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  1. Also, on the desktop app, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Alt + T on Windows and Cmd + T on Mac.
  2. Hi all, Thanks for trying Tasks in Early Access and sharing your feedback! You helped us identify bugs, refine this exciting feature, and create an Evernote that better meets your needs. I’m pleased to say that Tasks is now released to all Evernote customers as part of our new lineup of subscription plans. To find out more about how we’re incorporating your feedback into Tasks, check out this post on the Evernote blog. Although Tasks has now transitioned to general availability, your opinion matters and I hope you’ll continue sharing your thoughts with us. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly here. Thanks, Jack
  3. Hi there @Alabamas there have been many requests for this, and we are thinking hard about it. Appreciate your sharing the thought!
  4. Hi there @Jun Hashimoto and @rmw, we decided to remove the reset function because (1) usage of the feature was close to zero and (2) we were getting complaints about how much space it was taking up in the Tasks view relative to how much people wanted to use it. That said, we very much understand the need to be able to reset multiple tasks at a time, and we're working on some features that will make that a lot easier. Thanks for hanging in there with us while we get those features in place.
  5. @kylehassettRight on. Thank you!
  6. Hi @Element1604thank you for taking the time to write this super detailed post with all the screenshots! It makes it much easier to understand what you are requesting. We have heard multiple requests for all of the features you mentioned. I can't give you a specific timeline, but I can say we see the need here and we're thinking hard about all of the things you have mentioned.
  7. Thanks @manifold1978 @buckethead @Mike P. Definitely appreciate the need for this on the Tasks view. I actually feel the need directly myself, for what it's worth. This one is solidly on the radar.
  8. @VilleDudeThanks for this post! This feature makes a lot of sense. It's definitely on our radar.
  9. @kylehassettreally appreciate this post and especially appreciate the specific examples! If we had those features, would you upgrade to Premium? 🙂
  10. +1 to what @PinkElephant said. Definitely appreciate the need for this feature, but we won't have it out in the next 2 weeks @Zach Rieker.
  11. @rmwthanks for this. We have fixed the problem where notes in which all tasks were completed continued to appear in the Tasks view, so hopefully that irritant diminishes for you. Would love to understand how you balance "nice to see the progress" and "do not need to see the task after completion". For how long after the task is completed do you like to be able to see the progress?
  12. @DTLow, thank you for sharing! Help me understand what you mean by "archive for project notes"? also, for project notes that you are actively using, do you keep all completed tasks in that note visible the whole time? how do you keep them from cluttering up the note?
  13. We are working on improving how we handle completed tasks. How completed tasks work affects many aspects of Tasks, including existing features such as the Tasks view and in-note tasks, as well as potential future features such as recurring tasks or tasks in tables. It also has implications for things like speed and performance. So: How do you manage completed tasks in your life? How long after you complete a task do you still need to access it easily? How important is it for you to see the context of the completed task when you access it? In your answers, it would be really helpful if you could share your specific use case. We typically build our designs with vivid, specific, real-life examples in mind. Tell us your story!
  14. Hi there @LennyThaw this Help & Learning article hopefully addresses your question: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500003920602
  15. Hi there @Safari818 this Help & Learning article hopefully addresses your question: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500003920602
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