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  1. That sounded familiar. So I looked and found that this isn't the first time the Google Assistant (GA) <-> Evernote relationship has gone haywire. See link to forums, below. I just now tested "Email Evernote" it didn't work (GA treated it as a web search even though "My Evernote" is in G contacts). Then I tested "Send email to Evernote" and...it worked! Meaning, it used Gmail to compose an email to my <secret>@m.evernote.com address which worked as documented. Required a multi-step dialog as described by @Dave-in-Decatur. I also just now tested the "note to self" method that @nilsandersson posted about. GA did not give me the option to pick an app, it just used the GA internal notes app. I'm going to wait a while then test "Send email to Evernote" a couple more times to see if this is stable. I'm also going to try and use the GA routines feature to see if I can use a single voice command to email to Evernote. - J
  2. Thanks @gazumped & @Coffee First Thing. I really want this to work because I'd use it all the time. Here is what I tried on my Pixel 2 XL, Android 11, Evernote 8.13.3 device: Squeeze phone to activate the Google Assistant. Speak "Take a note in Evernote XYZ" Assistant shows correct transcription of what I said. Assistant responds with "Saving note". No note is created in Evernote Squeeze phone, speak "Show my notes", response is a list of notes from the internal (build-in) note taking component of G Assistant. List includes a new note with "In evernote XYZ" that wasn't there before step 1 I went to Android settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Assistant -> See all Assistant Settings -> scroll down to Notes & Lists and made the screen grab, attached below. Evernote does not appear on this list. Should it? Repeated steps 1-3 but said "Create a note in Evernote XYZ". Got same result as in step 4 Poked around in Android settings for at least an hour, gave up, came here.
  3. I've got the same problem as @Dave-in-Decatur. Edit: To my surprise, I'm still running 8.13.3. Maybe that's the problem. What version is @Coffee First Thing running?
  4. Off topic warning....the correct way to interpret this graph: Stock prices, especially tech, are bubble-prone. After the 2009 crash, the US Fed, indeed the entire globe, re-inflated the markets. That means stocks, especially tech, now have even less connection to events than they did before 2009. That IMO is a far bigger factor than the CEO effect (which probably exists but is nowhere near this strong).
  5. @viverechristus to be clear, you don't have to use intitle: to match on title. In my long experience, an exact title match will be more likely to appear in the search results than an exact body text match, which in turn is more likely than a fuzzy match of title or body text. I think I assumed that the OP knew this, but maybe not? Part of the problem could be, EN for Win doesn't support sorting results by quality of match. Besides, no algorithm is perfect, which is why the intitle: modifier exists to force a title match. Intitle: is also helpful if you want a fuzzy title match while excluding exact or fuzzy body text matches. Upon reflection: For the price, and given that the use case and the search space is very different than e.g. Google, I don't expect EN to have a Google-quality search implementation. EN understands the alphabet just fine. The main problem as I see it is that the Windows client hangs while typing your search (and not just when using intitle:). In previous versions, search was nice & responsive, assuming your PC itself wasn't slow.
  6. I wonder how big a deal it would be to make the search box smart enough that it recognizes that you're typing an exact title match while you're typing it? Google and the other search engines have that. Back in the buggy, kludgy EN for Windows app, there's a longstanding problem with responsiveness when typing text in the search box. The interface remains responsive while you type the first 2-3 characters into the search box, and the list of matches updates nicely. But on about the 4th or 5th character, the UI hangs for 5-20 seconds, consistently. This is enough to upset the flow of my typing, as it freezes so hard that it can't even display what I've typed, much less update the possible matches. Worse, when it hangs, if I keep typing (relying on the Evernote version of what Windows calls the type-ahead buffer) it sometimes drops characters, so I can't just keep on typing and trust that what I typed will eventually be seen and processed by the application. I bring this up here because if you start typing "intitle:<whatever>" it hangs before you get to the : character, *every time without fail*. With patience, intitle: works as documented but because of this hang it is almost useless. It is time for EN to offer an option to turn off the "live results as you type" feature (or whatever it is called).
