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  1. It's being worked on but I can't provide a specific time at this moment. And that's great to hear re: Stacks for Spaces. Could you explain why you feel that way? We're working on it! Thanks for the feedback. Spaces are just the beginning.
  2. Actually I was referring to allowing more layers of hierarchy in the future, ie. notebooks inside of notebooks with the additional ability to have notes / notebooks live in multiple containers. Actually it's great you bring this up. We've definitely seen our advanced users take advantage of segmented tag names (just like how they use that for grouping notebooks too). It's exactly examples of this that we look at, and try to figure out - how do we make this kind of "tip & trick" something more intuitive for the common user? Having note properties or something like that was one of the potential solutions that shook out as a result. I think there's a lot that can be learned from advanced users that have really figured out "workarounds / hacks / implementations" to get the most of out Evernote, and then productizing these ideas. Thanks for the good responses everyone! Getting some early validation on this idea is really helpful - we'll be reaching out more with surveys / betas etc once we're further along.
  3. @N. Lum : Single license businesses is something we've talked about internally. At the end of the day it comes down to the what the definition of the purpose of "Evernote Business" is. Is it a tier for teams, or a tier for anyone that's using Evernote for work? There are folks working on an answer here . In the meantime I'd hold out for Spaces in personal and sign up for alpha / beta research on that topic when we ask for feedback. @jeffsf / @DTLow / @jefito Nesting / nb hierarchy is something I've written about before: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/96180-nesting-multiple-notebooks-creating-sub-notebooks/?page=11#comment-496455 (tldr; we need it, it's in the plans to be added). On the topic of tags: allowing notebooks and notes to live in multiple spaces is definitely where we're headed towards in the medium term. Once that's possible, this would solve for a significant amount of the "Tags" use case (ie. I want to be able to organize my content in multiple different ways), especially if you imagine a world where notebooks can be nested in multiple layers. Would that make tags obsolete? Certainly not... one of the other use cases I've encountered with tags through talking to users, is that people use them as a way to add structured data to notes. ie. they'll mark a recipe note with "gluten", "french", "breakfast" as a way to categorize the note contents in various different ways. I think a better solution than tags here, would be to allow users to define properties for notes, ie. "gluten? true/false", "cuisine: french/italian/chinese", "meal: breakfast/lunch/dinner", allow users to restrict options (ie. set it as a dropdown field vs making it free text), and make these properties searchable / filterable / browsable. This would solve for a major pain point today with tags, which is that it's really easy to get multiple tags based on variants of a single string, e.g. "Mon", "Monday", and where it's not possible to group tags well (beyond that single layer of hierarchy). This is stuff that's pretty far out though. There's a bunch to work through to get to a model of organization that's flexible, yet simple to use. A lot of what I shared above is likely to change as we think deeper about the problem and get feedback (so please don't yell at me if the above doesn't quite sound right to you, I'd love to listen to suggestions actually).
  4. Looks like this isn't going to be an easy one. I'll raise this with support and get you sorted. Sorry you can't use them on mobile. I love that you're finding them useful though! Penny for your thoughts on what you like / don't like / would like to see while we're looking into mobile for you?
  5. @Sayre Ambrosio is your app version 8.9.1? You can check by tapping Account - will be on the bottom of that screen.
  6. You should definitely ask but I dare not give you an answer... Beyond we're working on it. It's going to take a while though. First step is looking into Spaces for personal... Thanks for the input re: more notebook hierarchy. They're noted, we'll definitely have to reconsider the limit on notebooks for instance. For business users, with Spaces we've tried to increase / remove limits. E.g. There used to be a 500 joined NB limit - NBs you have access to via a Space are excluded from this limit for instance. We'll look into other limits as we roll out more parts of the roadmap.
  7. No there are no limits yet.
  8. I'll need to update the instructions as they apply to the beta and are no longer applicable. @Dave G. we're rolling out Spaces, so you may not have been activated yet. Please reach out to support with your request and they'll add you to the queue. Meanwhile, please check that others in your business have updated their clients - we're activating businesses with mostly updated clients first.
  9. @Sayre Ambrosio this is not a known issue. Thanks for reporting. Is your iphone/ipad online? Could you share a screenshot of what you're seeing?
  10. There is a need for notebook hierarchy. We're working on it. We're first starting with Spaces as the highest level container, and have intentions to add layers down - we recognize that hierarchy is important, especially for teams (it's almost impossible to find something someone else has added if you don't allow for some level of organization). We're also looking into how we can bring Spaces into non-business tiers. These changes aren't easy though. I'd love to hear more from you if you have specific use cases and needs (whether for hierarchy, or for Spaces in your non-business use). PM me. In the meantime I've seen users be productive by simulating notebook hierarchies by using prefixes. E.g. Space A Category A - NB 1 Category A - NB 2 Cat B - NB 3 Cat B - NB 4 Replace Space with Stacks if you're not a business user.
  11. Thanks @jefito, that's helpful context. @DTLow We aren't making any changes to tags - you can still tag notes as you do today. You can filter a Spaces' set of notes by tag using search: start a search in a Space, and add in a tag filter. We'll be adding in UI filters within the Space view - but not yet. "Multiple spaces per note - like tags?" - Yes, if tags were shareable as a construct. @Evergreen Office is your business helping other businesses stay organized by any chance? I'd love to understand what you do - the context will be helpful in interpreting your questions. @Fabulous Filing Friends - we are working on enabling sharing of Spaces to members outside of your business. It's quite challenging technically, but it's definitely one of the top items we're working on.
  12. I could answer questions about Spaces all day. Love the curiosity @jefito Notes in a space live in a space, not a notebook. The latter of what you were guessing Yes, because stacks aren't "real", they're kind of a parallel construct. Again, they're in a bit of a weird spot in the system today, but we couldn't really just tear them out / convert them to spaces because a) people use them and it would be rude to just remove them to put it lightly, and B. if we converted stacks to Spaces, that wouldn't work - because what if a notebook in a stack lived in your stack and my stack? Whose Space would it go into? Probably more than you asked for but... Not yet Not yet Not yet Hmm not sure what you mean. You can pin reminder notes, but they're not pinned automatically. It's helpful for me to understand what's more important to you - which of the not yets would you really really need/want? And why?
  13. @Sayre Ambrosio - we're working on this - thanks for the feedback! @Kitezh47 - 1) We have different plans for stacks - they're not really a "real" thing in the system today; you can't share them, etc. May I ask why you won't just put notes in Spaces? If it's because notes cannot live in multiple Spaces, we're working on that too - that would be the solution you're likely waiting for. 2) Working on that too. This is such a huge change to the system that we wanted to release first to businesses who would benefit most from having Spaces for their teams. Stay tuned!
  14. Space deletion is almost ready for prime time - stay tuned! Thanks for the feedback @gottastayorganized! We're working on a lot of what you asked for (shortcutting spaces, saved filters; dragging and dropping notes into Pinned is a little tricky for technical reasons so you may need to wait on that one. Same thing for right clicking to duplicate - love the idea though, I'll see if we can figure out another way).
  15. We're working on it! Spaces are a pretty big architectural change (from both UX and technical perspectives), and work best for Teams - which is why we're launching for Business first. We're looking into bring Spaces to personal too - I'd love to have one for my family too.
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