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  1. Thanks CalS, interesting comment. I definitely agree with you in speed. e.g. to capture an idea, I pull my GTD Wallet with notebook in less than 2 seconds, but if that's missing I got to pull my cellphone, but EN 10 takes more than 15 seconds aprox. to load up, by that time idea is forgotten, opportunity is gone.
  2. Thanks, Revealing stuff. Now that we have one platform for all SO's communication between us is a BIG plus for improvement in user communication and empowerment. In the past it was a mess of missing options between MS & Apple, so it was harder to help others in EN due to the differente SO, but now seems to be more homogenous.
  3. Let's observe what's is right from left← vs →right) then move upwards (maturity/full blown super powers) (mainly because if we observe what's wrong all the time, then we feed the "WRONG" Beast with frustration, anguish, wrath, disappointment, asif four horsemen of the Apocalypse. LOL So, we get what we are focused on, so let's focus on what is right with our beloved EN. - I noticed on my TUSK EN for windows that when I was processing my GTD Inbox the notes stayed in view, in other versions of EN, the note would disappear from view as soon as I move it to another notebook which was a "Sh*t forgot to add something to the note" which require go hunting and waste my precious life/time finding the slippery note. LOL So like that the note stays in view now. Happy Will continue adding items to the list. GMP to all.
  4. Hi PInk Elephant (I would be thinking on a pink elephant all day, are you a woman?) Hey, really caught attention that there is a GTD app exclusively made?
  5. DTLow, thanks for for reply. I have an electrical installation company and managing other 2 companies. So project management is a constant. Love the way EN_grace_mode is able to let me have granular notes tagged by project and action_mode attached. In the Law_mode_EN is too slow, buggy, notes missing, today I was unable to add notebooks to the shortcuts (I feel like pulling my hair, scream and throw my laptop in trash can) although I am able to comprehend (not completely) what EN is trying to accomplish by moving to an electron app java based instead of the superfast & robust C++ platform, but I guess it was a nightmare to make apps for every SO/Browser. Sorry friend, I'm venting with you LOL. And as amazing as this sounds, EN TUSK for linux is surprisingly less buggy. It should be the other way around for paid software. LOL
  6. Shane, I'm sending God's greatest wisdom to guide you through the process of making EN one the greatest apps again.
  7. Hi David, interesting comment. I've been exploring ClickUP (on the complex side) MS To Do and/or OneNote; Google Aps and now Notion comes to my awareness. Here's an idea: what if we create a forum (outside EN obviously) to evaluate the best software for the GTD System?
  8. It hurts a little bit to do this, but I'm moving to MS To-Do. I purchased a license for MS 365 and will take advantage of that. I really sorry to do this, I love you all, but I got love myself also. It been horribly difficult to run my business with all the new bugs, major changes and specially the speed reduction is a big deal for me, specially for my GTD system. I would be checking to see how you guys improve, maybe we can reconcile in the future, and I will purchased the premium again. Wishing you all the best... Jose Antonio Garciarivas, from Toluca, Mexico.
  9. A business is not a charity organization, although businesses are under their own law, and we signed the user terms, (we also have the power to execute rights and obligations under these terms). But still is cumbersome to support EN in this massive change in their technology. Quality is about reaching customer specs. I would be very happy to continue doing business with EN, but I would be happier if they restored all or most the features previously contained in past technologies.
  10. Man, I would love to have a way to backup my data. Evernote is making fundamental changes to their platform.
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