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  1. Tags are not a solution here because 1) you can't nest them, 2) they're not the main point of organisation on the left-hand panel (notebooks are), and c) tags are likely to be far more numerous. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to add the same note to multiple notebooks, or at minimum to create an alias for a notebook which could refer to the original notebook.
  2. Just as you can add the same google doc to multiple folders, it would be great to add the same note to multiple notebooks. Often I have notes that can apply to multiple in multiple notebooks, but at the moment I have to duplicate at time-X and then move the copy version to a different notebook. If I then make a change to the note at time-Y, it doesn't automatically update so I have to go and make this change again in the copy version. Frustrating when you just have 1 note to update, but awful when you have multiple.
  3. Highlighting is great, but especially for long notes they can be hard to find. Would be great to have an option to surface any highlights at the top of the note, or to hide all non-highlighted text
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