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  1. My guess is, Evernote's latest public release is buggy. Apparently your bug has been fixed in the Beta? If the problem comes back, you could try down-grading to your last known good version of Evernote. You can find them at https://filehippo.com/download_evernote/history/ , with the usual caution that these aren't official Evernote sites so in theory they could have malware. Due to bugs, users have been using these non-official sites to downgrade and no one has reported malware problems so far. Knock wood.
  2. Everybody who would like Evernote to make this feature (that overrides my phone's settings!?!) to be optional, or removed, please visit the link and vote the request up (up arrow, left side, next to title of post) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/100180-request-screen-timeout-options/
  3. Try contacting support It looks like you installed Evernote via the Windows Store. Might help to uninstall/reinstall Or, uninstall and then install the downloadable directly from Evernote https://evernote.com/download As always, sync before you uninstall. To be extra safe, back up your database. Hope this helps.
  4. Looking forward to a more consistent sync experience. My sync experience has been fine; but I hope these changes will make the sync code more debug-able and easier to maintain. I hope the editor moves in the same direction - strong, functionally isolated modules that, when there's a problem, help isolate the problem, or better still, catch the problem in the development phrase.
  5. @Duhtch thank you for posting the video, it makes it much clearer than trying to describe the problem with words. It sounds like it is once again time to play that old Evernote game, "feature or bug". I think it is a bug, but I suppose this could be a very poorly thought-out feature: When you perform a search, Evernote notices that your search contains a tag, and it selects/highlights that tag in the left panel. @Duhtch Does this behavior happen if you simply search for the tag, instead of using your saved search? If it does, I suppose it suggests this might be a (again very poorly designed & unnecessary) feature. I'd try to find the answer myself, but I no longer install updates in order to avoid precisely these kind of problems. Good luck!
  6. I agree with @gazumped, Evernote isn't really meant for long recordings, use a 3rd party app for that. HOWEVER: Evernote considers it a feature that when you are viewing/editing a note, Evernote overrides your device settings to keep the screen on. In this case, to be consistent, Evernote should logically keep the screen on when you are using Evernote to record sound, speech-to-text, etc. I think Evernote should not override my device settings! But if they're going to, they should do so consistently. cc: @Ian Small
  7. Second comment from FB: Anyplace else that the green button should appear? Does the iOS app have the same problem?
  8. OK here's what I posted on FB re this video. First comment: I was very encouraged by @Ian Small's prompt reply:
  9. Maybe it could attach the original headers (or even the full source!) to the note as a text object? That way they'd be preserved, and searchable. I like the idea of being able to forward something by email to EN without having to save the original in my email system in case EN mangles it when turning it into a note.
  10. I just made some feedback I'm quite proud of on the Facebook version of this announcement. Should I re-post my feedback here, or are people able/willing to follow the link and tell me what I got wrong over on Facebook?
  11. Thank you for all that detail. My thoughts: In EN for Windows, restoring the database files themselves (everything under C:\Users\<userid>\Evernote\Databases) does preserve note history, it restores the database to exactly where it was when the backup was made. Can restore to a temp location and tell EN client to use that location while you restore what is needed. I looked quickly at the enex format spec and didn't see anything about history. Are you saying the enex format preserves note history? Good to know. Also, I just re-ran a test that I haven't done since Jan 2017. Turns out EN for Windows does preserve note history after you move the note to a different notebook. Great news! I wonder when that changed? Will it change back? Anyways, thanks for pointing that out.
  12. I forgot to say, I haven't tried exporting a note, or saving it in enml, but I doubt either of those formats keep note history.
  13. An advantage of keeping your own backup of Evernote is, when you move a note from one notebook to another, the note history doesn't come with it, and is therefore no longer available to you. Evernote will NOT restore this note history, even if you undo the move. But, if that note history was important, you could restore (or extract) from your backup of the local EN database.
  14. So far we've seen mostly UI presentations. IMO the improvements with the highest return, BY FAR, are to be found in the area of code quality, regression testing, operations, etc. I hope that gets covered.
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