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  1. There is a work around for this editing the config file to allow selecting more notes in the new version, until (or even if) they increase the limit officially. 50 Note Selection Limit Workaround (evernote.com)
  2. There is a work around for this until (or if) they ever change it officially: 50 Note Selection Limit Workaround
  3. My bad, wont do it again! You guys should definitely consider my post about about a roadmap though, you can see we want to know what is coming!
  4. I can understand the local notebook backup with it not being synced to the cloud. So, for deleted notes - would they not have been available in the trash - or would that have been for those deleted from local notebooks too?
  5. I have seen a fair amount of users mention about exporting notes on a daily/weekly/monthly basis quoting they do this to 'manually back up' their notes. And with the new version people complaining about the options for doing this etc etc. I am genuinely interested to know why you feel the need to back them up locally in such a way? Is it mistrust of the service thinking you may lose them or is if a technical reason, or have you had an experience of them disappearing in the past? Cheers in advance.
  6. I think his main point was that forum threads get moved off topic, while every one has the right to complain about the product if they don't like it (and I had some issues with it at first too), there are other threads dedicated to this. A lot of threads do seem to start off with a point then get hijacked by complaints not really related to the discussion point it started with.
  7. Probably because it is a work in progress and they don't want to give anything away.
  8. Yes it is a good sign, interesting there is a 'Flagged' field too. I will be impressed if they pull it all together to let you see tasks in a widget on the new home screen layout, or even a proper tasks interface as a separate screen.
  9. I should add that I am aware this is work in progress but this does look promising in terms of what they could potentially do with it, and it is some proof that they are pressing ahead with launching new features pretty quickly as they have promised in the update videos.
  10. As well as the new Home feature, the hidden 'Tasks' feature, looks good!
  11. When you say local storage, do you mean for offline access? The windows version already works fully offline.
  12. It is actually the way Electron works, it does not use the standard 'Program Files' folder that most Windows apps use. If you use any other Electron apps such as Notion, Nimbus Notes or VS Code you will see them installed in the same location so it was probably not a conscious choice to move the location.
  13. It is not just to do with workflow, the high RAM use will impact the performance of the app especially if you are using other apps at the same time. EN is running at about 330Mb on my machine so is fine, but this is a good example of the differences across user' experience with the app performance.
  14. Granted that would be a sensible side by side comparison but Notion does not have an offline DB so there is no real way of a like for like test anyway. The only real thing they have in common is they are both built on Electron. That said, Evernote consuming 2Gb of RAM is a lot for a note taking app, I can run Visual Studio on my laptop debugging a massive business application and it uses less RAM than that
  15. It seems EN has a minimum size on the window so it cant be resized below that in split screen mode, like Mike said it is about 40% on his, it is a bit more on mine so may be set as pixel size and be monitor dependant.
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