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  1. When I share notebook to another EN user the invitation never shows up in the user's email. She does get access to the notebook however. Sending via the Android version of EN works as it should. Bug or feature?
  2. Why does forwarding emails to Evernote suck? Emails, if they show up at all, arrive days after sending. What's up with that?
  3. I didn't know what you meant by Notebook page; I've never used it. I'm fairly new to the Mac version. When I used the Windows version - many moons ago - I manipulated Stacks in the sidebar. Learn something new every day. Thanks.
  4. Yes, it has. Perhaps it's available to you in Catalina, but it's not in Mojave. It's still in the web version though.
  5. The stacks feature had disappeared. I'm using v 7.14 on Mojave. Unless I'm wrong, it would be nice if members would update their posts when Evernote decides to ax features.
  6. This is a feature in Microsoft OneNote. Wish Evernote would implement it.
  7. The menu that appears when I select multiple notes does not contain a Delete command. Why? Evernote for Mac v 7.13
  8. Prior to the last update (I think), invoking the webclipper produced... After the update... I discovered that by pressing the tilde key I could invoke the older dialog box. This may be old news but I've never seen it documented.
  9. The 24th of next month will be the 4-year anniversary of Phil Libin's (ex-CEO) promise that recurring reminders were on the way. Believe nothing from Evernote.
  10. Yep. I've sent the invite to my alternate email address. It got there.
  11. I've been sending an invite to share a notebook for over a week, but it never gets to the recipient. Is this a known issue? I'm using the Mac client.
  12. http://blog.sfgate.com/techchron/2013/09/25/evernote-ceo-more-ios7-updates-fitness-features-recurring-reminders-on-the-way/
  13. It works, barely. On my MBP, setting options of the clipper is a waste of time. It always puts clips in the Inbox even though I chose another notebook in the options. Another one of Evernote's permanent bugs.
  14. Don't hold your breath. Evernote's response to complaints about the table feature, for years, was "we're limited by html." Then they weren't.
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