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  1. In side view, Evernote 10 limits the width. This was not the case with Legacy Evernote.
  2. In Evernote Legacy, the user can sort by Tags & Location. This feature was removed in Evernote 10. I would like to see it return.
  3. With v10, when making changes to attached documents I'm asked to save it as a new file. I would then have to manually move back to Evernote. Having to do this, somewhat defeats the purpose of saving documents in Evernote.
  4. I think offering the full-featured product on a trial basis makes the most sense. Ultimately paying customers subsidize free users in the form of opportunity costs.
  5. I started a new thread yesterday and reported having the same issue. I'm lending my weight to this thread in hopes that there's a rapid push towards resolution. Fortunately, v10 is close enough to the web version that I can use it without too much of a loss. Introducing releases with bugs continues to frustrate loyal users and stain Evernote's reputation. They really have to get their act together!!
  6. I just downloaded and installed v10.4.3 10 minutes ago. It doesn't allow me to do anything! All I get is this error message. How do I revert to 10.4.2?
  7. Thanks. I was thinking a memory leak or something. Any way, I upgraded to the latest Mac OS x release yesterday and I've not experienced the problem yet today.
  8. I can capture from other desktops, the problem is that the Evernote window closes in its desktop when I capture a region in another desktop. Evernote doesn't close when I do a screen capture in the desktop that Evernote resides. Thanks for submitting a ticket. I think an Evernote employee administers this forum, so I'm hopeful they'll pick up our conversation.
  9. After using Evernote for a while, I find that certain buttons stop working, like the one that resizes the note panel or that allows you to move a note to another notebook. It starts working again after I restart Evernote. Any idea whats happening here?
  10. I assume these issues will be fixed in an upcoming release. I'm starting to get used to Version 10. However, it is frustrating that Evernote releasing software with such serious bugs and omissions. On the mac, I've started using stickies as a substitute for the Evernote Helper scratchpad. I use parallels as a virtual machine, and the parallels toolbox has an excellent screen grab tool. All is not lost
  11. I run multiple desktops. When I open the Evernote Helper window, and click on the capture selection button, the Evernote Application (running in another desktop) closes.
  12. When capturing a selection of the screen, the Helper Window doesn't recede or move out of the way.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm learning that "less is more" with v10, but I would really like to display tags and the locations for notes and with the width limit, its too crowded.
  14. Thanks. I'm referring to the border between the notes list panel and the panel with the selected note. I can make the list panel slimmer, but there seems to be a limit to how wide I can make it. And for me its not wide enough.
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