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  1. I completely agree with @keruchan. Evernote is destroying what was the greatest part of their tool : a way to keep good notes and access them quickly. The notes have less features now and it's incredibly slow. With Electron framework, even if it becomes better with new features or optimization I feel it will still use huge amount of RAM and be slow on all computers (even M1 thunder speed ones) The Evernote Legacy can help you keeping the same good old Desktop program but I'm afraid it won't stay too long. To reply to AlbertR, I think before removing any feature for display p
  2. No I have not tried the iOS, I will try that to see how that works. I'm sure it's not the priority to be compatible with M1 chips but it's again a proof that Evernote is doing a bad job with this new version : moving to Electron app with slowness and issues may at least have provided a way to have an automatic support of M1. It seems not to be the case...
  3. Hello, to be short and clear, I hate Evernote 10. I can't understand how such a beautiful program can be destroyed by a new version which is so slow and missing features. But, as I mostly use Legacy version, I want to test the 10 on my new MAcBook Pro with Silicon chip. The problem is that it seems the newest version of Evernote still isn't universal and still using Rosetta to work on M1 computers. I can't believe we are forced to use a bad tool and while other companies have already converted everything we are still using a Intel compatible version for Evernote. Please tel
  4. Hello, since the newest iOS or MacOS version of Evernote is arrived I have a big issue with the GIF animations in my notes. I create notes about videos of technical skills and I like to make small GIF files out of a part of the video to show instantly in my Evernote notes. It worked perfectly but I think that in the new version the small GIF are running fine but the GIF files > 10MB are not showing but are only available as downloads. I would like to have at least an option to be able to see the animation running automatically even with big GIF files. That's another
  5. I have made a ticket about my issue in downloading. They suggested me to go in Offline Notebooks settings, disable the Offline notebooks, then add the Notebooks one by one. It worked fine. I think that enabling Offline for all notebooks launches a big complicated download that can stuck some downloading. By doing one by one, it is really fast and the progress bar is correct and disappear as soon as the notebook is ok. Too bad Evernote isn't more explicit about that while downloading.
  6. Hello, thanks, it is the same for me but I don't see icons for notes, only for notebooks.. I wish I could be sure that a specific note is offline while the progress bar of a notebook is still visible. Again I have issues about small notebooks with everything downloaded but still a progress bar ..
  7. Too bad there is no icon or something .. Imagine somebody going to holidays where network is not present .. it's not easy to check whether Evernote has done the offline job or not .. (in my case i know that 1/2 of the notes are not synchronized after 3 days of having deleted and reloaded the app)
  8. by the way, i there a way to know if a specific note is downloaded offline or not ?
  9. Hello, the problem I have is I have a notebook with two notes and the progress bar is at 2/3 full. It seems both are downloaded, I have modified them and re-sync but the progress bar doesn't change .. So I have a doubt about the validity of some progress bars, I still don't know exactly what is downladed and what is not. I will make a ticket about that case
  10. On iOS, is there a gesture to switch to next or previous note when we are reading a note? Thanks
  11. Still waiting for the notes to sync. I ha a notebook with only two notes but the progress bar is still not at the end. I love Evernote but such secret behaviour about what is downloading and what is not is really annoying
  12. I have tried but it seems really really slow. And when I browse in the notebook I feel it's working faster. Really strange. I'll see after some days.
  13. I have disabled background app refresh but I was testing with Evernote opened. I will try to enable background refresh Thanks
  14. Hello I have reinstalled Evernote on ios and I want to have all notes available offline. I have checked the good settings and I see a small green bar on all notebooks but they don't move frequently. If I open small notebooks and move in them it downloads everything but it doesn't download from others. Should I do something to force all downloads? Thanks
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