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  1. I am using Ipad Pro M1 11’ ipadOS 14 I can view a note within the web client but every time I try to edit a note, it crashes Safari. The web client cannot be a real alternative to the EN app for me. Any other have experienced this issue?
  2. Oh my gosh, I just realized it is also possible to see the embedded PDF within Safari! So how come, it is not possible to get this into Evernote for iOS?
  3. Even though Evernote through iPadOs Safari crashes when I try to write a note title, I have been able to drag n drop a PDF file from the Files app to a note within Safari and it did work.
  4. Evernote v10 is running great on IPad Pro M1! It would be really great to be able to open two instances of Evernote in split screen for better productivity!
  5. Evernote v10 is running great on iPad Pro M1! I still miss v8 drag n drop feature!
  6. Thanks. I actually like to drag n drop files from another app. Can’t wait for that feature to be reimplemented!
  7. Hi there, I cannot find the option to write the note title first. It was an easy thing to do before v10. Anyone can help me? Many thanks! Vien Do
  8. Hi there, I am a big fan of Evernote since 2008. Premium member since almost 2008. V10 had a rock start, is getting better with time... I use a lot LiquidText for work. When I copy an Excerpt from LiquidText to Evernote, it will paste 3 times in Evernote as well as a never ending circle. I had no problem before v10. Apple Notes has a correct behaviour and will not paste 3 times. See screen captures. Thanks!
  9. Apple notes can handle this. I have been waiting for this feature to be available in Evernote for iOS for a long time.
  10. Hi there! It would be super nice to be able to get at least a first page inline viewing of attached files such as PDF. It is so much easier to recall what the file contains when you can see the first page ! It could be a little bit like the inline viewing experience of the Mac v10 or like the Dropbox Paper app. See screen capture.
  11. I have few issues too but still using only online notebooks. Do you use offline notebooks ?
  12. Hi there, v10.2.4 Using the inline single page PDF view feature, when clicking the arrows to read the next page within the PDF, this will always bring the view back to the top of the note and I have to scroll down the note to the PDF to continue reading.
  13. My experience with v10 ios14 iPhone 12 pro is that a lot of bugs appear when trying to download offline notebooks. With offline notebooks on, I started to experience many app crashes, search freezes, impossibility to access a note, clicking on a note to open it appears blank. I had no such issues when using online notebooks only.
  14. I have to admit that v10 is still really really far from perfect but there has been some improprement since v10 launch.
  15. Hi there, When selecting “Attach file” in a note, it would be super nice to be able to select multiple files at least in a given directory to add those files with the specific order of selection to a note. The same feature is already available when adding photos.
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