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  1. Same problem - clicking "save to Evernote" in Outlook 2010 can take several minutes (maybe 3-5) before the systems responds. OTOH, a page save from Firefox is almost immediate.
  2. Just updated to Not fixed - no changes, still broke. You would think cut/paste of plain text would be pretty simple and high on the list of what to fix. Guess not. .
  3. Thanks. I have a ticket with support. While Evernote has many useful capabilities, the Window app has been a dog since the beginning.
  4. Using W7. I just updated to Evernote windows 6.6.4. I have a large text document (stored in Notepad, so really just text) about 45k I frequently change the windows document, copy the whole thing into Evernote replacing the Evernote version. A new improved problem has just started - the paste into Evernote eliminates all the blank lines in the original document. If I paste the same document into a new, fresh Evernote note, the same thing happens. Anyone seen this?? Have any suggestions how to fix this?? thx....
  5. For as long as I can remember, Evernote windows app freezes for about 30 seconds with a "Not Responding" from Windows. This happens when I paste a bunch of text into an existing document (same doc, modified, about 50k long), encrypt a document, sometimes on a search. I'm on a reasonably fast computer, 8core cpu, Win7, SSD. This seems pretty backwards. Anyone know why this happens, or how to improve it?? thnx,
  6. Well, a complete delete and re-install did work. But no one should have to do that.... Organizations, like the people in them, have limits. This upgrade is a major fail. I'm still using the last release of the Firefox add-in because the latest one doesn't work. The performance of the PC app is dog-slow, especially when starting up, and hasn't improved for quite a while. Encrypted notes aren't handled correctly on the PC. And then there is the privacy *****-up. Maybe Evernote the company has passed their limit. Time to be absorbed by a company with a more organized management. I would except less innovation for a product that actually works. just a thought.....
  7. Backed up to Web Clipper 6.20 (previous release) and problem goes away. This is a temporary solution - an update to 6.93 is needed ASAP.
  8. I turned off Addblock Plus and was able to sign in. But after sign-in, if AddBlock was turned back on, Clipper said "no internet connection." Turning off AddBlock allowed clipping. I would call this a serious bug - should have been tested.
  9. Using Evernote on Windows 7, release Encryption of notes (or parts of notes) has become unreliable and unpredictable. Sometimes when closing the note the encrypted part of the text is not encrypted when it's re-opened. Sometimes it is re-encrypted. I now need to check, and usually re-set the password for the encrypted portion of the note. This is a change from the last release. I consider this a security risk, and a bug.
  10. Agree - my guess is that the Adonit Pixel (the latest, greatest Adonit stylus) probably uses the same libraries - you just need to update to the latest. In any case, the Evernote stylus is at least two generations back from the most recent Adonit stylus. Get with the times...... thnx
  11. YES!... I keep a number of lists in Evernote. Since the sources of the text, they all show up with different fonts, sizes, etc... A format copy function (like MSWord) would be really useful. Another way of getting similar functionality is STYLES, like Word. I've seen requests for this also. As I use Evernote more and more like a word processor, the lack of wp features is more an more missed. .
  12. Well, that was the first thing I tried. A search for "journal" returns journal, journaling, journalist, journalists, and maybe others. It's certainly the simple answer. But doesn't work. thanks, .
  13. Sorry if the topic description is a little hard to fathom. How to I search for a word and not other versions of the word. For example, get "journal" but not get journalist, journaling, journalism, etc.... thnx, .
  14. New to Evernote, so apologies if this is a cockpit error. I noticed a post tha the font size of a clipped article when clipped from Safari is very small. I use Firefox, and have the same problem. Of course, I can select all of the text in the saved clip and make it a larger size, but that's extra work. Any suggestions? I would like the font to be at least as large as the original. Or even better, I would like to be able to choose a minimum size - good for my old, tired eyes. thnx, Evernote version is, Firefox version is 12.0, if any of that matters. Win7 also....
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