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  1. I have just tried but same problem with the same note ..
  2. Arghh I have waited a bit and found it with the search I was able to delete it but when starting again the error was on another note .. How can I fix this problem of resource to avoid the export stopping every time ? I have tried with Windows and of course Windows' version is better and doesn't stop .. but my main computer is Mac, I would like it to work too
  3. Hello, I'm trying to export all the notes of a notebook in HTML with Evernote 6.13 OSX 10.12.3 I'm going to the notebook and select All Then File / Export Notes It prepares exportation, starts doing it and a few minutes later, after having started writing many html files, it fails saying that Evernote hasn't been able to load a resource for one specific note and stops everything (and deletes all already done html) The problem is, when I search the name of this note in this notebook, I can't find it.. Looking at the logs, I have information about it but how can I find it ? 2017/11/09 20:22:06:529 I|* main -[ENNoteHTMLExporter exportResourcesForNote:htmlFile:error:] | note: 'Why do coins have ridges? - Ask History' 2017/11/09 20:22:06:529 I|* main -[ENNoteHTMLExporter exportResourcesForNote:htmlFile:error:] | guid: 'i have hidden this number' 2017/11/09 20:22:06:529 I|* main -[ENNoteHTMLExporter exportResourcesForNote:htmlFile:error:] | hash: i have hidden the hash 2017/11/09 20:22:06:529 I|* main -[ENNoteHTMLExporter exportResourcesForNote:htmlFile:error:] | mime: image/jpeg 2017/11/09 20:22:06:529 I|* main -[ENNoteHTMLExporter exportResourcesForNote:htmlFile:error:] | filename: hith-jane-austen-currency-A.jpeg 2017/11/09 20:22:06:529 I|* main -[ENNoteHTMLExporter exportResourcesForNote:htmlFile:error:] | export filename: hith-jane-austen-currency-A.jpeg Can I find it using the hash or guid ? Too bad the export stops because of it, it should go on .. Thanks
  4. You are right, exporting to html then printing is quite a nice idea.. I can also use tools to convert these html to pdf .. Maybe I don't need a specific tool to do what i want .. thanks @DTLow
  5. Hello, Yes for Windows, but for Mac there is no margin settings .. Printing a note from a Mac gives an ugly result, too much emmpty space
  6. Hello, I've been asking for more printing settings in Evernote for years but I think Evernote people don't care at all about users printing their notes. I would love to be able to change some settings when I'm printing or exporting to .PDF : set margins, fit to page, define header or footer, etc Is there an application that could open a Evernote database and convert some notes to PDF with such configuration settings ? I've read about ExportNote, I'm waiting for an answer from the Support Team @Jerome S ? Do you use another tool to make customized exports of Evernote ? Thanks
  7. Fred V.

    Simple Ever Update?

    That is the problem with many iOS applications : developers have stopped doing updates. It should be ok but Apple has forced the upgrade to 64-bit only, and now all the old apps don't work anymore. And most won't work anymore because the devs won't do any (free) upgrade. That's the problem of $0.99 apps : they don't give enough money to developers to keep the work during years.
  8. Hello, I use Evernote on all my devices and I love it. The problem is on one of my Windows computers, the hard drive is really small and Evernote takes a big amount of space (around 12GB). I would like to have on this computer what I would call an offline version of Evernote, saving to disk only the notes I have accessed or created on this laptop. Maybe I would have all the titles but only the content of specific notes. (I have many notes containing photos or videos and I don't need them anytime) Is it possible to select what will be in the database file of one computer ? Thanks
  9. Fred V.

    other Print Margins

    I think the discussion is not how many notes people print every day. Some people would just be happy to be able to have common features to print correctly their nice notes without copy/pasting or exporting to another tool. Evernote is always adding features to make better notes, I would love if they just allowed me to change the margin size. Not a big request I think ..
  10. Fred V.

    Export several notes into a single PDF

    ok thank you for your tip I have also found File / Export / Export as a single html page Works quite good too but I have to export the html to pdf after Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm using Evernote Web Clipper to save Simplified Articles in my Evernote. I'm doing this on several blogs I like to have simple and nice formatting in Evernote. I would like to be able to select several notes, let's say 30 notes, with such extracted articles and create a single, big PDF. Is it possible ? Thanks
  12. Excellent, thanks the support is really great .. I hope a solution will be found
  13. Thanks for your test : I have made a message to support but unfortunately, everytime I try to access the EN support, I'm redirected to the French support form which is not exactly the same. Do you have a solution ? I have sent a ticket explaining my case but I don't know if they will consider it as a bug. Thanks
  14. Small note : if i right click on one of these images and do Copy Image and then paste in the Word Processor, it works !