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  1. Hey there -- nope, no resolution sadly. It still loads only rarely. I think the iPhone 4 just can't handle my huge database of notes.
  2. Hi Ellafont, Sorry to be late to your updates in this thread -- very busy weekend and no time to comment. I appreciate you writing in with your experience too since it shows I'm not alone here. Anyway, the bad news is that I am still seeing this behavior myself, even with the latest iOS update on my iPhone 4 and the very latest version of Evernote installed on my iPhone (the one from this past weekend with bug fixes). The only thing that works SOMETIMES is force-quitting the app, restarting my iPhone, and then opening the app repeatedly until it "catches" and goes past the green boot screen to sync my latest notes. Even then, it's often several tries before it works or even no success at all. I do not have time either to re-install the app and reload my database on a regular basis (and that's an absurd solution!!) since I have quite a few notes myself and it's not a quick process (try several hours even on a good wifi connection). I rely on Clever on my iPhone for reviewing and editing notes but it's not perfect. I also use FastEver or email to create new notes from my iPhone. There are other apps I would *like* to use to create new notes on my iPhone, like Dispatch (a new email client that came out recently) but since it tries to launch the new note in the actual Evernote app, that's a non-starter. I've also had issues where I try to authorize Evernote to use within other apps and can't get the app to open to the authorization screen, so even my editing workarounds aren't a full answer to my issues. All this to say -- I sympathize and I feel your pain. I'm a premium user too and I use Evernote for a huge part of my digital life storage. I've gotten resigned to this status on iOS but I'm not that happy about it. Please do let me know if you get anywhere with support (personally, I have found that their advice tends to be "delete and reinstall" for 99% of my inquiries, so your experience may be more of the same). Good luck.
  3. I don't recall, but is that really the most critical step in the process? Not being sarcastic.
  4. BNF, As I explain upthread, I've already tried that. Twice now, I've uninstalled and re-installed from scratch.
  5. So I'm the only unlucky one here? I also installed the new release last night -- a total re-install -- and I'm still seeing the crash behavior.
  6. Hey all, I am having serious problems with Evernote on my iPhone. I have no issues when I use it on Mac or my third-gen iPad. But on the iPhone (it's an iPhone 4, running the latest iOS version), the app will open, show the green loading screen, and quit immediately. Once in a blue mooon, it will actually load and sync any new notes I have created. Further details: I have tried the following to no avail: 1. Force-quit app, then re-open 2. Force-quit app, restart iPhone, then re-open Still seeing the same issues. I even deleted the app and re-installed from the app store. It worked briefly, getting all my notes up-to-date, and then went back to its usual behavior. Is anyone else seeing this? Is it a known bug or am I just unlucky? I basically don't even try to review notes on my iPhone anymore -- I just create new ones via Draft and review on Mac or my iPad. Thanks in advance for any help.
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