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  1. It did work at the end! My workflow is within iPad 90% of the time so this is a major drawback for me. Been a premium user since 2008, used EN both for my professional and personal life. Did think about changing for other note taking apps since EN 10. However EN OCR capability for images is quite hard to beat. So, I keep fingers crossed for bugs get fixed.
  2. Is it only me who isn’t able to drag and drop files in iPadOS in split screen view or slide over view ? Would be nice to get this basic iPad feature back!
  3. I had the Mac Beta. Worked quite well for my needs. Really surprised with all iOS bugs. I use more iOS versions than Mac.
  4. Hi there. In the note edit mode, when clicking on a PDF to get the option to get the share sheet, the share sheet is hidden by the keyboard. Please see screen captures.
  5. I may have missed that but no drag and drop files in iPadOS between other apps and Evernote?
  6. Hi! It would be nice that when you’re in a search and hit the magnifier icon, it would navigate back to previous screen. Let’s say you have searched “test”. If you hit the mag icon, it would bring you back to the search field. It would be a little bit like when you hit the notebook icon. Cheers!
  7. The problem resolved a few weeks ago but it happened again today. Same thing as PinkElephant but without heavy syncing. iOS 12 iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen.
  8. I had the same problem on both iPhone X and iPad Pro 2nd gen for the past few weeks but resolved within the last few days without any intervention on both devices.
  9. Hi all, same problem here as exposed by PinkElephant on iPad Pro 12’ 2nd gen and iPhone X.
  10. It is practically the same thing. I like to use this app because my iCloud temp folder was messy and I forgot to delete the files I had attached to the new note, etc. I see this app as a dedicated “temp” app. If you are well organized, I think there is no benefit.
  11. I would like to see the same feature implemented. In the meantime, I use Yoink app. Cheers!
  12. Hi, I have been an Evernote user since 2008 and a Premium user since many years. I have to say that I am very satisfied with what Evernote has become. I use it for my personal as well as professional life, and also use Cronofy for calendar reminders sync. I use Evernote for macOS as well as Evernote for iOS on and iPhoneX and iPad Pro 12.9 second generation. I think the only thing that limit the iOS use is the lack of way to easily go through attached files. When multiple files are attached, it is not efficient to click on an icon (let’s say a pdf file) that the « whole » file length is not shown, scroll through it, then hit the X, and hit the second attached file icon, scroll through it, etc... I would like something like a mix of Spark, Readdle Documents, Pdf Expert and Dropbox Paper app. Dropbox paper: The first page of the document attached appears inline so you can rapidly see what’s the content. The first frame of a videoclip will also be embedded within the note. Spark: When multiple files are attached to a mail, you can rapidly scroll within a document by scrolling up and down and between documents by scrolling left and right. There is also an option to rapidly see a list of all the attached files to jump to whatever file you want to see. Documents and PDF Expert: They have a really nice and efficient file browser. I think features « à la » Dropbox Paper and Spark would really improve productivity on iOS devices. Documents and PDF Expert are probably too complex to implement. Last thing, when I drag and drop a file out of Evernote, the filename is lost so you always have to rename the file that is cumbersome. Photos attached to explain. Sincerely.
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