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  1. issues like this is why I will not be moving to a new version any time soon.
  2. It does not give me that thumbnail. All my device shows is a blue circle with a check mark to accept the pic.
  3. @Alogrenoble It seems to be coming back but unevenly. Try using Firefox - that was the workaround that did it for me.
  4. @Giedrius This seems to be a problem mostly with the chrome browser. Using Firefox is a suggested workaround although that may not work for a chromebook (do you have firefox on it?). I had the same problem for 2 days. Was back to normal yesterday. Haven't logged in today so we'll see. Check your droid or iOS app if you have it on your phone or tablet.
  5. @JohnLongney I hope I didn't give the impression that I was unappreciative of forum members like yourself's massive generosity. I forget my manners sometimes - let me thank you now. You have a good point about an ininexpensive backup machine. While I really like my Linux set up that might be good safety net to have a windows machine for backing up my EN files with the app. I'll give it some consideration.
  6. Thanks for your .99 € JohnLongney! I appreciate the issues within complex systems like Evernote/Chrome/Mozilla etc. Anyone with a modicum of world experience understands that. You are correct that it is the lack of timely communication that is the big issue here. Why does it take a a forum poster to come to this threat to tell us that someone from EN said something in another thread? It is precisely because of the the fact that "Evernote will have to work closely with both" and the likelihood of f-ups along the way that EN needs to up their game in quality meaningful communication with their constituents.
  7. the lack of real support is frustrating. Mine just came back after two days. Get a cuppa tea and try again. Hopefully you will see it back up soon.
  8. It just came back for me. [tentative sigh of relief] Keep trying lettaraven. I think Dancing Link is on the app, not the web version. As far as I can see the web version is the web version, period.
  9. Thanks for your input. I suspect you are referencing the app. We have been having problems with the web version. In other words, there is no old or new version. It's just what there is on the web.
  10. John, that is how it began for me. You might want to check with Firefox if you can to be sure you have a backup plan. And, you may not feel entitled, but the cost of your time and hassle is still something to be bothered about.
  11. It puzzles me how some companies go into silent mode when there are problems instead of UPPING the quality of the communication. Don't they understand that in the absence of good information people make up their own stories about what is happening.... and those stories are rarely good ones. [long sigh, shaking my head]
  12. Day 2 - total outage unless I use firefox. Can't use chrome, my preferred browser and the most widely used browser worldwide. So, I now have to work out of two browsers since I keep all up-to-date bookmarks, widgets, etc in Chrome. Sure I could syn and copy and such stuff but workarounds are workarounds. Here's my story/situation: I've been using Evernote for years. I've really loved it. This year I acknowledged two things. I was going to be using Evernote a LOT in my business development and I didn't want to 2nd guess myself on quantity of data, features etc. People who make stuff need to be paid. So, I upgraded. It felt right to be a paying subscriber. Now... this. So I find myself asking Now that I am using it a LOT in my business development... I wonder if I can rely upon this as a reliable platform for my data and creative work. Will I be 2nd guessing if or how I can get to what I am working on? Where did the "seamlessness" I was working toward go? What is this aggravation costing me??? Do I really need to pay people who make stuff that doesn't work reliably? So here's YOUR dilemma, Evernote support. You are either going to get your act together bigly and over-respond to this situation to such a degree that your remaining customers are totally thrilled with your transparency, responsiveness and care or you had better plan on a major marketing campaign with concomitant costs of cash and energy to replace what could be an exodus of formerly content users. The choice is yours.
  13. NOT FIXED. WORSE THAN BEFORE. NOTHING of my content is available via web. I'm feeling hamstrung here trying to get work done.
  14. Yep - my world exactly. If feels like a great girlfriend who suddenly went mental just when you were ready to get totally serious about the relationship. It makes you rethink everything about what you had planned.
  15. That's exactly what started happening for me. I have a lot of notebooks and had to refer to my phone app when I wanted to look for something in the notebook bar. Now, there is NOTHING ANYWHERE.
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