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  1. I may have missed something. But, this day 2020/12/28 at 10:26 (CET UT+1), I saved 3 notes from Chrome with Webclipper (version: For these 3 notes, I found (under Windows App version 10.5.0 2114 beta) that the public link was active. This behavior has since stopped.
  2. @DTLow wrote "My suggestion to Evernote is for a properly formatted link with note title and url" I may have missed something but it doesn't seem like a good idea at this point. Public links have a double purpose: 1/ Public sharing 2/ Sharing with people who do not have an Evernote account and do not want to have one. In the second case, it does not seem reasonable to me to have a URL giving an idea of the contents of the note for reasons of confidentiality.
  3. I may be making a mistake posting here, the functionality may be in the Windows beta application. During a search in the text of a note, even though the search matches exactly the one that found the note, the text is not always found even though it is present in the note. At least, this was the case with a search of the form 'A-999/99' where 'A' is a letter and '9' is a number.
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