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  1. Hi, It seems like it does not work with empty notebooks. F.
  2. When I select a notebook or a stack, I would like that the tag filter contains only the tags associated with notes in stack/folder. I don't know if this is possible without impacting performance (the tag list would be refreshed on each notebook selection and would need to scan all notes inside this notebook...) Objective: i don't want to see tags in the filter that does not concern the current notebook/stack
  3. Hi, Thank you, I just had the update too 🙂
  4. It's strange because I don't have your compact view in my browser (chrome), I only have the view with "details" and extracts of the notes
  5. Hi, In the note view, i would like to have an option for compact view : I just want to see the title of the note, in order to see more notes in the list : the height of 120 px is really too much. And also, I use the web version with the zoom at 90%, could you add a more general compact option ? Thanx
  6. If you only need to save the url and title : with chrome, I use TabCopy extension which allow you to save url of single, selected or all tabs, then paste in a note https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tabcopy/micdllihgoppmejpecmkilggmaagfdmb
  7. hi, I also use Inoread, but did'nt use evernote functions at this time. You can send articles to evernote manually, it is a free feature at this time. And you can also create rules "if title contains ... and if content contains " then "action: send to evernote" or anything else available. It integrates to IFTTT but it's a paid feature.
  8. We can paste a note link inside a note. It could be usefull to paste shorcut to folder or saved search inside a note too.
  9. Hi, well, i'm on a plus plan, i never reach my upload size (only about 5% of the 1 go limit each month). I have read that evernote is not good and that it may be not allowed to store documents like medias (videos, photos (raw), music). So do you reach your 10Go limit on premium plan ? do you upload thousand and thousand of files/document each month ? what kind of files do you store in your EN ? it would be great if part of the EN storage could be used as a cloud drive (with a "file browser" inside evernote app maybe)
  10. Hi, when pasting in code block, indent is ok, but colors are lost (pasting from code editor like intellij or notepad++ "copy with syntax hightlightning"), any way to keep colors ? thanx
  11. Hi, Issue in this version: i can't copy an image from a mail (gmail app) and paste it in a note, this worked in the previous version.
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