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  1. I agree...there are a lot of scenarios I've noticed that are the same or similar to yours: There are times when a note falls out of sync between different platforms and you get a Note Conflict notice...but other times that you don't! For example, if you have a list with checkboxes, and you check items 1-3 on one platform, and items 2-4 on another platform, but don't make any other changes to the list (i.e. don't enter edit mode?), it doesn't detect a conflict. When it does detect a note conflict, sometimes it creates a special notebook to hold the conflicting note...but other times it just puts "Note Conflict" in the title. Why and can it please pick one way? Sometimes even after I've synced on all platforms, search results fail to update so it looks like sync failed. Particularly the Android and iOS apps. I have to open each note to make sure. Sometimes even after I've synced, I open a note and it says "there is a newer version of this note, do you want to update". I thought I just did! I'm certain there are other examples I can't think of right now. If only there were some sort of central, authoritative repository of bugs that the community could consult to avoid duplication! OK that was perhaps too sarcastic...but it's been years, and I'm frustrated. It seems like management doesn't understand how many bugs there are, or doesn't seem interested in getting beyond a reactive, piecemeal approach to them, or really taking advantage of the power of their user base.
  2. It does seem odd that they put those commands right next to an item with a shortcut key defined, but didn't do the logical next thing and create shortcuts for the commands. There's so much about EN that is elegantly & thoughtfully designed...and then there's gaps like this.
  3. I just tried it again and verified, my "Note to Self" note appears in the EN app, syncs, and is visible in the EN Win client. You can view it here. Very frustrating to see that the Google Assistant <-> EN integration isn't as solid as I thought. Shall we compare versions? Google Assistant arm Evernote Android app 8.8.1 Android 7.0 (!) NVIDIA tablet Also, it turns out that the command "Tell Evernote this is a test" is something I remembered from Siri and the iPhone EN app. If you can get "OK Google create a note in Evernote this is a test" to work, presumably one can customize the Assistant to understand "OK Google tell Evernote this is a test"? I am particularly interested in what versions of Assistant people with the problem are running.
  4. I posted to this forum because I ran this search and virtually all the hits relevant to the Android beta were found in "Evernote for Android" I will happily defer to @jefito and the others re where this post should be moved to. Also, re @Ralph77's concern that it might be difficult to get the downloaded G+ content back online: it is actually very easy. Google delivers the content in a zip file that unzips to directories and static html files that are web-ready. EN would just need to create an appropriate vdir on their Web server. Alternately, it could be unzipped to a folder on EN's G drive, then share that folder read-only via a link that G Drive generates. Then publish the link someplace. I don't think we need the content to be update-able. I suppose they could even just post the zip file as an attachment to a discussion topic.
  5. @gazumped Wow, Filterize looks very promising and even has a GTD workflow. Thanks!
  6. If you can, and if you have the time, do a factory restore on your device, then download all the Android/OEM updates, but don't restore any other apps, just install Evernote. It's a lot of work, but it would eliminate the possibility that EN is conflicting with another app. A simpler approach might be to disable every 3rd party app on your device, except for Evernote. Then do a hard power cycle. I suspect the result of all this testing will be to conclude that EN just misbehaves sometimes. Due to this any many, many other hard-to-isolate bugs, I imagine their code base is a mess.
  7. I said "OK Google create a note in Evernote this is a test" (then wait for the green Evernote checkmark). It created a new EN note, title "Note to Self" contents "this is a test" You can also do it in a two-step process: "OK Google create a note in Evernote" (wait for the beep) "this is the second test" (wait for the green Evernote checkmark) In the past, I was able to say "Tell Evernote this is a test" that would do the same thing as above. Simpler, and more natural. I don't know who is responsible for removing this, probably Google. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi, Could the owner of the "Evernote for Android App Beta Test" community please be sure to preserve this community before Google disappears it in April, 2019. Instructions for how to download and save the content are here. Thank you.
  9. Just to clarify, @progninja could this be due to 'stale' search results? Or does your saved search fail consistently?
  10. Wow...great discussion. Delighted to see that others are as frustrated as I am with Evernote's design choices, features that come and go with no notice, etc. and that EN support (Directly) is now able to quickly point me to this discussion topic when I opened a ticket on the issue of, when you click in the search box, why does the list of saved searches no longer appear in the Win client. I hope EN devs will take to heart my strong desire to have this feature restored, and the many other excellent points on this discussion! One angle I haven't seen discussed here...if my reading of the keyboard shortcuts page at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807 is correct, Ctrl + S is not currently in use. Wouldn't it make a great deal of sense for the "Quick Search" window to be accessed by Ctrl + S instead of / in addition to Ctrl + Q? Perhaps Ctrl + Q could be freed up for a new (?) feature, a more generalized "Quick Commands" pop-up window that you can customize for your most frequently used commands...
  11. Search for reminders was BADLY broken for a while...then it got better for a while...recently the same bugs (or variations on them) have started coming back. I used to submit detailed bug reports, but it is clear no-one competent acts on them. Offline search is still to this day badly broken in the Android client. GTD is all about having a trusted system -- when you mark something a certain way (i.e. set a reminder or tag with 1-Now) it is supposed to be something you can take to the bank. EN used to be a trusted system to me. But it no longer is. Too many bugs like the once I've described.
  12. TSW is IMO a great approach to GTD on Evernote. Many of the other approaches mentioned here to GTD on Evernote look promising, too. But, be warned. Evernote has many bugs/annoyances that can interfere with "delightful processing" and a smooth GTD experience. Search results are inconsistent, especially (but not exclusively) on phones/tablets in offline mode. The editor flakes out with formatting a lot. Rarely, notes disappear. Lately, EN has been rolling out new features which are interesting but not essential, meanwhile ignoring these long-standing bugs (all reported). Worse, lately they've starting removing a few useful features (especially from widgets) with no warning and no apparent way to get the missing features back! WMMV.
  13. Can someone who knows please remind me, what is the best way to post my complaint/request about the missing features (other than dark theme for all new widgets, which has already been requested) AND GET IT NOTICED? Should I just create a new post similar to the OP's (nonstatic)? TIA.
  14. They should add this to all the phone/tablet clients, iOS and Android. Bump!
  15. A nice feature of EN that I hope won't go away is the "Note History" screen which lets you see most changes over time to a note. This is important for auditing in GTD - in the rare cases when something falls through the cracks (even GTD isn't perfect) auditing/history is very helpful to figure out what happened. However, if you move a note from one notebook to another, the history of that note does not move to the new notebook, i.e. it disappears without warning. So, following TSW you will be able to keep your note history somewhat, at least while you are working on the task, since you use tags to indicate context while the action item note remains stays in the Actions Pending notebook until it is completed or archived. With some of the other systems that use multiple notebooks for action items, the history disappears every time an action item changes context. So, that is one other consideration when deciding between TSW and other GTD cookbooks for Evernote.
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