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  1. If your only response to every post is "move to another service" I would say obviously you have nothing constructive to say, try resisting the narcists in you and don't say anything. I can't believe the stupidity of anyone continuously trolling the forums and cutting and pasting that to everyone on a daily basis as you do. Too much time on your hands? Why would anyone with a life come into a thread where people are asking for an improvement in a product and you take the time to say "move to another service" that's really disgusting behavior and a waste of everybody's time and serves
  2. So bizarre that Evernote has a device they created themselves for learning from their user base how to improve their product and they have ignored the #1 request for 12 years? Hard to believe that nobody with a calculator at Evernote has ever figured out how much money they are costing themselves by forcing people to use a search hierarchy (tags) instead of a visual hierarchy (Folders) that is the norm for most of the planet. I would think if you wanted to increase market share and profitability simply bringing to the market the number one user feature request would be a no brainer.
  3. I don't believe there is a choice in the menus to download updates automatically. There is a check box for automatically check for updates. Anybody updating the latest update to evernote is suicidal with the amount of bugs their updates have. You have to place defense and stay an update behind with them.
  4. No it's not, your motivation is to troll every thread about nested structure and argue with everyone why it can't be done, or most bizzare is to argue WHY it shouldn't be done or why everyone should work around it. Totally bizarre. Why do you care if Evernote would implement nested structure? Like any feature, it wouldn't harm you, why do you care? You would simply not use it and keep doing what you do, so why do you care that others want it and take it upon yourself to troll every thread about the subject?
  5. Why in the world are you continuously trolling every thread asking for nested structure arguing against it as if it would negatively affect you? What motivation to you have to do this?
  6. I would hope nested tree structure is at the top of the list for development in the near future. I'm baffled why a company has a direct query to its users asking them what features they would like to see in their product, the users #1 request based on it being an active open continuous request since 2008 with the most replies and activity than any other request, and the company asking the users, ignores their most desired feature for 11 years??????
  7. Using the web clipper "Measure Measure" shows up at the bottom of every note clipped after you remove or simplify formatting? I attached a video demonstrating it 2019-12-29_10-57-47.mp4
  8. Well I hope they put it back. With the history of hiccups in their updates, the almost miniscule differences between updates and the effort to roll back I thought the ability to skip updates option until you were ready was a good option that they included, not sure why it would suddenly be removed.
  9. What happened to Skip this update? Wasn't there always an option box on the pop up box for the new update to skip this update and stop seeing these reminders each day?
  10. I always picture Evernotes development team consisting of a team of people who have managed to convince anyone they answer to never come in their offices, because they are filled with people not coding, but playing fantasy football and shopping on the web everyday.
  11. I agree, I try to skip about 5 upgrades but then roll the dice finally and figure I'm so out of date I should update, however, I'm tired of their buggy crappy updates especially when their updates are truly meaningless they don't seem to add anything to the user experience they seem to consist of fixing bugs from the last update. I'm taking your advice and once I get past this crappy update and get one where evernote is stable again I'm done with thier updates.
  12. It's the latest version, sucks ass. I've narrowed it down to seems to involve using the windows cut and paste options for me that is what causes evernote to crash, when I go to paste something into evernote it crashes
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