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  1. @Jack Lynch +1 to the list of frustrated users. I am with Evernote since 2008! This feature is essential! As I keep a lot of useful tips and saved stuff in my Evernote being able to share it with colleagues and friends is one of the key features for me. Not everyone is using Evernote and as other users said my corporate contacts are behind some kind of firewall and can’t access the Evernote link. Almost all apps on iOS allow the sharing feature of iOS to share content on all channels. It surely doesn’t add to the user base of Evernote to block features like these. Thanks for putting this high priority on your roadmap.
  2. Actually I do have exactly the same issue. Also for me cooking with recipes stored in Evernote got such a pain that I started taking a screenshot of the note and accessing it via Apple Photos app.
  3. I also do have this issue since some time, I guess since the last update. It is tremendously annoying. My favorite notes with some to dos do spinn for approx 30s. Anyone has any idea for how long we do have to leave with this amazing bug? I would like to emphasize that Evernote on my Mac is NOT showing this behavior.
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