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  1. I actually did get it working . As I mention in the video though, once I navigate away from the note, Evernote strips out the <details> tag. https://youtu.be/YEFytunlJZg
  2. Hello All! I've posted some ideas here before. I'm a self-certified super user and am a HUGE proponent to the text collapse idea. I've long since given up on the idea and have moved to my own personal work-around. However, I stumbled upon what could be a great solution if the dev team would be willing to make a few tweaks. Have a look... https://youtu.be/YEFytunlJZg
  3. Although I'd still LOVE the text collapse feature, here's what I'm using as a compromise... meh...
  4. Thanks I'm aware of that. I add Google Docs, Word Docs, PSD files, marked-up PDFs, you name it. Like I mentioned, I've been using this product for years and have used it to the fullest of it's potential. Nevertheless, a text collapse feature, like what is now standard UI on the web would be a wonderful addition to an already wonderful product. It's important enough to me that I took the time to honestly contribute.
  5. Dear Evernote Dev Team, I am an long-time Evernote Premium user, fan and advocate. It is part of my daily workflow, for hours per day I might add. You guys have done a wonderful job with this product and my hat goes off to you... However, this feature would be HUGE to me, and apparently many others. PLEASE consider adding this feature sooner than later. As mentioned, I am loyal but I have begun to research alternatives that would offer this feature. I really don't want to switch though. just being honest You guys rock!!! Best Regards, Craig
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Both those apps are paid apps, so I'm probably just going to go for the extra step unless you come across a similar free app. Still wishing the Evernote team would just add the setting to start the note in the title. Seems like an easy thing. Thanks
  7. I'm having the same issue. For now I'm just creating a new note, then dragging the Mac Mail email into it. One extra step but it works. I reported it as a bug on the Apple Feedback site. Hopefully they fix it soon. It's kind of a workflow thief.
  8. Hey Evernote Team, Thanks again for your awesome product! I'm a long-time premium user. Would you please consider a simple setting in the iOS app that allows users to start typing new notes in the title? I would envision the setting to be a toggle under General/Notes/"Start cursor on title for new notes", or "start typing in title". That would save me so much time! Thanks, Craig
  9. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents to say this feature would be so amazing. I use "Copy Note Link" many times a day and could save lots of time with a keyboard shortcut. Thanks in advance Evernote dev team. Love your work!!!
  10. @WishIWasFishin, Thanks for the tip! That is good to know but I still hoping the Evernote team will be able add the collapsable tag group functionality to the shortcuts as well. Have a great day
  11. First let me say, I love Evernote!!! I've got a feature request that would make things much easier for me though... When I drag a Tag Group to Shortcuts on Evernote for Mac I would expect it to be collapsable/expandable, but it's not. It would be stellar if I could expand/collapse Tag Groups the way I can with Notebook Stacks... Again, I love what you guys do and would be super grateful if you could add this feature in! Best, Craig
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