  7. Just tested using Firefox 80.0.1 (64 bit) on Win 7. On step 3, when I click on either "Send us an email", or "Log in to Help & Learning", I get taken to the expected pages, instead of logged out. So, unable to reproduce your problem on my rig. Shane D. should be able to help, use the link.
  8. I would hope that since @McVitas posted here they are using Android not iOS? To me, editing text on devices is a paradox. On the one hand, it should be universal across all OS's. On the other, text editing is so "micro-intensive" (a gaming term) that each device maker comes up with a very optimized interface that sometimes requires special handling by app makers. Text editing might be a case where EN *should* intentionally deviate from their otherwise worthy goal of having the app work exactly the same way on all OS's.
  9. Hi @stocky2605, you may get a better response if you create a new post about this problem, instead of appending a comment to a post that is over 2 years old. In the new post, include a link to this one, but be sure to include details of your setup (Mac OS version, version of Evernote for Mac, Web Browser version, iOS version, and version of Evernote app for iOS) as it appears to be different from the original poster's setup.
  10. When you say no tracking, it sounds like you mean that the clipper doesn't send any network traffic to 3rd party sites. That's good news, but it might not be the whole story...I took a look at https://pi-hole.net/ it doesn't appear to let you look inside the traffic that the Clipper sends to Evernote, so it is possible EN could be sending telemetry, other meta-info, etc. along with the clip itself. Well I say possible...the more I think about it, the more I am leaning towards my first hypothesis, that EN doesn't want to be seen as enabling people to clip content from Private Browsing when the content provider would prefer it be accessed from normal browsing. There are plenty of news sites that used to let you access their stuff via private browsing, but now have private browsing detection that prevents that, so that's an emerging trend. I agree with what you said re Private Browsing doesn't provide any real protection against tracking or ads. Anyone interested in knowing more, read up on browser fingerprinting.
  11. Hi, have you tried the standard Internet troubleshooting steps? For example, does your browser work on Android? What about Gmail (or whatever you use)? If those things are working but EN still is not, try re-starting your device. Also, try accessing Evernote via the browser, see if you can log in that way. If that works, try re-installing the Evernote app LastPass certainly works fine with Evernote on Android. Of course, it is possible that an incorrect password or userid got stored in LastPass. It looks like this person is having a similar problem, so try the steps that they are trying. Good luck!
  12. Firefox 79.0 (64 bit) user here...I checked my clippings...the Evernote Clipper extension absolutely was working in Firefox Private Browsing, as recently as 8/10/2020. I'm 60% certain I used the extension in Private Browsing on 8/13 as well. Yet now when I go to firefox 'about:addons' to manage my extensions, the option to enable EN clipper in private is no longer there! Instead it says "Not Allowed in Private Windows / This extension does not run while private browsing." This to me confirms that this new restriction comes from the Clipper developers (EN) and not from Firefox (Mozilla). Once again, WTF, EN taking away a feature with no warning, no appeal, etc. Sure there are security implications, that's why you let the user decide. The only reason not to allow the use to decide that I can see would be a) newspapers are giving EN flack and threatening...I dunno...something because people use the clipper to save (and distribute?) free copies of articles that are normally behind a paywall unless you use private browsing or other tricks; or b) EN wants to track us, and sell our telemetry, every time we use the clipper.
  13. You can even use the (relantively) new Template feature of EN to store the template. Then use that template every time you create a new note that you intend to paste into.
  14. Since you are copying from a web page, windows clipboard includes meta information with your content, such as formatting and the source URL. EN for Win interprets this and populates the link field of the note with the source URL. Normally, if you don't want this meta-info, you can use "paste as plain text". Unfortunately, EN for Win does not have a "Paste as plain text" feature. There's a way around that: select part or all of a web page (if your case an email), and paste into notepad. Notepad forces conversion to plain text. Then in notepad, select all and copy. Then create a new EN note, and paste. There's nothing in the link field now. Will this work for you? If so, there is probably an easier way. There are ways to modify Windows copy-paste behavior to convert the content to plain text when it is first copied from the Web page. This would let you paste plain text straight into EN. Probably the easiest way to do this is a 3rd party app that lets you customize the clipboard. Search on "windows custom clipboard" or similar. Windows 10 added some built-in clipboard customization features too, so you could try MS Support or Technet. Good luck.
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