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  1. @EnricoNahler The admin must first enable Spaces from the Beta Management section of the Admin Panel, and then users need to opt their clients onto the beta (see instructions in the announcement post). Did the admin see an option for enabling Spaces in their Admin Panel? Re: Comment above: Space directory is close to what you're looking for. It will be coming in a week or so, look out for that. Users can create a Space, and list it in Space Directory Other users in the business can find that Space in Space Directory They can either request access, or join with pre-set permission levels (this is determined by the person who listed the Space) The user will be joined to the whole Space however, not just a specific notebook. There's a workaround - you could 1) Join the Space via the Space Directory, 2) Share the notebook to yourself and 3) Leave the Space.
  2. Please let us know if you have feedback for Spaces here - we'd love to iterate on Spaces with your help!
  3. Thanks @Jennifer Thompson - this is an upcoming feature that we're aiming to introduce in time for the launch.
  4. @phils it refers to the place that contains the What’s New and Pinned widgets, with more widgets to come in the future.
  5. @phils thanks for that feedback. Yes, dashboards are still coming on most platforms, but if you log onto the web you’ll actually see them there. @gustavgi could you clarify what kind of tags functionality specifically? Tags will be supported but not sure if you had a specific workflow in mind.
  6. @phils 1) it is coming soon on a upcoming build for Windows. 2) We left the option there greyed out as we haven’t had time to implement it. How important do you feel the import dialog is? Btw it is available on a web in case you need it.
  7. @Lisette Wilson Hmm. Can you see Spaces when you log on to www.evernote.com/Ion.action? If not, you may want to double check that you've clicked "enable Spaces" on your admin console. Otherwise, there's probably 2 things: 1. Double check that you're looking at your business account: (Make sure that second option is selected) 2. If that doesn't work, try restarting your app. There was a weird bug for some users where they had to wait 24 hours and reopen the app to see Spaces. @Atul That's a wonderful thing to hear heading into the break! I'll relay your kind comments to the team. What platform are you using Evernote on? Is it Web / Mac / Win / Mobile? As for Spaces Directory - that allows you to discover, and join other Spaces in your business (once implemented) @James Systems Matter Yes. We're trying to be pretty careful to not move everyone's cheese, but expect this to roll out to Personal accounts (but maybe in a slightly limited form) after we launch Spaces for Business. Have a happy holiday season everyone! And please do leave more feedback if you have any.
  8. @gottastayorganized we're glad to hear you're excited! I enabled previously waitlisted businesses this morning - you should be all set now. I'd love to hear your feedback once you're up an running - these are still relatively early builds, so there will be some oddities - but your feedback will really help us prioritize what to work on. Thanks for being part of the beta!
  9. Thanks @Kitezh47 - I understand what you're asking for. These are all items on our roadmap. Adding structural entities / hierarchy is something that is going to be a pretty big shift in the app's direction, and you'll begin to see this appear first in the Business product next year. If you're a business user, you will in fact see this begin to play out in the public beta we're announcing hopefully this week. These changes come with some pretty complicated UX issues since not all changes can feasibly be completed at once - "how do we increment to the end vision without breaking the experience along the way?", and also have implications on users used to the current system - "how do we introduce these changes without breaking the current experience / confusing existing users?"
  10. UPDATE: Spaces are now available for all International Businesses (except China). Please follow the instructions below to activate them for your team. Hi everyone! We're excited to announce the public beta of an upcoming rework for Evernote Business. One of the top themes from business user feedback was a need for a better experience that helps teams to work together and stay on the same page. Examples are: asking for easier sharing of multiple notebooks, more shared hierarchy (shared stacks), clearer indication of who has access to content, and an easier way to stay on top of content that's constantly evolving. Introducing Spaces in Evernote Business—bringing people, projects, and ideas together so your teams can do their best work. Establish a shared organization for your teams' content — store your notes and notebooks in Spaces so they're all in one spot Easily share and access relevant information for projects, topics, or teams — you can share your Spaces to easily give, and manage access to all the contents within the Space Keep everyone on the same page — every member sees and has access to everything in the Space Web-only for now: Stay on top of the latest updates — the "What's new" section is unique to Spaces and shows you content that has recently been updated Web-only for now: Make important content front & center for the team — Pin important and relevant information to "Pinned notes" for the whole team to see Check out our video overview Spaces will be available for all businesses (except China), starting today — activate it for yourself in 3 steps: Admins for US businesses will need to Enable Spaces Beta in the Manage Betas section of their admin console (on the web) Users may need to opt into the beta on their individual apps: Windows: Tools > Options from the menu bar > In the “General” tab, check the box next to "Enable beta features and updates" Mac: Preferences > In the “Software Update” tab, check the box next to "Update to beta versions when available" Note: If you do not see the "Update to beta" version, you are most likely using a copy of Evernote downloaded from the Mac App Store. Please download the non-appstore version from www.evernote.com/download and replace your app-store version with this one. Android: Make sure you have Evernote installed > Join the beta tester program from Evernote’s page in the Google Play Store > Wait for your approval notification > Install the beta version of Evernote iOS and web: Since your company has activated the beta, you’ll automatically see it as soon as you log in Lastly, update your app to the latest version of Evernote Note: We're working on adding in localization and support for International Businesses - we will be providing an update when that is ready. We want your feedback! We've been doing research in our private betas, but we need your feedback to help make this launch useful for you. There will be more features and adjustments we're making prior to launch (the web is the furthest along, and is where you'll see "What's new" and "Pinned notes" initially), and we need your feedback to make Spaces useful to you and your team. We're beginning on a long journey to make Evernote Business a better experience for teams, and we'd love for you to work with us on the way. P.S. There is some additional reading Help center article
  11. Hi there @Kitezh47 - interesting suggestions. I'd love to hear more about how you'd plan on using these new constructs (with real examples if possible), and how they improve your Evernote experience (does it enable something you can't do today, or simplify a workflow?)
  12. Evernote for Mac 6.11 Beta 1 Released

    Hi @Stacey, On point feedback - I think it's safe to say that this is the direction we are moving towards. The reason why it's easier to share notebooks between users than between your personal & business today is because today, your personal & business notebooks belong to a single user (you), and you can't share something with yourself. It's something we're working on changing. In the mean time we have been bouncing around the idea internally of giving users a single notebook that is accessible from both business & personal (to address the issue of having a personal default notebook you rely on for business) - the tricky part is balancing a short term solution like this with the medium term solution that we're working on, which is default notebooks in business, or sharing between personal & business. Also - universal search is on the roadmap.
  13. Business Features/Possibilities

    @DVNT Hi! I wanted to follow up with some clarifying questions to understand your needs for 1) When you say "saved within the folder structure", are you referring to a folder structure within Evernote, ie. in Evernote, have "Project Name" as an overarching container, which contains further notebooks within "Project Name"? What other notebooks do you envision having within "Project Name"? Would you mind providing some examples? How many layers of hierarchy do you think you'll need within "Project Name"? It would be very helpful if you could provide some examples there too. We're currently looking at improving team-based organization in Evernote, so your feedback would be very helpful. As @phils has pointed out, you can organize using Stacks, but it does have some drawbacks. Leo
  14. Evernote for Mac 6.11 Beta 1 Released

    Thanks @wedwards, could you please go into more detail around what the issues are for you that would be "no-go"s? We're open to a better solution, but without details on what can't change for you (ie. which workflows are being broken, and absolutely can't be), it would not be possible for us to assess if alternatives are actually better.