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  1. Thanks. Another question, is there a way to back up the notes that are online instead of having to do local back ups? Does Evernote supply any online back up or our notes?
  2. Logging into evernote.com I see the notes missing from computer A show up on the web client. I hate to remove the database from computer A and reinstall it due to being nervous that I might lose something, however if this is the only way, it is the only way. However, I was hoping there was another way less drastic than a delete of the data base. I remember vaguely something about a 'force' sync or something like that used in the past to make evernote do a 'complete' sync I think it was called.
  3. The pictures I uploaded show the issue, The 1st picture shows the contents of the note "Tuscany-Val d'Orica" on both computers, on computer A it shows 9 notes, on computer B the same notebook shows 11 notes. I circled the two notes that show up on Computer B but not in Computer A. The 2nd picture shows that in my Italy folder I have 1124 notes on computer A and the same folder on computer B shows 1131 notes No amount of syncing seems to change anything.
  4. That's is not a direct link to the download. That is a link to the discussion about the link and the link in the discussion doesn't work anymore (as said already). If you think what you're posting works, then click on your own link, click on the link in the discussion you are linking to and post the page that link is supposed to go to with the download. This should be very simple for you to do if you insist the link on the discussion you are quoting works..
  5. Once again... same story... APKMirror is not hosted by Evernote - this is a 3rd party, no thanks. Please read the thread. About the 20th time. Apparently people have no idea what it means when someone says there is no download available from Evernote. Let's make it simple. If someone says, "hey I want a McRib from McDonalds, but they don't sell them anymore" responding, "Hey go to 20th and Lincoln, knock on the back door 3 times of the diner, a guy will come out and give you a bag of chicken" is not helpful.
  6. The is no argument, maybe you are confused. I specifically asked if the is a legacy download from Evernote. Maybe you don't know what that means? It means does Evernote host the download. Your link refers to a download from a 3rd party. Do you understand the difference? And the link you provided now links back to the thread you provided, it does not now go to any software download. You say it works for you, what you really mean is it worked for you, its an old link and doesn't work now. Feel free to provide a link to a legacy version hosted by Evernote. Just post the link to the download, not a link to an old thread. You will be doing a service to hundreds if not thousands of users. Thanks.
  7. @agsteele No legacy version from evernote available on your link provided. This is the same old story that multiple people post on here over and over again saying there is an evernote hosted legacy version available. As of right now, no version available. Follow your own post you quoted and see for yourself.
  8. Every dowload I've seen for a legacy version of Evernote is a 3rd party download, is this link you are referring to from Evernote or a 3rd part again? If it's from evernote please share it as this will be a first.
  9. And did they provide a download to version 8.13.3? So far the biggest crime with evernote is they #1 Don't provide a way to roll back when you update #2 Don't provide any legacy downloads to older versions It's like you take your car to a mechanic in to have a problem fixed on your engine, they replace the engine and then the car never runs right, they tell you, well you could put the old engine back in, and then you ask where is it and they tell you they sent it to the landfill, it's gone.
  10. My offline notes, the images do not show up in the notes when I view a note offline. The only way it seems for a note to be fully populated is if you first view it online, then that note offline seems to have cached the data, but if you don't view a note online prior to viewing it offline data is missing.
  11. What do the developers do all day? This has been going on since December.
  12. At what point does Evernote issue a credit when their app hasn't worked for 3 months? Going on 3 months now that the android evernote app hasn't worked... 🙁
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