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  1. I have a somewhat older iPhone, and some of the notes are quite long. Highlighting the text is very fast - feels almost instantaneous. But in a long note scrolling to find the matches takes too long, so for me the lack of navigation (< >) is a functional problem. Waiting doesn't seem to change anything. Also, the same problem shows on offline (downloaded) notes, but to be honest I don't know how this effects search results. I have entered a bug report (or at least a report to support). We'll see what happens. .
  2. The only thing I was reporting was searching for text within an all text note. Not searching for notes, across multiple notes, not within PDFs, not within OCRd docs. I have no idea if those would or not work correctly, as I haven't tested or used them. I also have no comparison with what works on a MAC, as I don't have one. I can say that when searching within the same note on my PC and my iPhone the PC version works as expected, highlights all of the matches, and correctly shows the count of matches at the bottom of the window. The iPhone is random, but mostly doesn't work as expected. Just to be clear, I took one of the notes that showed the problem, copied on my PC to a .txt file (so all formatting lost), copied the text to a new, fresh note, synced it with my phone, and the same problem was there. Test samples?? Build a reasonably sized text only file on you desk system (at least 50-100 lines), copy it to a new note in EN, sync with your iPhone and try searching for a word within the note. See if you get the same result - the word (or multiple copies of the word) are highlighted, but the summary at the bottom says "no matches" and the < > are dimmed and have no function. This is what I see over multiple notes. Works properly maybe 1 out of 10 times, totally unpredictable (at least to me). Apparently at least one person (above) saw the same thing. ALSO - I have just shy of 4,000 notes. I don't know where 30,000 came from. .
  3. Thanks. My guess is that if you try it a few times, it will occasionally work correctly. I just tried it again - worked correctly the first time - failed the next three. Maybe it's a timing issue between when the IOS app reports results (by marking text) and the server responds with the count. But I don't think its a cockpit error - pretty reasonable to assume it's a bug. IMO failure of search is a major bug. We'll see what EN says... .
  4. The < and > skip back and forward to the search matches. Means I don't have to scroll a long document to find all the places where the search matched. No matches, no skip. .
  5. All notes tested were typed by my me, mostly on my PC. Not copied or clipped from another source. So plain text, but styled (colors, bold/italic etc.., bullet lists). But I would claim that that makes no difference: I took one of these, copied into a MS Text doc (so now pure characters) pasted it back into a new note and it made no difference on my iPhone (works as expected on my PC). The problem is the same regardless of my location. When I decided this finally annoyed me enough to try track down the problem, I tried a number of variations - remove styling, paste (as above), shorten the note, etc.. I was in my office about 5 feet from my wifi router. Speed tests about 80mb download on the phone. Same story on offline notebooks - seems to make no difference. If some part of the search is done on EN servers, I could certainly believe that could contribute to the problem. On my PC it's not uncommon for a search of a large note to stall for a while until the (remote) server catches up. Maybe that's what happening on the iPhone. Highlighting the matching text on the phone is almost instantaneous. But maybe the indexing is done on the EN server. Occasionally it works. Go back and try again on the same note, it doesn't. Mostly it doesn't. .
  6. Search of a note on IOS doesn't seem to work reliably. The search text is found and correctly highlighted in the note (including multiple instances), but at the bottom of the screen it reports "No Matches", and the < > won't search through the finds. However - it sometimes works... on the same note it failed on a few minutes earlier. But mostly it doesn't work. The same notes search fine in Windows. If there is a pattern here I must be missing it. Any suggestions?? thx,
  7. Same problem - clicking "save to Evernote" in Outlook 2010 can take several minutes (maybe 3-5) before the systems responds. OTOH, a page save from Firefox is almost immediate.
  8. Just updated to Not fixed - no changes, still broke. You would think cut/paste of plain text would be pretty simple and high on the list of what to fix. Guess not. .
  9. Thanks. I have a ticket with support. While Evernote has many useful capabilities, the Window app has been a dog since the beginning.
  10. Using W7. I just updated to Evernote windows 6.6.4. I have a large text document (stored in Notepad, so really just text) about 45k I frequently change the windows document, copy the whole thing into Evernote replacing the Evernote version. A new improved problem has just started - the paste into Evernote eliminates all the blank lines in the original document. If I paste the same document into a new, fresh Evernote note, the same thing happens. Anyone seen this?? Have any suggestions how to fix this?? thx....
  11. For as long as I can remember, Evernote windows app freezes for about 30 seconds with a "Not Responding" from Windows. This happens when I paste a bunch of text into an existing document (same doc, modified, about 50k long), encrypt a document, sometimes on a search. I'm on a reasonably fast computer, 8core cpu, Win7, SSD. This seems pretty backwards. Anyone know why this happens, or how to improve it?? thnx,
  12. Well, a complete delete and re-install did work. But no one should have to do that.... Organizations, like the people in them, have limits. This upgrade is a major fail. I'm still using the last release of the Firefox add-in because the latest one doesn't work. The performance of the PC app is dog-slow, especially when starting up, and hasn't improved for quite a while. Encrypted notes aren't handled correctly on the PC. And then there is the privacy *****-up. Maybe Evernote the company has passed their limit. Time to be absorbed by a company with a more organized management. I would except less innovation for a product that actually works. just a thought.....
  13. Backed up to Web Clipper 6.20 (previous release) and problem goes away. This is a temporary solution - an update to 6.93 is needed ASAP.
  14. I turned off Addblock Plus and was able to sign in. But after sign-in, if AddBlock was turned back on, Clipper said "no internet connection." Turning off AddBlock allowed clipping. I would call this a serious bug - should have been tested.
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