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  1. This is for the Mac desktop app. The request is to add "Title" inside the "Add search option" list. When selected, it would only search the provided text inside the note title (as opposed to the "contains" or "source" options). I've been a long-time premium member for quite a while. Now I have so many notes that the search feature is practically unusable. I have considered dumping Evernote over it and moving to another platform. I think this simple feature change would fix the problem for me. For example, I know I have notes that I created with the title "Class X term paper." I would like to simply type "paper" and have it only return notes containing that title. Instead, I get seemingly every note in my large datastore, almost all of which have nothing to do with my term papers. It's so frustrating! Thanks, Shawn-- (search title, title search)
  2. I accidentally clicked on the Delete button on the toolbar, and my note just disappeared and was gone... just like that. It sure would make me a little more confident that I won't lose valuable work if there was a confirmation that asked, "Are you sure?" before deleting. Could you add this in? Or at least have an option under settings for this? Thanks so much for reading this. Shawn--
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