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  1. I was having the issue of tasks not loading on the Mac - it would just spin and spin and spin..... So I logged out and also checked to "Remove my Evernote data from this Device" and that worked ..... and, it makes Evernote WAY faster. All notes now load almost instantly (or at least a lot faster than the past few weeks). Makes a huge difference in usability - just thought I'd share.
  2. When you say store all your documents - does this mean things one would normal store in DropBox or GDrive? For example, I have about 18 GB of "teaching materials" - I'd love to make each folder of teaching stuff a note in Evernote - I think this would be a great way to organize my stuff and make a WiKi of sorts - link my daily lesson plans to the appropriate Note - Does this work do you think?
  3. How do you great the internal link on Drop Box? That's something I would like to do. Thanks
  4. I am looking to attach (not import) Dropbox files as well - But when I try and share from DB, I always end up with a link to the WEB version of dropbox and not the local version. Does anyone know how to link to the local file in DB? It's not critical, but this would save a step! Thanks, Robe
  5. Incredible display of short term thinking and elitism (among other things) - not even sure where to start. First of all, our future is in education, so a business model that promotes education is always a sound investment. Second, even as a ruthless business strategy, having no concern for anyone other than themselves, EN can get tax write-offs for discounting education accounts AND hook students into Evernote while they are young and create future business. Either way, philanthropy or Big Business, it can work for Evernote...
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