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  1. Hi, Please let us scale down the interface. Everything is too big, and there are tons of blank/unused space in the new version. Here is a comparison of the quantity of information displayed on the legacy version and new version. I don't need so big texts and blank space. I use Evernote to note information, not to get a concept art space... Please let us customize interface.
  2. I just migrated from old version of Evernote, now all my internal links are opening in a browser. Before migration all links were opening in the application, in the same note window. The process of converting every single internal links from web links to "internal application links" one by one would take me tens of hours... Please add a feature to let us choose to open links in application, in the same window, as it was working before, or in a new window with ctrl+main click. I don't even understand who would be interested in opening internal links into a browser instead of opening in the same note window. Or am i doing sthg wrong?
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