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  1. @Emmanuel Arko-Cobbah You can support the feature request here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/133936-setting-to-stop-screen-going-to-sleep-while-note-is-open/
  2. AppLock worked great thanks matej1990. I was hesitant to install another app, just for this, but it was very simple to set up. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Matej1990, I'll try that. I thought I posted here about making a feature request, but I can't see it. If you want to vote on it, go to:
  4. The old app used to have the option of stopping the phone/tablet going to sleep when an Evernote note was open. This was great when using Evernote for recipes. It's not nearly as easy to use anymore. Please bring this feature back!
  5. Thanks, I tried 8.13.3 but it wouldn't let me log in for some reason. It doesn't matter, I don't want to waste more time trying to find a work around. I just want Evernote to know that it was a great feature, and many of us would like it back!
  6. Thanks, but that seems to only be for computers, not phones. It's my android phone that I want the 'not go to sleep' setting on.
  7. Since updating the Evernote app, if I edit an existing note before an existing word (so not at the end), when I tap the space bar, the cursor jumps over the next word and starts typing after it. I have google keyboard and know there were issues in the past, but this one seems consistent.
  8. Ok, so this feature was removed in the latest version (or not built into it). That's very sad, Evernote is no longer as usable as it was I hope it is put back in soon. In the meantime, is there a way to revert to the old version where the setting is available?
  9. Yes, but I don't want to change the timeout time for my phone regardless of what's open. I only want to stop it going to sleep when an Evernote note is open (which is how it worked before the update).
  10. How do I stop the screen going to sleep when I'm looking at a note in the new version of Evernote (android 10.4)? The screen used to stay on so I could keep looking at a recipe without needing to touch or unlock my phone. I can't find this setting anymore.
  11. My keyboard is glitchy in evernote too. I'm using a Motorola and tried updating Evernote, joining the Beta program, updating Evernote again and updating my google keyboard and it's still an issue. It types over words, the cursor jumps around and it adds repeated letters/words.
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