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  1. This is a feature in Microsoft OneNote. Wish Evernote would implement it.
  2. The menu that appears when I select multiple notes does not contain a Delete command. Why? Evernote for Mac v 7.13
  3. Prior to the last update (I think), invoking the webclipper produced... After the update... I discovered that by pressing the tilde key I could invoke the older dialog box. This may be old news but I've never seen it documented.
  4. The 24th of next month will be the 4-year anniversary of Phil Libin's (ex-CEO) promise that recurring reminders were on the way. Believe nothing from Evernote.
  5. Yep. I've sent the invite to my alternate email address. It got there.
  6. I've been sending an invite to share a notebook for over a week, but it never gets to the recipient. Is this a known issue? I'm using the Mac client.
  7. http://blog.sfgate.com/techchron/2013/09/25/evernote-ceo-more-ios7-updates-fitness-features-recurring-reminders-on-the-way/
  8. It works, barely. On my MBP, setting options of the clipper is a waste of time. It always puts clips in the Inbox even though I chose another notebook in the options. Another one of Evernote's permanent bugs.
  9. Don't hold your breath. Evernote's response to complaints about the table feature, for years, was "we're limited by html." Then they weren't.
  10. The problem: Show all notes that start with the tag "road trip.country.mexico.baja". Evernote's solution: tag:"road trip.country.mexico.baja Notice that a closing quote is not required anywhere in the string. Sometime ago tag:"road trip".country.mexico.baja.* would return the correct notes - not today. To get all notes that start with the tag "road trip.country.mexico.baja" AND that have the word "baja" in the note's title tag:".baja works. The quote character seems to standing in for the * character. Did the Evernote programmers do this intentionally or is it a bug? How long will this particular search grammar be valid? I'm using the OS X version of Evernote.
  11. I lost data - an update to an existing note - for the first time today. Not only did the change not get sysnced, it was deleted. Anybody else having sync problems?
  12. I've tried sharing a note via email (EN Windows) several times and it NEVER worked. And, yes, I've checked my spam folder.
  13. "Lack of features?" There no "features" in Evernote tables. It's essentially a tab delimited note with horizontal and vertical rules. And that's it. If Evernote is just a note taking app, then why include tables? If you like the useless Evernote table, you would have loved Info Select, an early PIM. It's no longer around because of feature bloat and abysmal support. Sound familiar?
  14. You seemed to have missed the obvious clue I left to indicate that I was kidding. If I had a nickel for every time Evernote has said "we hear you and will improve" then I'd have a handful of nickels. What exactly is the point of making a modest improvement to the table feature? It was useless before and after the improvement. What other software has a table that can't be sorted on at least one column? How about, instead, make sync bullet proof - which it is most certainly is not. Are you kidding? Libin is most likely, directly or indirectly, the reason Evernote has such poor support for tables. His attitude was that if he didn't need it, then no one else really needs it. He never wanted to give users options. He wanted to dictate the design. Since Libin left, some great things have started to happen, like providing a common note editor across all platforms, and the Evernote team really listening and responding to user's requests and complaints. See The Evernote Editor
  15. The question I've always asked about the table feature is why. Why bother? The latest update hasn't changed my opinion and, as a matter of fact, I'm even more puzzled. In essence tables are a tab delimited note with lines. Apparently a one column sort is a bridge too far for the the crack Evernote programmers. This kind of thing would never have happened if Libin was still running things <g>.
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