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  1. Thanks for your assistance! I am updated to 10.18 and tried these steps a few times. Unfortunately, it's still not working. I think it's just a bug that EN needs to address at this point. Maybe I'll give it another try. I have come to really rely on the Tasks, and it's not great that I can't access them by note in iOS but hopefully they will fix it! Eventually...
  2. It works fine on the web and desktop (now - problem started on desktop, but a few reinstalls later got it working). But iOS on iPad and iPhone still not working. I’m so bummed because when it works it’s so useful.
  3. Just checking in here to say the issue with Tasks in iOS still not resolved. Worked with Evernote Support who have basically said they don’t know why it is happening and don’t know when it’s going to be addressed. Super bummer.
  4. My experience with iOS has been the same, so I was surprised. This problem started after my other problem with tasks. I was working directly with EN support and doing what they told me to do. I did dump all data, switch both devices all the way off (I have it for iPad and iPhone), waited about 20 minutes, turned it on, and reinstalled. Still an issue.
  5. That's great. I had tried that but it didn't work for me. Originally my Tasks in Mac desktop would not load, and then my tasks in iOS on both iPad and iPhone would not load the tasks by note, only by due date. I had to uninstall Evernote from everything and delete all the data. I used an uninstall app to make sure all traces were wiped. (This was the third time I uninstalled and reinstalled it.) Then I shut everything down and rebooted. Then I reinstalled everywhere. When I did all of that, my desktop client was back to normal but no change in my iOS apps.
  6. Exactly what led me to this post - not being able to do this...
  7. Tasks will not load in the Mac desktop app. I know this was also an issue for Windows, but didn't find a similar thread for the latest version of Evernote for Mac, 10.21.5. They are fine in iOS, both iPad and iPhone, and the web version, but not the desktop app. I have rebooted, logged out, uninstalled and reinstalled, uninstalled using an app cleaner to make sure it was fully uninstalled - and then reinstalled. Nothing has worked. I recently switched back to Evernote because I love the new tasks function! I'm all in here for managing all my work, but now this... 😕
  8. Did not realize that. Just voted for it!
  9. Is there a timeline for it?
  10. It's 2021 and I just had this issue today with several articles I thought I'd saved from Apple News on my iphone. What the heck?
  11. I just returned to Evernote after a long absence because of the reminders function attached to notes, only to learn it's not what it once was. Losing the checkboxes and the ability to sort my pins via Reminders on ios... I can't believe I just paid for a year's subscription and didn't realize these essential features are gone. Please tell me this is coming back. Soon.
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