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  1. I have this too on 10.1.7, if I open from the desktop icon it goes to shared notes with nothing in it. If I open it from the system tray icon it opens on the last used note.
  2. I have amended some bits, I had 'Local Notebooks' so have now included import folders, save view is there and I have added the slow performance issues too.
  3. I posted this in another thread but it just gets lost in the replies so posting this on its own so the link stays at the top. I created a tracker for missing features and functionality as well as ideas and requests which may help as sometimes the same questions seem to get asked in multiple posts in the forum. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s249/sh/3fabdc13-3d55-9e1f-981b-9d4b43d74975/739ec1c7ac579089ac6d0ecdf2a8ddd1 Feel free to comment below on things that should be added to the list or if you know the answers/work arounds to any of them. I will be updating it as solutions are found or announcements are made.
  4. I have been banging on about the new design, wasted space, UI and font sizes since the initial preview version and never had a response yet. I am having to zoom out in the view options as it is so bad, and that creates other issues.
  5. So you left EN because of the client switch to Electron? Admittedly the surgical robotics gig sounds way better though!
  6. I think this says everything, taken from the help page where you can install the legacy version:
  7. You can install the Outlook extension, see this - it is the installed clipper that came with EN that is no longer available.
  8. As it is happening in iPads and iPhones it may well be the default opening options trying to open the app instead of the browser to view it. Could be worth trying to copy the link and paste it into the address bar of Safari (or whatever browser) on your Apple device to see if it loads.
  9. That is probably true, but only because it is easier than saying "a user of a greater number of a products functions that the general user". I do also agree that sometimes you have have to cull features that only a tiny percentage of people may use in a product (I have done it myself) but this was a major shift that removed a lot of things those "power users" used in their work flow, and for a lot of people, it will have been those features that were the difference in paying for a product or using an alternative. Out of interest, what are the improvements in this version that made you sign back up as a premium user?
  10. I think if you save it to your own EN it is just a copy of the current - I don't think it will receive any updates unfortunately, which is why it would be better if EN would just publish a list like this for everyone to see.
  11. It should be possible as even with electron apps you can access the local system and include other libraries to carry out functions on the OS, so fingers crossed it will be restored.
  12. Got you, I think my issue was that I have a lot of stacks and am generally in one of those or the 'All Notes' section.
  13. I have added this to the list, I will keep this updated as we all become aware of updates/improvements.
  14. That seems insane, if you hold on the link do you get any options to open in another browser tab instead? Sounds like the iPad is automatically trying to open it in the EN app.
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