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  1. Thanks @johnkitchen that's exactly what I wanted - a link to a version published by/hosted on their site. Others - am aware of FileHippo and similar, but they could inject all sorts of malware in their downloadables 😞 Sure, the Windows installer checks the code signature at install time but I've heard of ways for third parties to "defeat" that. So it is nice to see EN is starting to recognize that their product is too unstable not to offer an official way to roll back to a previous version. Perhaps Evernote could (please, please) make a permanent, official source for a reasonable number of past Windows versions, plus the .apk's for Android and whatever iOS uses. Maybe @Ian Small or @Shane D. can help with this?
  2. Find the spot in a text file where EN puts the funny char. See what is there. Some text files use plain ascii, some use various extended character sets. EN import handles some special characters but has probably not been tested vs. all possible special characters. If this is the case, edit your text file and eliminate the special characters by hand, or, use your text editor to convert to a simpler format or simpler character set. You'd have to experiment to see what works. Rarely, garbled text could be due to failing media or a bad USB cable or similar.
  3. @johnkitchen care to post the steps? Well really all I care about is the link to the previous version :-)
  4. So the email itself (plus attached PDF) is generated and sent from the printer? Try setting the printer to email to your personal email account, see if the email and attachment looks reasonable. Can you reply to it? Does the reply land at my.personal.scanner@gmail.com? Make sure the printer's email from: address and SMTP server is legit, not just from Google's POV but also from your ISP's POV. If it is from a gmail.com address, but uses a non-gmail client or non-typical routing/IP addresses, Evernote might think it is spam. These are the gotchas I remember from setting up my printer 1+ year ago to scan into Evernote via the EN email gateway. My ISP was very picky about POP/IMAP/SMTP clients like Outlook (free version) that send via 3rd party (e.g. google in your case) SMTP servers. I ended up having to use the email system provided by the ISP to create a new mailbox just for the printer.
  5. Great job with the details and problem isolation. A couple of thoughts: So the problem started with a working copy of EN. First error message was when you tried to upgrade? After the initial problem, before you manually removed EN, did you try to uninstall EN using the uninstaller? It sounds like you did but wanted to be sure. When you wrote, "It is a serious bug in Evernote introduced in 2015 or even earlier" you say 2015 because you searched the support knowledgebase and forums here and found problems similar to yours that date to 2015? You weren't running any EN versions from 2015 were you? The problem could be that EN installer doesn't deal with non-default TEMP folder location, or, that it uses a depreciated method of discovering it (like looking for TMP or TEMP environment variables or similar). If so, it seems like an MSI bug, not an Evernote bug, although it could have been caused by something Evernote did wrong when they built the most recent install package. I haven't upgraded to Win 10 yet so I can't be more specific. Can you try setting your TEMP folder back to the standard location? Can you try installing the previous version of EN for Win? I think there are sites that archive those, if EN won't make it available to you.
  6. Just wanted to add praise to @Wai the original poster for including version details, exact steps to reproduce, expected vs. actual. And praise to the other posters for confirming this bug/unexpected UI change is pervasive. Even though there's no fix yet, this post has helped me (and others I'm sure) who depend on reminders keep our sanity. Thanks!
  7. On an Android (or any) phone or tablet, I would think cut and paste is easier than drag and drop. I'd worry that during the tap-move-release gesture that I'd mess up the selection, or release at the wrong spot in the destination window. I see this as a built-in limitation of the touch screen interface itself, rather than an Evernote problem. But maybe I don't understand what you're trying to do? Can you make a video of what you're dragging and dropping in Windows?
  8. This is what I call 'namespacing' your tag. Instead of multiple tags Project, GTD and Someday/Maybe -- perhaps in a tag hierarchy (parent tag Project: child tag GTD grandchild tag Someday/Maybe) -- you use a single tag Project: GTD-Someday/Maybe. I use namespacing too, but perhaps my way is more efficient. Since there will be lots of projects, there will be lots of tags beginning with Project. That suggests when you are trying to tag a note, you'll type Proj in the tag field and get a bunch of matches. You'll have to scroll, or type more, to get the one you want. That is why I use a special character (the dot) instead of the word Project to namespace my tags. Usually the project names are different enough that just typing the special character plus the first letter or two is enough. In my case, all tags are GTD related so I don't have to include that word. But if I had to distinguish between GTD project tags and non-GTD project tags (or non-project GTD tags?), I would namespace each tag with a different special character.
  9. Agree with @DTLow delete note deletes the note history, and moving a note to another notebook is apparently handled as a delete. Could your history have been nuked when you moved notes around? Backup and restore of the raw database files should preserve note history. Exporting a note does not export the history. There might be a clever 3rd party thing that exports the current note, then exports each note in that note's history. I wonder...Importing notes created in this way would result in separate notes, rather than a note with it's history of notes.
  10. The image preview (thumbnail) is probably part of the search index, which updates separately from the note itself. Usually, the search index updates almost instantly after a note is changed, but at times, it can lag up to an hour behind, even after you've forced a sync. Restarting your client seems to help, but not always.
  11. I found it helpful to set up this shared Notebook so it is synced and available offline: https://www.evernote.com/pub/spgscott/evernote5help That same EN user, spgscott, has an earlier version of this help that is mostly obsolete but still has a few goodies: https://www.evernote.com/pub/spgscott/evernote-help/ Those are the closest things I know of to a cheat sheet. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks for the screenshot, it helps. I haven't noticed that change to my client. Sometimes I wonder if their testing includes people like us, of a certain age whose vision is fine but not what it once was :-)
  13. Thanks for the screenshots and other details. You could try sending a personal message to Shane D, he seems to be the person in charge of fixing the ticketing system. To message him, go to his profile and use the "Message" button. Include a link back to this original post. Hope he can help you!
  14. Also did you try simplify formatting before you tried removing formatting? Capturing a web page via the browser extension (Web Clipper) lets you experiment with the options for Article, Simplified Article, or Full Page. The clipper works great in 90% of cases. In the worst case, I have to do a Full Page clip. The result looks good on the Win client but can sometimes be hard to read on the Evernote phone app (probably because Full Page captures formatting that isn't meant for phones or small tablets. But, that problem is rare. I never have to remove white-space after using EN's Web Clipper browser extension. The clipper even lets you clip just the selected part of a Web page, although I haven't used that much. Maybe this is what you want, instead of using the browser's select -> copy -> paste in to EN? When I say works great, bear in mind that I don't think I've ever tried printing the EN note that I clipped. But it should work. Worse case, EN saves a link to the original page so you can go back there and see if there's a print-friendly version of the page. Then print that, or, capture that and print later. There's no perfect solution because Web pages vary so much in how they're formatted. In spite of that, the Web Clipper is one of the things EN does REALLY well so get to know it if you haven't already. Hope this helps.
  15. And in Android, undo is still not the solution...it usually undoes an entire block of typing, not just the auto-format operation. In other words, undo isn't granular enough.
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