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  1. I used to rely on note tags being placed in alphabetical order. This is no longer the case. Will this be fixed?
  2. I'm not sure of the name... I think its called the 'Evernote Helper.' It sits in the menu bar. One could use it to do screengrabs and to jot down quick notes to later save into Evernote. It seems to be missing. Will it return?
  3. Sort by Tag and Location used to be options. They seem to be missing. Only sorting by date and title are supported.
  4. When sorting a note list based on TITLE, I get an incorrect result.
  5. This morning a new note randomly showed up in my inbox. It is actually an old note that was stored in a different notebook. I'm guessing this may be a note recovered from an earlier synchronization problem?
  6. I did a filter by tag. I should see only 6 notes as a result. Instead, I get a page full of notes. .
  7. duh!... I see it. Thanks. I've committed to a process of continuing to use the v10 release and reporting issues. I guess I'm willing to do whatever I can to help Evernote survive this fiasco.
  8. I don't know how to vote your post up, but I certainly gave it a 'like'. I agree with all of your points and suggestions. I think the release of the mac version was irresponsible and extremely disappointing.
  9. Yes, notes have multiple tags. But you'll notice that each note has the tags listed in alphabetical order. Sort by tag would sort by the first tag in a note's list. In my workflow, I use a combination of tags and notebooks. So being able to sort based on both of these note attributes is important. For example, after I filter notes by a particular tag, I want to see the various notes sorted by location. I use 'sort by tag' mostly when I am sorting, organizing, and tagging notes in bulk. For example, those in my inbox. They are useful features for me. I hope they return.
  10. Over the years, I've gone back and forth between relying primarily on Evernote vs Dropbox for document storage. Recently I've been tending towards Evernote. But with Evernote having limited offline capability, I'm feeling a little screwed by this. Thanks for the info!
  11. Thanks! That's useful information that I feel I should have known. Is there a place where changes in this new release have been summarized?
  12. Oh! Do you know if they're going to support local storage in a feature version?
  13. Probably the smarter idea. This release is more of a beta than anything further. That said, I'm hopeful that the more issues that are reported, the faster they can get to a full commercial release.
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