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  1. @DTLow While your expertise clearly exceeds mine, I feel a kindred spirit here with your use of GTD and Due Date functionality in the legacy app (albeit on Mac; I'm a PC) I just wrote out my frustrations and was looking for the best place to post. This thread feels right and particularly current. I wrote as if I were chatting with @Ian Small and or the development team. I'm hoping they'll see as well. Forgive me if this is not the right or best venue/thread to share this. I have been a Premium Evernote user for roughly 10 years. It took nearly that long to really fine-tune how I wanted to use my "external brain" (as Evernote used to bill itself). It was comforting to know that 'nothing would drop' and that I could use powerful search tools to find ANYTHING that I'd saved in the app. As I found and refined my Getting Things Done (GTD) approach, I became extremely reliant on the Due Date capabilities and augmented that with a link to my calendar using Cronofy. I was and am happy as a clam with the functionality provided in Evernote for Windows v (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) and Evernote for Android v 8.13.3. It is my trusted system. I participated in one of the early Betas for the Web app. I also followed Ian Small's updates on what was being undertaken closely. I understood and understand the need to make the platform 'agnostic' and easily scalable across multiple OS environments. I applaud that effort. However, it seems as though there were both a direction and decisions taken absent any real consideration of input from long-time, experienced users. My 'show-stopper' is the absence of Due Date Functionality in Android, and presumably, new Windows versions. I have the latest Android release on my Samsung Tab 6 lite so I KNOW it's broken, non-functioning there. I WILL NOT update Windows nor my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+) versions for fear of losing capability there. Note on this screenshot the custom search "Due TODAY" (first shortcut). [linked Google Photos screenshot ] This is my go-to, daily view. Note that this task of "Document Frustrations" appears in what is in fact, a time-based sequence, and I'm approximately 18 minutes into the task. This is the level of control I'm used to and expect on something as 'measurable' as the date and time. On the web version, the All NOTES view provides a way to see today's reminders but only sortable by Title, Date Updated or Dated Created. [linked Google Photos screen shot] As edits are made, the order changes but in no case, is the TO DO maintained or visible in strict due date/time order. On Android, it's worse. There seems to be no way to control the sequence. I have reminders that are 10 to 20 years out and they are displaying at the top of the list! [link to Google Photos screen shot] There's no sort option. Only a View option to alternate the entire view between Small, Large, and Card as well as choosing whether to Show Images, Show body text, and/or Show tags. On top of the painfully slow (10 - 20 seconds to resolve a page after a clip or search), this absent functionality makes the Android version as released completely useless and unusable for me. I've taken the time to document this because it felt necessary to point out that Evernote's main functionality for most, I would imagine, is storing, remembering, and finding content. Removing the due date functionality makes it a glorified, searchable file cabinet and I believe there's already a fairly large competitor that has already done that, for free, for most. Please stop and listen to the input you're getting from very frustrated, long time users who really want to see the product succeed and endure. [Update: I just read your 10 DEC 2020 blog post and you've already acknowledged this failure. Thank you.] The direction you're taking is mostly right. You're just not leveraging what long-time users are telling you as earnestly and as objectively as they can. I implore you to do more and to do better here.
  2. I like that metaphor. @iansmall actually replied to me when I mentioned I had feedback. I hope he sees it here. Without the reminder function, I'd be dead in the water. I make extensive use of the reminder function Evernote for Windows and Android. The feature appears to be (?)is non-existent on the Web and behaves differently on the iOS platform. I would like to request and encourage consistent behavior across all of the platforms. More specifically, please do not ABANDON the date and time based features found in Reminder function. It will render the product useless for me and I suspect many others. Today in Evernote for Windows (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981), I see reminders displayed in All Notes View In date and time order within a pre-defined search i.e. Due Today As well as in context to my Getting Things Done (GTD) Notebook Stack
  3. Thanks all for guidance and perspective. I've gotten used to it now and, as the last poster suggests, it DOES help me to "differentiate between the header and the contents"
  4. I just upgraded to (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641) Why are the fonts now bolded? Bold title fonts.pdf
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