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  1. Update: I've found an acceptable solution, for me anyway - I've attached an image of where to change your note viewing settings. With everything now centered, it is fine and easier to read. It also makes all images uniform in size which I find helpful.
  2. Hi Windows and the latest version I assume since it prompted me to update the other day. No - neither work on images, only text. It used to work on images prior to the major update. I even tweeted evernote and they said they will try add this 'feature' haha - WHY DID YOU REMOVE IT?! Out of principle I refuse to use some workaround with a table etc - it is 2020, aligning an image shouldn't require it. I will have to ditch Evernote if they can't get this right.
  3. As per the title - I used to be able to align images in the previous version of Evernote...WHY would they remove this? Bloody Microsoft Word 95 had the ability to align images. I've attached the alignment button - it is now greyed out when an image is clicked. Such a basic feature - don't run before you can barely crawl.
  4. Hi - why have they removed image alignment? Microsoft Word 95 allows you to do this...and previous Evernote did too. Tragic.
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