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  1. Hey there -- nope, no resolution sadly. It still loads only rarely. I think the iPhone 4 just can't handle my huge database of notes.
  2. Hi Ellafont, Sorry to be late to your updates in this thread -- very busy weekend and no time to comment. I appreciate you writing in with your experience too since it shows I'm not alone here. Anyway, the bad news is that I am still seeing this behavior myself, even with the latest iOS update on my iPhone 4 and the very latest version of Evernote installed on my iPhone (the one from this past weekend with bug fixes). The only thing that works SOMETIMES is force-quitting the app, restarting my iPhone, and then opening the app repeatedly until it "catches" and goes past the green boot scree
  3. I don't recall, but is that really the most critical step in the process? Not being sarcastic.
  4. BNF, As I explain upthread, I've already tried that. Twice now, I've uninstalled and re-installed from scratch.
  5. So I'm the only unlucky one here? I also installed the new release last night -- a total re-install -- and I'm still seeing the crash behavior.
  6. Hey all, I am having serious problems with Evernote on my iPhone. I have no issues when I use it on Mac or my third-gen iPad. But on the iPhone (it's an iPhone 4, running the latest iOS version), the app will open, show the green loading screen, and quit immediately. Once in a blue mooon, it will actually load and sync any new notes I have created. Further details: I have tried the following to no avail: 1. Force-quit app, then re-open 2. Force-quit app, restart iPhone, then re-open Still seeing the same issues. I even deleted the app and re-installed from the app store. It worked briefl
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