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  1. Ah its working for me again now too - strange maybe I just needed a client reload 😅
  2. The ability to find notes that are not tagged is also broken - for example I used to be able to use the query: -tag:* returning all notes that do not have tags, this feature still works in Legacy but not v10.
  3. Didn't notice it before, but yes a warning is displayed that the Shortcut is being removed, so perhaps it is by design
  4. In the new Evernote 10 client, any tag that is set as a shortcut will automatically be removed as a shortcut once the number of notes that use that tag reaches zero Is this intentional design or a bug? I often use tags as a status marker (#todo etc.) and having the shortcut self-remove breaks that workflow :( Appreciate any feedback!
  5. Under this build saving attachments no longer overwrites (or prompts to overwrite) files with an existing name Stack names are no longer displayed in the search toolbar - just an icon representing a stack
  6. Thanks - I can get around the problem by using "stack:<stackname>" in the search, despite the stack keyword never being listed as an operator on the advanced search syntax article.
  7. Is it a bug that using the search box while a Stack is selected resets the search-filter to 'All Notes'?
  8. Hi there, I have an issue when copying conversations from Skype for Business into Evernote (using Paste clipboard shortcut key). The note is created with the pasted conversation, but fails to sync. The log shows "error: "Illegal to contain CDATA (ENML_VALIDATION)" I am running Evernote public release ver (305825) Skype for Business version is 2016 MSO - 16.0.8431.2046 This issue is easily replicated, any conversation pasted into evernote repeats the problem.
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