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  1. Hey there -- nope, no resolution sadly. It still loads only rarely. I think the iPhone 4 just can't handle my huge database of notes.
  2. Hello all, What is everyone's favorite app for quick capture of photos? I know the new iOS app has a quick capture option but it's still not that fast (even on my 5S). In the past, I used CleverSnap which let you take a photo and instantly save to Evernote, location data included. Lately though it's failing to upload all the photos I take. Suggestions please!
  3. Sorry for that, GrumpyMonkey! Ah well, it's tough when Evernote keeps adding fun new features. Hopefully templates won't be next!!
  4. Be still my heart. Just downloaded the latest Mac beta this afternoon. I selected a couple notes to move into one notebook and saw the NEW option to "Create Table of Contents Note." I could not resist -- and indeed, it created a new note with two note links to those two notes. AMAZING! This is very cool and I can see it coming in handy a lot.
  5. Sounds good to me -- that was my next step. Also just curious if others had seen this.
  6. I'm trying to clean up my work notebook where I have a lot of separate notes for topics/clients that are now completed. I'd rather keep those notes in the same notebook, but I don't want a ton of separate notes when one big combined note will do fine. So I'll run a search or just have several notes in chronological order that I will select and merge into one note. Simple, right? Everything looks normal and combined properly. I'll move on to other notes, or other processing in Evernote. Then I'll get a sync error (I sync as frequently as possible, every 5 min) that the new note I just created cannot be synced. I find that note and it looks normal in the snippet preview, but I'll click on it and it's blank in the note content window. When I delete the note everything is ship-shape again and sync runs normally. What is up with this behavior? Is anyone else seeing it? It's not a crisis for my workflow -- I'm just trying to avoid merging important notes for now -- but it's odd and inexplicable. It's not a matter of too much data for one note -- they are mostly text-based so would not run into any size limitations. Using the latest Mac version [Version 5.2.1 (401587)] on Mountain Lion. Thanks for any insights.
  7. I think of Pocket as a temporary location for my reading -- like a personalized magazine or newspaper. I don't store anything long-term there -- anything I want to keep and reference for later gets sent to Evernote. Evernote is my filing cabinet/reference material. Much as I like Pocket, I can't imagine not using Evernote for many, many things. If you're not sure how to use it, I suggest checking out the Lifestyles section of these forums -- hopefully that'll give you some ideas on how you can best use it. Good luck!
  8. If you want templates for Evernote, many people like KustomNote. I don't really use templates myself but others find KustomNote suitable.
  9. You'll find that you are not alone in thinking the iPhone version, especially once you have a decent amount of notes, is unbearably slow. If I need to enter some text quickly into Evernote on the go, I will always use FastEver or Drafts to send the text. For me, the delay/bugginess of trying to start a new note from the official iOS app isn't worth the hassle. I will say that though I prefer the Drafts interface, it doesn't offer the geo-tagging on the note text. So if I want to make sure there's a location associated with my new note, I will use FastEver.
  10. If you are looking for a true read later service, I would recommend either Pocket or Instapaper. Evernote is great for storing articles as reference but I don't use it as my main reader. Both Pocket and Instapaper are designed to do exactly what you're looking for natively. You can always save any article you want to keep from Instapaper or Pocket into Evernote for future reference.
  11. I'm not seeing this issue and I use Evernote for Mac all day. No problem adding or removing tags.
  12. Hi Ellafont, Sorry to be late to your updates in this thread -- very busy weekend and no time to comment. I appreciate you writing in with your experience too since it shows I'm not alone here. Anyway, the bad news is that I am still seeing this behavior myself, even with the latest iOS update on my iPhone 4 and the very latest version of Evernote installed on my iPhone (the one from this past weekend with bug fixes). The only thing that works SOMETIMES is force-quitting the app, restarting my iPhone, and then opening the app repeatedly until it "catches" and goes past the green boot screen to sync my latest notes. Even then, it's often several tries before it works or even no success at all. I do not have time either to re-install the app and reload my database on a regular basis (and that's an absurd solution!!) since I have quite a few notes myself and it's not a quick process (try several hours even on a good wifi connection). I rely on Clever on my iPhone for reviewing and editing notes but it's not perfect. I also use FastEver or email to create new notes from my iPhone. There are other apps I would *like* to use to create new notes on my iPhone, like Dispatch (a new email client that came out recently) but since it tries to launch the new note in the actual Evernote app, that's a non-starter. I've also had issues where I try to authorize Evernote to use within other apps and can't get the app to open to the authorization screen, so even my editing workarounds aren't a full answer to my issues. All this to say -- I sympathize and I feel your pain. I'm a premium user too and I use Evernote for a huge part of my digital life storage. I've gotten resigned to this status on iOS but I'm not that happy about it. Please do let me know if you get anywhere with support (personally, I have found that their advice tends to be "delete and reinstall" for 99% of my inquiries, so your experience may be more of the same). Good luck.
  13. WTO, I would LOVE an IFTTT channel for Pinterest so I could connect it to my Evernote. I've tried a couple work-arounds in the past. You can get the RSS feed for your account and use that to create new notes, but I haven't tried to customize that on a board/notebook level. And the images it pulled were thumbnails instead of larger pictures. Personally, I've found it helpful to just go back through those RSS-generated notes in Evernote and pull the content from wherever the pin links. It doesn't do me much good to have a just a picture of a recipe -- I'd rather clip the entire recipe later on, even if it's another step. Hope this is helpful to you!
  14. That does sound very frustrating and in the past when I've used offline notebooks, that hasn't been the behavior at all. I hope support has helpful answers for you. Good luck!
  15. I stopped trying to use the Safari iOS clipper because it drove me nuts. Dolphin Browser (which is free) has a really nice, easy to use Evernote clipper. When I need to clip anything on my iPhone or iPad, I use that instead.
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