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  1. Looks like the 😧 emoticon has at least two possible meanings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_emoticons#Western
  2. Good job documenting the bug! What about using the Evernote Web Clipper instead of Windows copy-paste?
  3. You're right about the <a> tag. I'd forgotten that <a> is a non-void tag, even when it doesn't have the href attribute. If they ever update that part of the exporter, which is unlikely, they should probably make it output <a id="407"></a>
  4. Ideally it should validate, but, lots of html, xml, or in this case enml doesn't validate. It is a pervasive problem. Most browsers and parsers are tolerant of this, been that way since Mosaic. the name= attribute I believe is defined in enml but not in html The EN exporter appears to have created a typo, <a name="407"/> should be <a name="407" /> then it would validate I think.
  5. I was able to forward emails to Evernote as recently as 6 days ago. If you think the complexity of the original email is the problem, you could perhaps isolate and reproduce the problem. For example, make a copy of the original, then modify the copy to remove all attachments, perhaps even convert it to plain text instead of HTML, then forward to Evernote. If that works, you would then repeat the process, each time modify the copy less, until you discover which element of the original email Evernote has a problem with. Then you could take this information to Evernote support and tell them, hey, I've isolated the problem and can reproduce it, now you have to fix it. However, even if you do this, I am not sure Evernote will fix it. They still offer the email to Evernote service, but improving it isn't a priority for them.
  6. @Tony Mottaz I know of no option in the Clipper or EN client to put the URL of a clipped page automatically in the body of the note. It *will* automatically appear in the URL field of the note's meta-data. If you want it in the body as well, you could do that with only a few extra steps. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar, which you can do before you open the clipper or while it is open (in Chrome on Windows at least!). Then paste the URL into the "Add Remark" field of the clipper dialog. I've marked that with a red arrow in the screenshot. This will make the URL appear at the top of the main body of the clipped note. I suppose there might even be a way to fully automate this procedure using Filterize or IFTTT to grab the URL from the meta-data and insert it into the note itself...I'll leave that to you to investigate.
  7. Does this only happen with links to Google Drive, or does it happen with other types of links to Google? How about links to non-Google sites?
  8. It could also be the case that the code that interprets your search string in on-line mode is different than the code that does it in off-line mode. Just a guess, but it might explain at least some of this behavior. Evernote is working towards a more unified code base, so perhaps this issue will be addressed as part of that effort.
  9. Good job documenting this bug with steps to reproduce. This may be a new bug, but, these types of bugs have been part of Evernote for 5+ years, persisting through multiple versions of the editor. Having an editor that reads your mind and anticipates what you're trying to do is great...when it works (like Google Docs, or MS Word, for example) and when Undo works properly so if it guesses wrong you can recover and do what you really want. With the EN editor, neither of these things have been true for a long time. At this point, they should back off and just have a early 2000 style editor in which every key press does the obvious thing (navigation, formatting, or characters) and it doesn't try to help you with too many shortcuts/autoformatting/AI/etc. nonsense.
  10. Also (if you haven't uninstalled) sometimes powering off and powering on your Android phone or device can make the difference. I would try this before re-installing! ...but yes, sync sometimes gets "stuck" and it can be very frustrating. This is a known issues that has been reported to Evernote for years. There has been some improvement but it still happens. Usually resolves itself after a couple of hours, sometimes takes a restart, occasionally takes a day or two.
  11. @TechPerplexed Just wanted to add a big THANK YOU for returning to post your experiences after the switch! Considering Joplin myself.
  12. @Narnk Windows itself offers ways to customize that title bar. You could probably make it smaller. You might even be able to turn it off? These settings would probably effect all Windows programs, it may not be app-specific. Try: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/ look for "technet" and "MSDN" aka Microsoft Developer Network. I can't give you more specific URLs as Microsoft is apparently re-branding these services and their web address.
  13. Thanks @johnkitchen that's exactly what I wanted - a link to a version published by/hosted on their site. Others - am aware of FileHippo and similar, but they could inject all sorts of malware in their downloadables 😞 Sure, the Windows installer checks the code signature at install time but I've heard of ways for third parties to "defeat" that. So it is nice to see EN is starting to recognize that their product is too unstable not to offer an official way to roll back to a previous version. Perhaps Evernote could (please, please) make a permanent, official source for a reasonable number of past Windows versions, plus the .apk's for Android and whatever iOS uses. Maybe @Ian Small or @Shane D. can help with this?
  14. Find the spot in a text file where EN puts the funny char. See what is there. Some text files use plain ascii, some use various extended character sets. EN import handles some special characters but has probably not been tested vs. all possible special characters. If this is the case, edit your text file and eliminate the special characters by hand, or, use your text editor to convert to a simpler format or simpler character set. You'd have to experiment to see what works. Rarely, garbled text could be due to failing media or a bad USB cable or similar.
  15. @johnkitchen care to post the steps? Well really all I care about is the link to the previous version :-)
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