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  1. It is an outright shame that this bermuda-shirt wearing hippies in California are allowed to misuse their worldwide position. My business is dependent on the usability of Evernote on iOS. Luckily I did NOT permanently upgrade the desktop version. After trying this version I quickly reversed my steps (I kept th old version) Unfortunately I cannot do this for my iPads!. One thin is sure: I will kill the autoupdate-function. So far we are still Abel to use it, but I do get a lot of complaints!! Evernote: FIX THIS ASAP !!!
  2. I have been incredibly patient. There has been an extensive exchange of information, I have done my best to make clear what the problem is, and tried to get EN-helpdesk to come up with an answer. No answer came. I do think there has been an incompatibility-problem between the various systems and software. I updated, and all of a sudden that problem was gone. No apparent reason. I got 35 credits for the trouble Jo
  3. Hi, Thank you for your quick response! Well, speaking about the 'devil', I took one more chance in contacting EN, and now they responded, saying they did. Prob. they did not press the send-button!. I wil wait what they have to say. I hope they respond a bit quicker now. For me it is urgent, I Have customers that are a bit annoyed I think. To give you some answer to the above: I use the latest clients on my iMac an Macbook. Also all software on iPad and iPhone are up to date. Yes, of course, I send in ticket. Seems to be the first thing to do I guess. The ticket was send some days ago. t
  4. O someone, please help! I have tried to contact the help desk of evernote, but they seem to be speechless (not responding after promise) I have a serious problem: When I make a note, it gets a date. I make many notes. After some time I notice that some dates of notes change. Not the date when it was made, but the modification-date. There is no-one touching the notes. this is very worry-some! I use EN for business. I have a premium-account. The notes I share with customers (read only) and my team (read-write). I use primary my macbook, secondary my iMac, and furthermore 2 iPads an iP
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