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  1. I like that metaphor. @iansmall actually replied to me when I mentioned I had feedback. I hope he sees it here. Without the reminder function, I'd be dead in the water. I make extensive use of the reminder function Evernote for Windows and Android. The feature appears to be (?)is non-existent on the Web and behaves differently on the iOS platform. I would like to request and encourage consistent behavior across all of the platforms. More specifically, please do not ABANDON the date and time based features found in Reminder function. It will render the product useless for me and I susp
  2. Thanks all for guidance and perspective. I've gotten used to it now and, as the last poster suggests, it DOES help me to "differentiate between the header and the contents"
  3. I just upgraded to (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641) Why are the fonts now bolded? Bold title fonts.pdf
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