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  1. It sucks that I have to change my auto update apps setting to manually update apps just because I'm scared every time Evernote updates it's a ***** shoot if the update will be harmless or become a major problem, the safest approach unfortunately has become to keep your evernote updates a few months behind.
  2. Yep, when it comes to Evernote the old adage "pioneers get all the arrows" is unfortunately true.
  3. UM, I lost count going through this post, I stopped counting at over 50 posts by yourself telling people to use tags... very helpful that advice right there. You're the #1 poster in this 10 year thread saying useless thing over and over again. "Son, tell me how I could make things better for you at lunch time?" "Well Dad we would really like to have some chocolate milk once in awhile" DTlow - "Well Son, white milk is just as good" "Dad, why did you ask?" DTlow - "Good question"
  4. My personal method is never to update my app until the update has been out for 3-4 months. I screwed up this time, somehow accidently updated it and am paying the price again.
  5. Yes, it is quite productive to troll a thread for 10 years telling every new person who adds their voice to wanting this improvement why you think it can't be done, or why you think it shouldn't be done. That's the signature of somebody who is productive. 😄 It's about as productive a use of your time as the pinkelephant trolling the thread year after year telling people they should go find another product if they are asking for an improvement on a forum created by the software company itself asking for suggestions of improvements. 🙄
  6. If your only response to every post is "move to another service" I would say obviously you have nothing constructive to say, try resisting the narcists in you and don't say anything. I can't believe the stupidity of anyone continuously trolling the forums and cutting and pasting that to everyone on a daily basis as you do. Too much time on your hands? Why would anyone with a life come into a thread where people are asking for an improvement in a product and you take the time to say "move to another service" that's really disgusting behavior and a waste of everybody's time and serves
  7. Well that would be something new. Evernote support says no roll back and there is no re-downloading the older version as all they are making available for download is the new version. The only work around is a 3rd party website who provides a copy of the old version, you roll the dice on that one, so again, be careful there is no going back once you upgrade. If you have information other that what I just wrote please let us know the details.
  8. So bizarre that Evernote has a device they created themselves for learning from their user base how to improve their product and they have ignored the #1 request for 12 years? Hard to believe that nobody with a calculator at Evernote has ever figured out how much money they are costing themselves by forcing people to use a search hierarchy (tags) instead of a visual hierarchy (Folders) that is the norm for most of the planet. I would think if you wanted to increase market share and profitability simply bringing to the market the number one user feature request would be a no brainer.
  9. Have you seen all the problems people are having with the update???? I'd be very careful, once you update you can't roll back.
  10. I totally agree. Any company with such a notorious history of problems with their updates I would think including a roll back option would be company policy always, it's a defense option for them as well. It gives everyone an escape hatch, not just the users but even Evernote the company a way to take the pressure off themselves with nothing but angry users stuck until they fix their latest updates problems, instead there would always be an alternative for the user to roll back and give Evernote breathing room.
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