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  1. I have the same issue using my Moto Sports 360 using Android Wear 2.0.
  2. Noticed this as well. Hoping this feature is brought back as I use it quite often.
  3. I recently have experienced the same problem where my followupthen reminders emailed from Evernote are no longer created. I have contacted followupthen support and been advised that this is due to a recent code change with the Evernote 'from' addresses. I've been trying to figure out a workaround or a way of getting it working again as I use both services as part of my GTD system that I have been using for years.
  4. Thanks for fixing it. All seems to be working and I can use my Surface as productivity tool which is why I purchased it in the first place for.
  5. I had flagged this internally, and it looks like your particular ticket was placed on hold while we work with the development team on it, apologies on the lack of communication there. We were delaying further response until we had gotten some traction on the problem, but really should have sent along another update in the mean time. We are definitely aware of these crash issues and have been focused on resolving. Nailing this particular bug has been complicated, to say the least. Any update on the updates?
  6. Is there any update on a working version of Evernote Touch? It's starting to get really frustrating not being able to use it on my Surface.
  7. The app won't stay open long enough for me to be able to copy and send through the activity logs. Hoping that a fix is found soon to be getting the app working. It would make my surface so much more of productivity tool.
  8. I was wondering about this as well. To me it makes total sense to have an app like EN support multi window being a note taking app. Is this on the Android development roadmap?
  9. I received my approval for the IQTELL beta test today and i have to say it is very impressive in the way that Evernote integrates with Email, Calendar and any other information you happen to collect along the way. If you struggle with email and want to integrate it in one GTD solution inclusive of Evernote this might be the best solution for you.
  10. Thanks @jbenson2. Implemented. I'll see how it goes. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi All, Hopefully someone can assist. I currently have three notebooks setup. One is my main one and default notebook called "Personal", one is "Shared" so I can share my notes (shopping lists etc) and one called "Archive" which is a local notebook where i add notes that I can retrieve later if needed, but don't want to sync to avoid cluttering my syncronised notebooks, especially if I am accessing them on the go via a mobile. What i am trying to do is setup a saved search which will allow me to only filter out the notes in the syncronised "Personal" and "Shared" notebooks. I know that you can used the -Tag:"name" to display all notes with a tag with the exception of the one called "name" for example. Can a similar saved search be created for notebooks?
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