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  1. I'm certainly not suggesting having more than one location for tasks. In fact, the opposite. Let's take your example. You share a link from Evernote to Things with the note title as a task. First, how are you "Sharing"? Is that copy & paste or are you using an intermediary? Second, does the note title describe all the things you want to track progress of (e.g. One item), because you would have only one Things task. If so, the solution you indicated would work fine. What is more typical is the note is at the level of a project with many tasks and context within the project. You either write those individual tasks within Evernote and have them sent over to Things as individual tasks, or you go through the process of typing those individual tasks into things so you can manage them as discrete tasks instead of an entire project. What TaskClone does is save you from writing the individual tasks twice. It copies them from Evernote to Things. It is not a place to manage tasks, just a conduit between two services. It can serve as that conduit at the note level, so you can get the note title into Things as a task or as a conduit to get individual tasks into Things. Either way, it's saving retyping or copy/pasting. Only you can decide if that helps your productivity.
  2. Dr. Davis, TaskClone can take the whole note or individual task items. It works with either one or the other. I'm the developer behind it and I can assure you it will send individual items as email to anywhere, including Zapier's Email Parser. I suspect the Zapier only solution was not successful because the underlying HTML in Evernote notes is not consistent as related to checkboxes so a common filter would not work reliably. If you interested, sign up for a TaskClone account and the support team can walk you through any difficulties.
  3. They've got lots on their plate, but without being able to give a direct quote, I'm pretty sure they're thinking about it. Not sure how high to the top of the list it is at this point given Evernote is one of the most integrated apps with others out there. The existing API definitely has issues, but it's more robust than most also.
  4. At this writing, June 2019, this is possible with TaskClone and Zapier together. Soon, you'll be able to do this with TaskClone alone. Today, TaskClone converts your Evernote todos into email. Zapier can parse incoming email and create tasks in 000s of apps including Todo. TaskClone will be adding an API connection to all Microsoft apps (Todo, Planner, Outlook) in the near future.
  5. This is unfortunately far more difficult than it should be, but is possible. You can use TaskClone to sift your notes for checkboxes and turn those into emails. Unfortunately, those emails can't go directly to Smartsheet because they haven't implemented that feature (even though their community has asked at least since 2015). However, there are many services, including Zapier that can parse that incoming email and create a task in Smartsheet. https://zapier.com/apps/email/integrations/smartsheet
  6. Explain more your goals. Evernote can't do what you are asking at the moment. IFTTT does have an "add checkbox" applet, but not sure it would accomplish what you seek.
  7. As you can see from the responses, there are as many preferred workflows as there are people. If you want to use Things with Evernote, TaskClone can help - https://www.taskclone.com/evernote-to-things-integration. I'm the developer behind TaskClone and after 7 years, I can assure you, almost nothing is perfect. There are many solutions to similar problems and you just pick one and iterate. Best of luck.
  8. Hoping to get Anchor Links working again. They've been broke since 6.5.4. See
  9. Not sure what is meant by local links, but anchor links within a note still do not work. They worked in 6.5.4 and then haven't worked since. I added stackoverflow at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46518245/anchor-links-fail-from-windows-version-6-54-to-6-75 and posted in this forum. And, here's the video of it working in version 6.5.4.
  10. Thanks @gazumped . I posted when we just discovered the issue. Considering trying 6.8 beta and seeing if the issue persists. If it does, I'll try the options you indicated.
  11. Using Evernote API I have been building a service that create HTML anchor links in notes. The links stopped working after a recent upgrade to 6.75 Public. My laptop is on 6.54 and the links work fine. Is this a bug that will be fixed in 6.8? The anchors look like <a name='anchor'>Destination</a> and the links look like <a href='file:///#anchor'>Link to Destination</a> Might have used double quotes instead of single, but otherwise, this is the structure. Not sure what is causing it not to work in 6.75. Windows version is For 6.75 = Windows 10 Home version 1607 For 6.54 = Windows 10 Pro version 1703
  12. Apparently, this is not new. https://support.google.com/a/answer/2891389?hl=en I can understand the list of countries from Google's perspective. Sounds like they could allow Evernote Personal, but not Evernote business from what the link says.
  13. I knew there would be a successor to Transpose. It is such a needed idea, I'm glad to see Airtable. Trello is moving in this direction themselves. Basically trying to have user-structured data. I think the market is vast but not clearly defined. There are only a few people who are going to think through how they want to use it and build a table structure for it. They end up creating dozens of templates to facilitate the process and then people get lost in the templates. I thought Evernote would go the structured data route with a NoSQL backend, but see no signs of this. If this think can get a viable mobile app, I'd consider it as most data collection is on mobile these days anyway. I got a cheapo android free-form db that I use for a variety of random tasks. It would be great to hook it up to something
  14. As many GDrives as you want and https://www.insynchq.com/. You can now insert GDrive files in Evernote where the broader context of a note is needed to organize ideas around a theme.
  15. Survey no longer taking responses. My truth is Evernote is stuck between being a 1) word processor and a 2) "productivity app". It can become both, but right now it's mostly not great at either. It's great at storage and retrieval of ideas. IMHO, you don't want to become great at either if it means sacrificing the core storage/retrieval functions. Understand that people use lists to keep track of things over time that change. This means they need to reorder, sort, prioritize, date, assign other people and generally categorize these items. But currently, these are not "items" at all in Evernote; they are random text. Given that backdrop, here's what improvements could be made consistent with Evernote's current direction/vision: First, make lists work at least as well as Google Docs lists on all platforms (including indenting them) - this is primarily an editor issue and needed just to keep credibility Second, add a (ul/li) structure with closing tag to the ENML of todo items in your API to would allow each todo to be a separate item instead of random text after a checkbox. From there, sorting or reordering should be trivial with javascript. Third, add an id to each todo (OneNote now does this). This would allow connecting to your Reminders system as far as dates, linking and two-way status communication between todos in different notes. At this stage, you'd probably put us (TaskClone) out of business, but it'd be better for the Evernote community. If you don't want to change the structure of ENML, you're really limited to my first step. I understand this is probably a HUGE investment to change that structure and deal with the loss of backward compatibility. I assume that's why it hasn't been done. Without this though, you are very limited in the productivity app space. If you want to go further, you probably need to add database items for todos, but that's almost a separate app at this point. Good luck. I'm rooting for Evernote, but we're building out TaskClone for OneNote as clients have the same needs on that platform.
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