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  1. I think it would already help to have full note content possibilities within tasks. Then you could use checklists for subtasks. For all use cases I could think of that would be sufficient.
  2. Seems to be fixed at least on iOS with version 10.12. Thanks, EN! 😃
  3. I get the same issue when I try to share a PDF from Firefox (on iOS) with EN. From Safari to EN it works. Btw, EN themselves use the word “Clip” so I think it makes sense to use the same word when talking about it.
  4. Same for me. I was trying to use EN for my whole GTD setup for ages and always gravitated towards separate task managers after some months fiddling with complex tag systems, reminders etc. I always wanted to use one app for everything and now EN is getting close to it. I personally need tags more than anything else that has already been mentioned. In addition to that some features that have nothing to do with tasks directly, but things that will return the iOS native experience again (Force Touch to create new note/task, iOS widgets, Apple Watch support, some UX improvements …). As soon as those things are available, I am happy to get rid of everything else and rely on EN for my external brain.
  5. Really strange. I did all the steps and nothing changed. Now I am really curious who has the version that is intended 😉 I couldn’t find a hint in the release notes, but I doubt that EN would remove a well-received feature from parts of the user base.
  6. I am on the same version as in the screenshot above. But good to hear that there might be something to look forward to (as if a first version of the tasks feature wouldn’t have been exciting enough)! 🥳
  7. Are they doing A/B Testing again? I don’t have it.
  8. When I have a checklist of items, I can easily place the curser in an item, tap the + icon and task in order to convert the item to a task. However, it doesn’t seem to work the other way around. After having converted an item to a task, I cannot make it a checklist item (or anything else) again.
  9. When I group tasks by notes and sort the notes by title, they are sorted in a way that doesn’t seem to make sense (See attachment). Is it just me or has someone else discovered a similar behavior?
  10. In order to be able to view tasks by context without removing it from the project (= note) it would be great to have tags for tasks. In addition to that I would like to group them by Tag in the tasks view.
  11. After giving up Evernote for a while I am currently giving it another chance. When I tried to empty my !nbox notebook I stumbled across the following which really annoyed me: Moving a note to another notebook takes a lot of unnecessary taps. Especially the last tap on “Done” is very unexpected and irritating. I would expect that after having selected the notebook to move the note to (because I can’t select several) that the window closes and I get back to the note. in addition to that I would need the possibility to select and move several notes on mobile. Here I am not sure whether it is not possible at all or whether I just haven’t discovered how to do that.
  12. Since the last update, each item clipped from the iOS share extension takes approximately 10 sec. to load after opening Evernote. In case I don’t need any of the recently clipped content, that should not be that big of an issue. But let‘s imagine I want to annotate clipped content I just added - I need to wait until everything up until this point after last having opened EN is loaded. This can easily be several minutes until the last clipped content shows up.
  13. Just encountered the issue again for no apparent reason. Mac is sleeping and as far as I remember this specific note hasn’t been opened on Desktop before at any time.
  14. Agree. I cannot imagine that any UX tests has been conducted before. Like letting power users use the app and watching them and/or asking them to think aloud while performing basic (or even advanced) tasks. Everything has become crazily inefficient.
  15. Dear @Ian Small, we didn't got to see a video of the Behind the Scenes series since a while. Now that EN 10 is out in the wild and interrupting many users' processes, would it be possible to get a glimpse on what your UX and QA processes look like? Here are some of the questions I would be interested to get an answer on: What kind of UX methods have you used previous to building EN 10 in order to get to know what users need and how they are using the application? What does testing look like? Do you have automated regression tests in place for every feature written in the new codebase? Or are you still mainly relying on manual testing? How does EN ensure that beta feedback (especially regarding critical bugs!) is being taken care of BEFORE a new version is being released to everyone? What is EN's contigency plan handling the mess the new major version has created? I guess there will be more questions coming to my (and maybe other users') mind the longer we are waiting on stable versions that can actually be used. I am aware that on Desktop I could still stick to the Legacy version, but I cannot roll back on iOS. I would love to see the light at the end of the tunnel and maybe a glimmer of hope, that EN is releasing further versions without making large parts of the software unusable.
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