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  1. Point taken, pay all the time regardless of usage or find another app. I disagree though that evernote gets no value from free users. I don't know anyone else IRL that uses evernote. Evernote seems to have invested a fair few features in work/sharing, yet I don't see any of that happening. I work in tech and started a side project with a colleague. We needed a solution and my colleague hasn't used evernote before. Guess what.. we went with another option.
  2. I like evernote, I've used it for years. Some months I pay for it, some months I don't and just use basic service. Sometimes I pay for... yes, AN ENTIRE YEAR. Right now, I don't really need the extra features of premium. I may well be a paying user again in some months. But then now might be a good time to try the alternatives. There are alternatives. Anywhere I look at evernote.. on Windows or on Android, there are constant popups and banner ads essentially saying "PLEASE PAY. PLEASE PAY NOW. Please you must pay now😫". You even email me multiple times saying PLEASE! PLEASE PAY NOW
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