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  1. Encrypted text that was decrypted (and is now clear) is not searched in IOS notes. Evernote 10.0.4 Evernote seems to have a lot of problems with pretty important features. Indicates that their regression test suite isn't put together very well.
  2. I presume this is for Outlook 365? - the online version (where you get to pay M$OFT more every month.) I'm currently on Outlook 2010 (M$ gets no more money). Thinking of either upgrading to 2019, or getting off Outlook completely - maybe to Thunderbird. Does Evernote clipping work in either of these environments? thx,
  3. I received an email with information on the latest, greatest Evernote windows app. Included was a list of new features, and what got left out: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047889234-What-s-new-in-Evernote-for-Windows My issue is leaving out the Clipper in Outlook. It wasn't my favorite tool, but it served it's purpose. Does this mean no more clipping emails?? Anyone have a good way to get Outlook emails into Evernote? thx,
  4. Here is response from Evernote support: Hi Mark, Thank you for contacting Evernote Support. I'm XXXX, and I'd be assisting you today. I understand that encrypted PDFs no longer works after the update of Evernote for iOS. First, I would like to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We are currently experiencing a higher volume of tickets than usual and we hope to be getting back to faster reply times soon. I can confirm that password-protected PDF files are not yet supported in the new Evernote for iOS, but it's on our roadmap. While I do not have a definit
  5. Password protected PDFs will no longer open on my iphone (iPhone 8, OS 13.6.1, Evernote 10.0) Unpassworded PDFs will open. Password protected plain text works (Evernote asks for the password like before) Passworded PDFs just stall - don't ask for the password, so don't open. Hit "DONE" and get back one level, but can't open PDF. Used to display PDF after asking for password. Seems like a bug to me..... Any suggestions?? thx,
  6. I have moved the data base the my C drive, which a SSD. Evernote itself is installed on my F drive, which is a normal rotating disc. I also turned on regular 10 minute syncs. Before only on demand sync. The combination is made a large difference - performance is now very good. Thanks to everyone for suggestions. Some files were not automatically moved - LocalStorage, and Logs. Evernote gets upset when they aren't found, so I've just left them on the F drive. .
  7. Mine was already set that way. But you raise an interesting idea. None of the Notebooks on my PC are set to be stored locally. Nor do I specifically say keep in Evernote's cloud. I see an option "Purge rarely used note content" - not currently checked. Is that one of your suggestions?? And unlike my IOS systems, I don't see a way to keep notes downloaded - so I guess they all are kept local unless purged (as above)??? If there is one thing Evernote needs is lots more documentation.... thnx,
  8. The message does not explicitly say the date will be moved for you. Is this what happens?? thx,
  9. Evernote database us currently on D:drive, rotating media. Performance awful. Could move to C:drive - SSD. Not sure this would be much of a performance improvement. Any information posted somewhere on how to do this?? thx, .
  10. Evernote's favorite thing is to freeze for seconds, or minutes, saying "Evernote: Not Responding" Windows performance is bad, getting worse. I'm starting to think borderline unusable. Any suggestions?? thx,
  11. I have always found that Evernote doesn't work at all in my browser. I use Firefox. Going to Evernote gets a stream of notices that scripts/extensions are "causing Firefox to slow down". These are common extensions (Ghostery, for on, Zoompage for another) that work everywhere else. If I could only use Evernote with Firefox the product would be worthless for me. === Actually, trying some more, Evernote really just doesn't work in Firefox - my regular browser. Works fine in Chrome - my browser to avoid.
  12. So... newer graphics, dark mode, ---> smart filing still broken..... Fix the problems first, then the paint job. .
  13. Clipping from Firefox/Windows 10. Web Clipper version 6.13.3 Clipping until recently would usually pick a reasonable notebook. Now only picks "main notes". If setting is "smart filing" - always picks "main notes". If setting "last used notebook" seems to work as expected. A new, recently improved bug.... .
  14. I have a somewhat older iPhone, and some of the notes are quite long. Highlighting the text is very fast - feels almost instantaneous. But in a long note scrolling to find the matches takes too long, so for me the lack of navigation (< >) is a functional problem. Waiting doesn't seem to change anything. Also, the same problem shows on offline (downloaded) notes, but to be honest I don't know how this effects search results. I have entered a bug report (or at least a report to support). We'll see what happens. .
  15. The only thing I was reporting was searching for text within an all text note. Not searching for notes, across multiple notes, not within PDFs, not within OCRd docs. I have no idea if those would or not work correctly, as I haven't tested or used them. I also have no comparison with what works on a MAC, as I don't have one. I can say that when searching within the same note on my PC and my iPhone the PC version works as expected, highlights all of the matches, and correctly shows the count of matches at the bottom of the window. The iPhone is random, but mostly doesn't work as expected.
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