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  1. The window when opening a note always appears in the same location, even if the same note is moved somewhere else and closed. Oddly enough, size changes are remembered, just not position. Actually, a little further testing shows every note opens at the size that the last note was closed. Expand a note to full screen, close it, and open a different note - it opens full screen. Shrink a note to the minimum, close it, and open some other note, opens at the minimum. But always in the same location. Sloppy.... I think just about all other window apps remember the location of a window when it's closed. I would consider this a bug, but considering the huge number of bugs, surprises, design errors and unexpected behaviors it's probably pretty far down the list. .
  2. Same problem. Using 10.14.6. Takes 8-10 seconds for the menu to pop up, for example to copy or paste. A new bug. Anyone else see this?? Windows 10 desktop Doesn't happen on web version, but that's under control of Firefox, who knows how to write, test, and deliver a working product. thx, .10.14.6-win-ddl-public (2651) Editor: v124.1.16108 Service: v1.35.5 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  3. When I search within a note, the search field opens filled with a garbage string. Not random, since it seems the same every time, but meaningless garbage to me. Anyone else see this?? thx, .
  4. Having just "upgraded" to the current release, all I can say is yucchh.... Here is an action that must be a mistake, or set up by someone that had never used Windows before. When you zoom in or out on any document (ctl=/ctl-), ALL open documents, along with the home app/page, zoom along. This can't be real. No other app I've used behaves this way. Anyone know if this is a reported bug??? thx,
  5. Yeah - I know. But I think forcing an image, instead of a choice of "none" seems like a design error. thx, .
  6. Just upgraded to version 10.12 on my laptop (not yet on my desk system). Apparently you can select an image for your home dashboard background. My preference is no image. Or maybe a light colored background. Short of the wasted task of creating a blank image to have no image and then uploading, is there a way to turn off the background image?? thx, .
  7. Over the last few years there have been periods when this was working correctly, and periods when it wasn't. I think this is a server issue at Evernote, but that's just a guess. What's not a guess is that their engineering and Q/A processes need a little improvement. As of the last few weeks, it's back to working, at least for me. .
  8. Yup. Shouldn't have happened. Mostly, since it's happened multiple times in the past, it should be part of Evernote's standard test/regression suite. An obvious and easy test. .
  9. I sent a note to Evernote support. Response - we are aware of the problem, time to fix unknown. Suggest you send a note to support also... might light a fire under them. .
  10. So.... any guesses?? Think Evernote has any plans on fixing??? .
  11. Smart filing now always points to Main Notes in web clipper. On Firefox, Version: Windows 10. This has happened in the past, but was fixed for a while. Please let me know if you see the same thing. thx,
  12. Encrypted text that was decrypted (and is now clear) is not searched in IOS notes. Evernote 10.0.4 Evernote seems to have a lot of problems with pretty important features. Indicates that their regression test suite isn't put together very well.
  13. I presume this is for Outlook 365? - the online version (where you get to pay M$OFT more every month.) I'm currently on Outlook 2010 (M$ gets no more money). Thinking of either upgrading to 2019, or getting off Outlook completely - maybe to Thunderbird. Does Evernote clipping work in either of these environments? thx,
  14. I received an email with information on the latest, greatest Evernote windows app. Included was a list of new features, and what got left out: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047889234-What-s-new-in-Evernote-for-Windows My issue is leaving out the Clipper in Outlook. It wasn't my favorite tool, but it served it's purpose. Does this mean no more clipping emails?? Anyone have a good way to get Outlook emails into Evernote? thx,
  15. Here is response from Evernote support: Hi Mark, Thank you for contacting Evernote Support. I'm XXXX, and I'd be assisting you today. I understand that encrypted PDFs no longer works after the update of Evernote for iOS. First, I would like to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We are currently experiencing a higher volume of tickets than usual and we hope to be getting back to faster reply times soon. I can confirm that password-protected PDF files are not yet supported in the new Evernote for iOS, but it's on our roadmap. While I do not have a definitive time frame for the fix, please make sure your Evernote application has automatic updates enabled so that you are able to download the update as soon as its available. Thank you for your time and utmost understanding ========= here is my response ========= Removing an important function/capability isn’t an “upgrade” – it’s a bug. Plus I doubt you intentionally left it out – just wasn’t included in your regression testing. If it was intentional, you should have documented this so I could decide if the new features overcome the new bug. Which they don’t. So how to I revert to the older release on my iPhone until you fix your bugs?? ...
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