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  1. Possible other ways: IFTTT, Filterize, or similar services. The long-promised updated Evernote API...or did they cancel that too? People have hacked network packets to make their own API. Lot of work but I have some links if you are interested.
  2. Well I'm Win/Android so that will limit the help I can give you, but here goes: I have to imagine there are ways to solve this using AppleScript or Automator(?). But, it isn't clear to me when AppleScript or similar will work with EN v. 10 so I'm going to ping @DTLow and @JMichaelTXwho know more than I do on this. So does PinkElephant, for that matter, but he's already commented. Instead of dropping the file on the EN icon, you could drop it into an Import Folder...if/when EN 10 delivers the promised support for those. You might want to follow posts like https://discussion.evernote
  3. I can think of a number of possible work-arounds, depends on your platform details.
  4. And as mysteriously as this problem appeared, it has gone away. When that happened, my missing note suddenly appeared, along with a note conflict notice regarding a different note that was edited at about the same time-frame. So maybe this was fundamentally a server-side issue, that the clients (Android and Win) didn't handle particularly well...my network was fine all during this.
  5. Android 11, EN 8.13.3. Got a new (to me) error message just now while failing to sync. I restarted my phone, error message still there. I searched all forums, found no posts about this error message. At one point, before I noticed the sync error message, the note I was editing (that I ended up losing) seemed to change to a "Shared Note" even though I didn't do sharing, it was just a standard note created on Desktop EN, synced to non-shared notebook, then editing on my phone to add photos. That note I was editing no longer appears on my phone, neither it it's original form nor in edit
  6. Have you tried setting up 2FA? If so, have you tried disabling 2FA (which will force your existing 2FA and backup codes to expire), resetting your password (again), then re-enabling 2FA? But maybe the problem is, you can't do that on a deleted account...
  7. You make a very important point. Stats plus high domain knowledge is a powerful tool. Stats plus low domain knowledge is often worse than no stats at all, because of the danger of conclusions that appear to have empirical support but which turn out to be data artifacts. The marketing may have changed. People use search differently now than in 2016. Google has certain changed their algorithm...in a graph such as the OP's, does Google adjust their "interest over time" metric so that interest as measured under the algorithm from 4 years ago is apples-to-apples comparable with interest as measured
  8. @nonobio One question would be, can images being compressed without weakening another important Evernote feature, the built-in OCR?
  9. Hi, Evernote does not monitor these forums. We, your fellow users, might be able to help you, but we'd need more detail. For example, did you try sending a simple email addressed directly to username.a0099@m.evernote.com?
  10. That sounded familiar. So I looked and found that this isn't the first time the Google Assistant (GA) <-> Evernote relationship has gone haywire. See link to forums, below. I just now tested "Email Evernote" it didn't work (GA treated it as a web search even though "My Evernote" is in G contacts). Then I tested "Send email to Evernote" and...it worked! Meaning, it used Gmail to compose an email to my <secret>@m.evernote.com address which worked as documented. Required a multi-step dialog as described by @Dave-in-Decatur. I also just now tested the "note to self" method that
  11. Thanks @gazumped & @Coffee First Thing. I really want this to work because I'd use it all the time. Here is what I tried on my Pixel 2 XL, Android 11, Evernote 8.13.3 device: Squeeze phone to activate the Google Assistant. Speak "Take a note in Evernote XYZ" Assistant shows correct transcription of what I said. Assistant responds with "Saving note". No note is created in Evernote Squeeze phone, speak "Show my notes", response is a list of notes from the internal (build-in) note taking component of G Assistant. List includes a new note with "In evernote XYZ" that was
  12. I've got the same problem as @Dave-in-Decatur. Edit: To my surprise, I'm still running 8.13.3. Maybe that's the problem. What version is @Coffee First Thing running?
  13. Off topic warning....the correct way to interpret this graph: Stock prices, especially tech, are bubble-prone. After the 2009 crash, the US Fed, indeed the entire globe, re-inflated the markets. That means stocks, especially tech, now have even less connection to events than they did before 2009. That IMO is a far bigger factor than the CEO effect (which probably exists but is nowhere near this strong).
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