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  1. Since the last update, each item clipped from the iOS share extension takes approximately 10 sec. to load after opening Evernote. In case I don’t need any of the recently clipped content, that should not be that big of an issue. But let‘s imagine I want to annotate clipped content I just added - I need to wait until everything up until this point after last having opened EN is loaded. This can easily be several minutes until the last clipped content shows up.
  2. Just encountered the issue again for no apparent reason. Mac is sleeping and as far as I remember this specific note hasn’t been opened on Desktop before at any time.
  3. Agree. I cannot imagine that any UX tests has been conducted before. Like letting power users use the app and watching them and/or asking them to think aloud while performing basic (or even advanced) tasks. Everything has become crazily inefficient.
  4. Dear @Ian Small, we didn't got to see a video of the Behind the Scenes series since a while. Now that EN 10 is out in the wild and interrupting many users' processes, would it be possible to get a glimpse on what your UX and QA processes look like? Here are some of the questions I would be interested to get an answer on: What kind of UX methods have you used previous to building EN 10 in order to get to know what users need and how they are using the application? What does testing look like? Do you have automated regression tests in place for every feature written in the new codeba
  5. That is at least what I have been doing when it occurred. As far as I remember I didn’t leave EN, but navigated to something else within EN.
  6. Completely agree. Same applies for iOS. And basically any kind of capturing (EN Helper when it is available again, Apple Watch when it is available again ...). Please let people choose what best fits to their workflow or start with the title. Starting with body is really unintuitive.
  7. I experienced this issue too a day ago for two notes - none of them new. Edits weren't there after getting back to the note. Also apparently no sync conflict, because EN on desktop hasn't been opened during the time it happened. Fortunately, it were only some minor edits and I was able to recall the changes from my mind, so it wouldn't be worth to open a support ticket. The thing is it means that EN is not reliable anymore and I am not able to trust it anymore with anything. I have no Plan B how to handle my system for the transition time until EN (on ALL platforms - I mostly use it from
  8. Thanks for pointing this out! I also noticed that something doesn’t work, but wasn’t able to narrow the issue down further, because most notes in my Inbox are title only.
  9. If it would work this way, it would made sense. Step 3 from my outline above requires an additional unnecessary confirmation step. I completely agree with you that there are more urgent issues to resolve like bugs and removed functionalities. I also think that this forum is intended to point out improvements and newly introduced UX flaws. Since I use Evernote for my GTD flow and rely on processing notes quickly, additional steps for changing notebooks and setting tags and reminders are a huge annoyance.
  10. I noticed that Websites clipped from Firefox don’t appear in the notes list (even after restarting Phone). Safari seems to work. When clipping from Pocket the source URL is missing.
  11. I just had a duplicate note, but I was kinda enforcing it by also opening the note on the desktop client (Beta 5). I’ll let you know in case it also happens during supposedly happy path test cases.
  12. I was just testing search myself with German language. When I search for “Kuchen” (cake) I also get search results for “Küchen” (kitchens). From my point of view, that is NOT the desired behavior, because in German Umlaute change the meaning of words completely and when e.g. looking for recipes I don’t want to have kitchen remodeling ideas in between. This is not an issue with the new Evernote, this already persists since a while and I doubt that this will ever be fixed. As we see just right now, users of different languages seem to expect different behaviors.
  13. Thanks for mentioning that! I agree. I miss that in both clients I am using (iOS and MacOS Beta). For everything I capture I usually only need the note title in the beginning. Tags and reminders are filled in later in the process, as well as the note content in case I need it.
  14. Yes, I did. From the Pocket application on my computer everything seems to be working smoothly. I even tested by closing EN desktop client (Mac Beta 5) before sharing with EN. Opened iOS App and the shared note was displayed. I didn't even notice any delay fetching the content. The other way round doesn't work anymore. I try to clip from Pocket to EN via Sharesheet and I get the dialogue mentioned in the beginning of this thread. I am not even asked whether I want Pocket to access my EN account. As already stated by the clipper, the note is not in the Desktop EN client unless I have opene
  15. I agree that intransparent backdoors are a very bad idea. Fortunately the backdoors setup on purpose are visible within EN and can be managed there. In the last days I tried to remember how I have done it with the older EN versions. I think why I didn't remember that EN on iPhone needs to be opened was the Pocket integration. Whenever wanting to clip something from the web, I first shared with Pocket to get rid of the formatting and then shared from Pocket with EN. Since that step happened between Pocket and EN backends, I didn't notice and when I opened EN desktop app afterwards I had the cli
  16. I just tested it and it works. Unfortunately, that is not intuitive at all and I understand that it might confuse most users. I would expect that the title is displayed as the default text in the Share screen and can be edited as wished. In that case the user directly sees what to expect when sharing content with EN. And couldn't "simplified clipping" be an option to directly be included in the Share Screen? Maybe as a checkbox which remembers the previous selection.
  17. Oh yes, let's dream with having all the new iOS 14 Widget capabilities in mind! 🙂 There are so many options! What I would like to have: Quick capture (Text, Audio, Reminder ...). That could be a small Widget. For a bigger widget: Display notes. If I understood the widget feature correctly, this could even be customized. Like filtering for a saved search, a favorite etc., depending on the selection. As an addition: upcoming and overdue reminders. Then I could get rid of my Cronify integration (which works great, but it still a workaround from my pov). For all widgets I would
  18. Thanks for posting. I just also wanted to confirm that the issue still persists. I can also confirm that it happens when no other client is open. I even tried deleting EN, restarting my phone, reinstalling EN - still duplicate notes. My use case: Clip to EN via Sharesheet from Pocket --> Duplicate Note.
  19. Now I am really confused what the WebClipper will do - does that mean now, that if I clip something on my phone, and next open EN on my Mac, the note will not have synced, because I haven't opened the iOS EN App in the meanwhile? That would be nuts, completely counterintuitive and not how it worked before. I would expect that it DIRECTLY syncs to server. Please tell me that it is not intended to stay this way.
  20. I am not sure, whether the assumption fits to all users with that use case. When the note duplication happened to me, I was not at home and my computer was sleeping. I guess Evernote was open (it always is), but it is hard for me to imagine that this would have any influence on the issue as long as there is no internet connection.
  21. Today I had the problem as well and have no idea why. A very small note, text only, created on the go (no WiFi).
  22. In the current implementation, moving notes to another notebook is very inefficient. From within a note: 1. When clicking on notebook title in the note I first need to select whether I would like to go to the notebook or move the note. —> this is already the first hurdle. It’s hard to imagine that when doing UX tests with real users (assuming that has been done) anyone stated that in order to go to a notebook they would do it via a note. I would expect to skip this step and directly be able to select another notebook. 2. Move note screen: almost okay. I would expect that the
  23. I love how tags are easily visible in the new iOS version! That’s why (for the moment) I see only minor improvements in that area: Quickly adding tags is important for me. That can be made faster by positioning the cursor per default in the search bugs whenever entering the screen - initially, after having made a selection, and after having created a new tag. In addition to that: after being done with tag selection/creation and tabbing on “ready” (or whatever English version says), there is a noticeable lag. First nothing happens and I wonder whether I have already tapped. The EN re
  24. To add to the things missing: The Apple Watch App. I used it all the time whenever I wanted to quickly capture something without pulling my phone out. I noticed that even without having checked out everything else, because it is completely gone from my watch.
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