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  1. I like these videos a lot, but why do they not have any music or anything on them? So weird lol
  2. Except in this analogy people are ordering like's a combination KFC/McDonald's because that's how they read the sign. But I don't think that's an Evernote problem, just more of an indicator of how likely people are coming into subscriptions via iOS.
  3. This tone is so condescending. I'm all for giving the company the benefit of the doubt, and I don't mind helping people to refocus their angry energy that comes into these forums, but I think @seebee's experience highlights how janky this whole experience can be. When people have to come onto the forums and ask "well is it the real real real premium, the original promotion premium, the new premium/personal, the super duper Apple special premium, or just the regular premium," it shows that whatever way things are being communicated are not good.
  4. I don’t think I would trust any changes like free trials to Evernote right now after reading the confusion to upgrade cycles, plans, and the person who upgraded to professional but Evernote downgraded them to free. There certainly is a lack of trust.
  5. I totally get that, but I think it’s confusing for a lot of people. I think the rub is that there is a missing workflow. As it stands now, one has to either be in a note and add a task there to give it detail or context, or one has to add the task to their catch all note, then navigate to that note separately. Once that note is added to the catch all note, it is more difficult than it needs to be to interact with it again. I think that there needs to be a way to add context to a task at creation, the ability to create it as a new note and navigate to that note, or an option to add it to the catch all note. p.s. Thanks for dropping in! I got to brag to my wife that the Evernote CEO commented on my post. (She didn’t think it was near as cool as I did lol)
  6. I think some of the confusion is that Evernote jumped the gun in being able to create tasks as separate entities. If they had said tasks exists in notes only, there wouldn't be this confusion. As it stands now, you can create a task, but then you have to go in and backfill the information right away, or hope you remember when you see the task later. I currently am in the camp that tasks exists in notes, and not notes in tasks, unless the task becomes a completely new note at time of creation.
  7. I will add some love too. It’s not so obvious in these general forums, but there are some great conversations happening in the beta forums. There are some staff members who are interacting, listening, and even implementing ideas from the community. (I’m taking credit for the template option in the iOS create button).
  8. I love being able to customize it. It’s been my my request for so long.
  9. To preface, I am a huge fan of the new updates to Evernote. I think it's the beginning of new functionality and we are seeing some of that come to fruition. I have also been playing with Craft a lot lately (I'm primarily Apple) and it's pretty wonderful. I think there are a couple of killer features that draw me to it. First is the way it can display its notes. (See attached screen shot) There is also a list view and a view where all cards are the same size, but this view is pleasing. Second, and the point of this post, is the ability to quickly link notes together. I think we are on the way with the reintroduction of quick switching (which was a vital part of my workflow, and was, until recently, one of the advantages of Craft). I'm not looking for line by line linking (though I think you are close to that with things like the blocking system used with checkmarks, bullets, tasks, etc.), but just note linking. I think tags can work that way, but there is something very nice about having the link directly inline with the note content. It is also nice to see how things are connected together. I feel sometimes I can get lost on everything I have for a particular project and don't have a good handle of what relates to what in it's context. I recognize this may be the way my brain wired, but the rise of a multitude of apps with this feature (and this feature being a prominent part of who they are) indicates it's a popular way of working.
  10. It’s not possible yet. Every time I get a chance, I mention it as a feature request.
  11. Are you just complaining to complain or do you want to look for solutions? Do you do the article clipping or simplified article clipping? I find that doing the article clipping and then choosing only the sections I wants goes a long way to helping alleviate some formatting issues. A lot of it is the dynamicness (awful word I know) of the previewing in Evernote now. I think you'll be hard pressed to find anything much better out there. But maybe Evernote just isn't the app for you any longer. If you're on Mac, the popular competitors are Devonthink Pro (huge learning curve), Keep It (extremely simple), Apple Notes (not as robust), Bear (primarily text based and organizes only on tags), and Notion (cross platform, but has some pretty big outages the past couple of weeks).
  12. They would be miles ahead if they used iOS inking engine on iPads, though I recognize that goes against the cross platform experience. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. I imagine that "power users" (whatever that means to anyone) is not as significant as we think. They just happen to be the angriest when things go wrong. I also have to imagine that a lot of the users who are relying on the power use fringe cases are also not the same ones beta testing and willing to break their workflows, but they'll be the loudest when the changes come. I would consider myself a power user, but not at the level of some of the people here. That means people will ask me questions about Evernote, I actually have a decent amount of structure, and I use keyboard shortcuts. I have sent emails like this before, and my take on it is that "we made some power users upset, sorry, but we're continuing on because we like what we're doing." I don't expect anything from their original plan to change. In the forums (especially the beta forums) I have seen staff responding, asking questions, and seeking follow up. Everything that Ian said in terms of balancing the rollout of new features while developing new features has basically been said by various staff members. This is just the CEO having to step in to placate the masses.
  14. I don't think it's a truly awful upgrade. I enjoy the cross platform unifying in look. I enjoy the ability to drag and drop bullet points, I enjoy the ability to input headers with a '#', I enjoy the simplification of fonts, and I even enjoy the tags on the bottom. I enjoy the new "New Note" button and the ability to add a template right off the bat. I enjoy that the service Filterize still works. Reminders picker is better and the ability to view my tag hierarchy on my iPhone is long overdue and appreciated. So if I'm being selfish, as most of you are, my workflow was not interrupted. It was enhanced. I trust the direction Evernote is headed at this point. I think Ian has done a good job of expressing the vision, and holding to that. I am confident that they have enough data to understand what their users do and do not use. I was about to leave Evernote right before the first "behind the scene" video came out. It was enough to keep me around because I saw a company with a committed leader. At this point in my life, I'm ok with where I'm at with Evernote. I get it that you're not, and maybe one day I wont' be, but until then, I'm excited.
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