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  1. Today I had the problem as well and have no idea why. A very small note, text only, created on the go (no WiFi).
  2. In the current implementation, moving notes to another notebook is very inefficient. From within a note: 1. When clicking on notebook title in the note I first need to select whether I would like to go to the notebook or move the note. —> this is already the first hurdle. It’s hard to imagine that when doing UX tests with real users (assuming that has been done) anyone stated that in order to go to a notebook they would do it via a note. I would expect to skip this step and directly be able to select another notebook. 2. Move note screen: almost okay. I would expect that the cursors defaults in the search field. 3. Notebook selection done, move notes screen still open until having confirmed with “Done” —> everytime I move a note I stumble across it, because I really expect that the screen closes after having selected a notebook. I understand that behavior for Tag selection, because several tags can be chosen. But for notebooks that doesn’t make any sense at all - it is just a useless additional tap. From notes list: 2 and 3 from above apply. In addition to that, move notes is very far down in the list of actions that can be done after the swipe. I think editing tags, moving notes should be accessible more easily from there - assuming that most users perform those actions more regularly than deleting notes.
  3. I love how tags are easily visible in the new iOS version! That’s why (for the moment) I see only minor improvements in that area: Quickly adding tags is important for me. That can be made faster by positioning the cursor per default in the search bugs whenever entering the screen - initially, after having made a selection, and after having created a new tag. In addition to that: after being done with tag selection/creation and tabbing on “ready” (or whatever English version says), there is a noticeable lag. First nothing happens and I wonder whether I have already tapped. The EN returns to note screen without the tags visible. After another second or so the tags are there and the note can be edited further.
  4. To add to the things missing: The Apple Watch App. I used it all the time whenever I wanted to quickly capture something without pulling my phone out. I noticed that even without having checked out everything else, because it is completely gone from my watch.
  5. MissArdbeg

    Slow App

    I noticed this tonight in the public version as well. It took ages to load notes without content (only headline) and adding tags was very cumbersome, because the app tried to load something that even got in the way of typing something. It seems to be an backend issue that doesn’t only affect beta version. Since I was the only one awake it is very unlikely that something else was slowing down our internet connection.
  6. Thanks for posting a new video of this series! It is great to see how formatting and tag management will behave in the future and I am pretty excited about the things I have seen. I am also very curious how reminders will look like in the future. I hope they will not be treated like the ugly stepchild anymore and that some beta users are heavily using them to give you proper feedback on that.
  7. Dear Evernote team, All my feedback has already been given by other users. I already asked this for the last beta version: WHY??? The user experience for heavily used features is getting worse with each update. What is the meaning behind the new claim "focus on what matters most"? Do only business users matter? Are you planning to get rid of everthing behind the "..." menu, because those features obviously don't seem to matter?
  8. Could someone explain the reason for the "..." on a desktop version? I doubt that there are computer screens so small that having quick and easy access functionality would have been an issue. Since there is no shortcuts for adding reminders (keyboard shortcut, any other shortcut or batch processing) that means one extra click for every note that needs to get a reminder - in my use case for almost every note I create. Is this really intended? So ... why? Are you planning to get rid of reminders completely and try to get users used to it?
  9. After deleting and installing the app ~10 times, I now got the „i“ icon and the old way to set reminders back. However, it is still not possible to set reminders without a due date from within a note and the gaps in the notes list are still there. If we want to report glitches/bugs/strange „features“, is there any way to communicate which version of the A/B/...n... test we are using?
  10. There are now huge spaces in the notes list, so you only see some of them. Funny thing is the spaces are the same no matter whether you select “small”, “medium” or “large”. The “i” icon is not restored for my phone. It is still not possible to set reminders without a date from the note (only from the notes list).
  11. It seems not to be possible to add reminders without a date anymore. Previously I could just click “Cancel” instead of selecting a date and had a reminder without due date. If I cancel the date selection now, no reminder is created. That‘s a bummer, since my whole system relies on that functionality. Will it come back or do I need to come up with another approach for all my tasks?
  12. I would go a step further: in addition to only bulk deleting, please also add bulk adding reminders (with same date or without date) as well as bulk editing reminders. I am using reminders quite extensively and having to process my inbox item by item is quite tedious.
  13. I would totally agree with your suggestion. Hopefully, the Evernote team has a similar idea.
  14. Hm. This is crazy. I now took the risk and deleted and reinstalled EN. Now I have Photo/Camera/Reminder. Glad that it is now that way, since I don’t need Audio, but it strange nevertheless. @EN team: Are the quick add options chosen randomly? It seems like it is a little different for different users, but until now I haven’t discovered a consistent pattern.
  15. Did the reminder icon reappear? I have EN 8.8 now on my iPhone 6 and I am not able to quickly add reminders anymore - which is the function I use most often.
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