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  1. I am a heavy EN user with high reliance of it. I run current release EN on 3 different PC's and 2 MACs. Absolutely no performance issues whatsoever.
  2. FAIL!!! - I followed PinkElephant's recommendation to add the Calendar Widget to my home page, then remove it and sure enough the nag stopped. BUT, for only one day. Today, the nag is back! I continue to be disappointed in Evernotes decisions - they just don't think things through very well.
  3. My syncing issues - miserably solved I too use EN from many devices. Let's put them in two categories: mobile (IOS) and desktop (Windows and MAC). It seems that my sync issues all stem from mobile. If I manually sync from my mobile device, I never have issues (which suggests they got it right on desktop only). But, the moment I skip this step, I have sync hell. It is now my practice to manually sync on mobile ANYTIME I use the app - I sync before making edits and I sync after making edits. This has completely solved my syncing issues. Unfortunately, EN buried the sync button in settings and it takes four taps to get to the manual sync. I have heard people talk of a background sync on mobile, but in my experience, it either does not exist, or doesn't work, or is not turned on in my account? So, now my gripe.. WHY should I have to do this? Makes no sense. I am hopeful that EN will address this in the near future.
  4. My colleague is running Windows 10 with Evernote 10.5.7. When I use Help | Check for Updates from the Evernote app, it tells me it's the most current version which is not the case since I have 10.15.6 loaded to my computer. Is there a prescribed best way to manually update? Both my colleague and I installed by downloading from Evernote directly (not Microsoft Store). It's unclear why my Evernote has updated and theirs has not. Hmmm.. It might be worth mentioning that I pay for Premium, while my colleague uses a free version. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Chiming in here.. (my 2 cents): EN: This is a BUG. Please fix it. Thank you! Checklists - have strikethrough - great! Checkboxes - Work as expected (legacy) - great! But, PLEASE do not confuse these features by making decisions for us. If I edit a checkbox line, DO NOT change it to a Checklist - We, the user can do that. BUG BUG BUG BUG BUG!!!
  6. And again, I lose more data! I think this occurrence puts me over the top. Not sure why I put up with this. EVERNOTE SUCKS!! Yep, I'm getting emotional about it now. To hell with being professional. They simply can't seem to get anything right. I've been searching for alternatives, but I think ANYTHING would be better. I wonder if I can get my last subscription payment refunded. This is too much of a joke that we pay for an app that only loses data. I simply added to a note and it just disappeared - poof, gone! - AGAIN!! Evernote can take a hike - Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's worse is the mere fact that EVERNOTE DOESN'T SEEM TO CARE. @Shane D.
  7. Hello Evernote. I, like most here, am an avid user of Evernote. I have been using it since 2011 without any problems. Enter version 10.0 (IOS, Windows, MAC) - Now my world is upside down. While I have been patient as I understand a re-write from the ground up is no simple task, I have to ask, why, even after such a disaster with IOS, would you punch out the Windows and MAC versions with so many problems? Kinda seems like a suicide mission. Clearly these updates carry with them devastating results and I am at a loss as to why you would further this problem by releasing a known problematic product. So then, my question: Where can I monitor progress on these issues? Without "Knowing" what's going on, you are forcing my hand and making me look to your competitors. Not that I want to make a change, but this not knowing isn't cutting it. It would be useful if you would issue a weekly update (Statement) on issues to keep us in the loop. PLEASE, communicate where you are with stability and what your timeline and actions are to resolve these issues. Not sure if I can wait much longer in the dark. Perhaps knowing what you are doing about it may give me (us) some reason to wait it out? The only reason I still use your product is because I have not updated my Windows or MAC computers which allows me to continue using it. I appreciate your earliest response.
  8. iPhone 10x; iPad Pro; IOS 14.01; EN: 10.0.2. Edit note. Close note. Open note: Edits GONE!! This happens A LOT! So much that I can no longer trust making edits on my IOS devices. I use this app for everything in my life, yet, now, it is worthless. How long should one wait before jumping ship? Perhaps if EN would communicate, I could consider being more tolerable. It's like they want us to go away.
  9. HOW DO WE GET BACK TO THE RPEVIOUS IOS (Pre-10.0) VERSION??? I am not seeing any answers from Evernote team on this. Why are they not answering??? Maybe it's worse than we know. Unless we get an answer in the next 24 hours, I'm jumping ship after being a Premium member since June 2011. I cannot just put things on hold. Do they not understand this?
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