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  1. Thanks @buckethead. A common strategy for accomplishing large, complex tasks is to break them into smaller, achievable sub-tasks and prioritizing which sub tasks are most important to do next. Breaking big tasks up helps people because all they have to think about is the next prioritized sub task, instead of the overwhelming large task. When you use this approach to accomplish several large tasks, it's important to understand what prioritized sub tasks need to be done next across all your larger tasks. Because of this, the sub-tasks need to have their own flag and due date. A bullet list inside of one taks with one flag sin't sufficient. Luckily, Evernote already built flags and due dates. All they need to do now to help people who use this method is to allow us to nest tasks within tasks. Hoping Evernote see this and adds the functionality.
  2. @Flash G It's an interesting hack. Thanks for posting. But I think I'll wait for them to do right thing and make them hierarchical.
  3. @jelpern I have also gone back to using check boxes. But it's too bad, because they were so close to creating an amazing feature.
  4. The new Tasks feature looks amazing. Calendaring, and flagging is great. The task rollup view is fantastic! BUT it's missing a critical piece for viability. Hierarchy. Big tasks are most easily accomplished when you break them down into sub tasks (like the SMART method). You need to be able to nest tasks to most effectively accomplish your goals.
  5. You can add a shortcut to tags in the apps and desktop version, but the shortcuts don't appear on the web version. Nor can you create a shortcut of a tag on the Web version. There is no hover (like it says on the instructions: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004637-How-to-create-shortcuts ). In the drop down, there is only Delete, Rename, and Remove tag options. Please provide Web support for tag shortcuts.
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