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  1. @agsteeleMy goal is "delightful processing". Have you found any "delightful" new workflows in the new version?
  2. I share your frustration. My initial reaction was like yours -- totally unacceptable. But I've been posting words to that effect for months *before* v.10 came out...and yet I'm still here. The fact is, the legacy version does enough things right that the cost of transitioning to a new system (worst of all: the cost of the unknown unknowns of the new system) keep me locked in to Evernote. That isn't an Evernote problem, that's a systems problem! I looked to these forums for hints about the plan to fix v10. And I found them -- little thanks to Evernote themselves, who were quite shy ab
  3. Today i learned, if you create a note with one or more spaces in the URL field, then export that note, the resulting .ENEX file will preserve those spaces. If you inspect the .ENML file in a text editor, you will see: <source-url> </source-url> The problem is, when you import that .ENEX file, Evernote will treat that space as whitespace (which is the XML/ENML standard) i.e. it ignores them. This means the resulting note will have a blank URL field. However, if you hand-edit the .ENEX file to look like this: <source-url>https://example.com/</source-url> The
  4. I can vouch that they certainly don't put much effort into regression testing! In fact about the only recent, technically impressive achievement is migrating the back-end services to the cloud. Other than some brief outages, the transition was seamless for myself and everyone I've been in touch with. That was happening over a year ago. (If it turns out that there were major problems with that migration after all, I'm not entirely sure I'd want to know! Perhaps I'm better off believing there is at least one thing Evernote can still do right? But then again, nah, I'd rather know...)
  5. Thanks @Paul A.I was wondering if Play Store offered options like that. I take it you know this from experience?
  6. As noted in the linked post, it is indeed a security risk to download an .apk from a non-Google Play site. From what I can tell, https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/evernote/ is considered the most reputable/trustworthy by the Android community.
  7. Today I discovered that, like @lino sutter, I too am getting only partial results when I search on source:web.clip. Just for fun, I searched on source:web but got zero results. Then I must have been bored because I kept goofing around. Turns out, if you search on source:web.* then TA DA you get all notes that were created using the clipper! Caveats: I tried this on EN for Win (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) but it probably works on the newest client for Windows, as well as in the iOS and Mac clients. Can anyone verify this? Perhaps @DTLow or @gazumped? I
  8. Thanks. I still use version 6.25 so I can't reproduce your problem myself. Perhaps someone else can help. Worst case, consider using an older version of Evernote
  9. @kar511All I did was give it time, in my case a couple of hours, and the problem went away.
  10. Hi, let's start with version of Evernote that the team is using, and platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web, etc.)
  11. I wonder if someplace in the Google app store terms & conditions there's a line that says something like, developers agree to distribute their apps exclusively via Google app store. This means developers cannot offer the APK for download from the developer's web site. Google wants the developer to drive traffic to them.
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