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  1. @MIchalN did say it was an iPhone.
  2. Hi, @Almam, and welcome to the forums. A similar problem was recently reported in the Android support forum: That user was using the beta version, and when they stopped using that and went back to the regular Play store version the images loaded properly.
  3. Hi, and welcome to the forums. If it's not in the Web version, then it's not stored on the Evernote servers, and it's gone. But I wonder whether there is any chance that you accidentally created a new account when you wrote those notes. This is surprisingly easy to do, actually, by using a different email address. If you really need that information back, you may need to contact Evernote support. I think they're available on Twitter. You can also upgrade to Premium for just one month, get the support you need, and then go back to Basic. I hope this is some help.
  4. Hi, and welcome to the forums. The problem arises from using Evernote through a Web browser; the note merge feature is not available in the browser version. If you go to evernote.com, there should be a link (you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page) to download the desktop app for Mac, in which you can do the Cmd+Click select and merge job.
  5. @KelliJaeBaeli, I'd like to suggest that before you get too deeply invested in Evernote you consider some other options. Evernote is designed to be a service that allows you to take and organize notes on multiple devices (computer, phone, tablet) using multiple operating systems (Windows, Android iOS, a Web interface, etc.) and keep them updated on each device by syncing them through Evernote's servers (i.e., "the cloud"). Local, non-synced notebooks are kind of a secondary feature in the Evernote world. Since Evernote's notes are stored locally in a proprietary version of HTML, there is some issue about being able to access them outside of Evernote--you have to go through an export process. I have no experience with OneNote, so I don't know what its advantages and disadvantages are. But I wonder whether you've looked into Scrivener, which is designed for writers as a tool for gathering and organizing notes and other materials, and creating drafts which can then be exported to a word processor for final formatting, or published in various ePub formats. In Scrivener, the primary organization and storage is local, and cloud backup and sync to other devices is secondary and optional. Scrivener creates and stores its documents in .RTF format, so they are easily exportable and accessible (although Scrivener names the notes in its own system and organizes them using a kind of master XML index). Other formats, such as images, PDFs, and HTML, can be imported into Scrivener projects. The current version of Scrivener for Windows is not great at handling HTML, frankly; but a vastly improved and updated version is in advanced beta and due out within the next month or so. Apologies if you've already checked out Scrivener; but even so the information may be useful for others. (I may also cite it if I am ever put on trial for being an Evernote fanboy who won't admit to any shortcomings in the product. )
  6. @mmmaak, that's the kind of thing I see too.
  7. I use ClipCache, and the images below show what I see when I clip a bulleted list to the clipboard, the first showing the rich text format, with line breaks after the bullets, and the second the HTML format, looking the way it should.
  8. Do those other apps have dark mode in their Windows Store versions only? For some reason, problems with the Windows Store version of Evernote get reported here fairly frequently, introduced by something Windows does to the app in putting it into the Store. I can understand why Evernote would not want to introduce a feature available only in the Windows Store version, without a lot of ground-up programming to get it into the regular app. This, I think, is the most important point, avoiding speculations (including mine) about what Evernote is capable of doing and why and when. For some people, the eyestrain issue is first and foremost, preventing work from getting done. So I hope that Evernote will indeed do this; but in the meantime, it may indeed be necessary for those for whom this is the primary issue to find other tools.
  9. I do this forum on Windows, and there I type @ followed by the first letters of the name. A list of possible names pops up, and I keep typing till I get the one I want, or at least till it is close enough to select. I don't know if it can be done on Android.
  10. What interface are you using: Windows program, iOS program, Web, Android...?
  11. I just tested and found the same result. It seems to be something to do with how Evernote's version of HTML is copied as text to the Windows clipboard. I know that's no help, but that's how it looks to me.
  12. If you search these forums for topics like "device added", you'll find a few other reports of this, including some responses from Evernote about how it happens.
  13. These are mainly user-to-user forums, so they're not a good way of communicating directly with Evernote. Since you're a Premium subscriber, you do have the option of contacting Evernote support and asking them to help get your note back. Sometimes, at least, I think they've been able to do that.
  14. Hi @Tinabor, and welcome to the forums! What kind of device are you using to read Apple News+? Is it an app or a Website? And how are you sharing to Evernote? Those details may help get closer to an answer. For instance, in a Website in my Windows-based browser, I can select text and share just the selection to Evernote using Web clipper.
  15. Thanks! Saved to my "better ways to organize in Evernote than I currently do if I ever get around to it" note.
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