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  1. I always picture Evernotes development team consisting of a team of people who have managed to convince anyone they answer to never come in their offices, because they are filled with people not coding, but playing fantasy football and shopping on the web everyday.
  2. I agree, I try to skip about 5 upgrades but then roll the dice finally and figure I'm so out of date I should update, however, I'm tired of their buggy crappy updates especially when their updates are truly meaningless they don't seem to add anything to the user experience they seem to consist of fixing bugs from the last update. I'm taking your advice and once I get past this crappy update and get one where evernote is stable again I'm done with thier updates.
  3. It's the latest version, sucks ass. I've narrowed it down to seems to involve using the windows cut and paste options for me that is what causes evernote to crash, when I go to paste something into evernote it crashes
  4. I was guessing the only way you would do this is with a reinstall. Now I see where they hide the versions thanks to your link.
  5. This last update has some issues, evernote on my desktop will crash, go into "Not responding" a couple of times a day, have to shut it down and restart, luckily only the last autosaved data is lost. I typically avoid updating Evernote for these exact reasons, but after about 5 skipped updates I roll the dice and do the update, but this time it's biting me again. I can't find any information about how to roll back an update, is there a way? Attached is the screen shot of evernote not responding Also have notebooks that can't be deleted. Attached a video of that too.
  6. Screen shot of the now daily evernote "Not Responding" scenario... new update sucks.
  7. Are you serious? How about the ultimate uncluttering for you, ignore this thread. It's 1400 posts about the same thing, what exactly is your reason for ever looking at it? If it clutters your day, simply don't open it. Believe me nobody is going to miss you cutting and pasting the same replies to every new user which is -"use tags, go use something else..." You ignore this thread, your life becomes less cluttered, everybody is saved from yet another canned reply. Win/Win/Win
  8. Thank you very much, couldn't ask for a better outcome. One less person endlessly replying to new users voicing their desire to have nested notebooks, with the same thing over and over again.
  9. I try to avoid evernote updates as long as possible, as every time I update it's a roll of the dice what evernote will end up doing, not to mention the updates rarely have anything in them that is a new feature or benefit, usually them just getting rid of bugs After avoiding the last 4 updates I finally submitted and did the last update. Of course now evernote goes into Sync sleep cycle at least once or twice per day. Thankfully just shutting it down and restarting it results in no data loss, it's not always such a good outcome. It would be lovely to be able to choose the update, I'd rather stay 1 behind the newest. Shame users are scared to update a product you're paying for, updates should be welcome.
  10. If it is why does it bother you? Bit too much fanboy? What do you care if it is or isn't? You're the self-appointed protector of evernote?
  11. Double fan boy responses of nonsense. You guys should apply for jobs. 18K and 25K posts troll status has been achieved. 🙄
  12. What a brilliant response. Why do you even reply? This thread and forum is about improving moving forward not jerks running users off with "maybe you should be looking somewhere else". When you run out of intelligent responses that add to the solution you can just not reply and move on because "if it's not for you..." is about as juvenile a response as you can make, it demonstrates you're out of ideas to contribute so do us all a favor and don't troll treads where people are looking for positive change with your negative infantile responses that you've made 200 times before, its boring.
  13. Was actually hoping for some replies by real people, not fan boys. Everybody already knows what your replies are going to be before you type them...
  14. So the answer is no then. That's really too bad. What a waste of everybody's time. It paints them like the small business that empties the suggestion box into the trash whenever it gets full to make room for more suggestions.
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