luckily all my notes had sync'd to the web correctly so I did not lose any.
  22. This is a big problem right now for me, well big is relative I suppose. Driving me nuts that I loose all my formatting within a note that I created in the Windows Client when I open it and edit in Android Honeycomb version.
  23. Can always install CM7 on your NOOKcolor and turn it into a true android tablet. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=960542
  24. I have been using EN web on my CR-48 for almost 6 months now and it works just fine. The one thing that would be nice is offline ability for all notes and attachments.
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