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  3. I asked you because I get the error message only on those emails that happen to be written in Japanese... weird thing, but guess it comes from some hidden gmail tag, not from "evernote for gmail" addon
  4. I don’t have any non-English messages, so I couldn’t say.
  5. may I ask the poster, @Tyler Arbogast, whether this happens with emails written in a language other than English? I receive a lot of email is Japanese, and all those are seen as "spam or suspicious" by the addon...
  6. The issue in this thread is getting paid for referrals And you're a Basic user earning money from referrals to your colleagues or friends? Evernote is not a charity. If you want to use their bandwidth and server space for your own projects it's probably a good idea to become a subscriber.
  7. Yeah. Thanks for the suggestion, but sadly I have a sizeable chunk of local notebooks which require exporting and re-importing if I kill my current database file. Not a huge job, but it adds some extra nitpicking I'd rather avoid if I can. If all else fails however...
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  9. True, in the future if I have laptop issues I will consider an SSD. I am just hoping the Evernote staff will see this and fix anything causing the problem within their software. All my other programs run fine on my computer, I ran SMART on my hdd and it all came back fine, so I figure something in the program coding ultimately caused this in the first place. My current solution was force the program to completely rebuild my Database.
  10. I can observe some of it on different apps. How much it changes the workflow depends on the apps design. I edited a table in Numbers on my iPad, and this did work out badly. I could not, for example, type several words separated by a simple „blank“ from each other on that external keyboard, because the space bar was used for something else. Apple support suggested I talk to Logitech support about this.
  11. Yep, exactly, that's I'm referring to, thank you As a matter of fact, as I was saying, you don't even need any external editor to annotate inline images in a regular text note: the integrated editor, reachable by r-cliking on any image, which still exists for IOS as a stand alone app but not for Android or desktop anymore, is terrific. EN ink notes (quite competitive in their current implementation) are an entirely different word, or several different worlds, so to speak, depending on which platform we are using. - On Android, they turn into an editable object, displayed inline, along with any other doc you want to attach in a regular note. Once synced, you can edit the resulting note with the integrated SketchIt annotation tool by r-clicking on it or on any other included image. Every platform implementation resorts to a different handwriting / drawing tool. - On the Windows desktop application, they are a separate entity, with fantastic hand-writing and drawing features (including basic shape recognition). However, none of them let you paste an image into the drawing area and seamlessly draw on it. My point is that it should be technically viable. I'd dare say that each stroke in an EN ink note is internally represented as a separate object, with a nifty bunch of public methods in the class to resize, copy, paste, move and change color properties. There should be a way to import a jpg or bitmap image as a new object into the EN ink note (a cinch in C++, let alone Python) adapting the public methods to that case.
  12. My experience has been that anything you drag and drop into a note on Windows or paste without using same style will have a different font on IOS. To fix, do a remove formatting on the Windows note (Ctrl+Shift+space) which will return the note to default font. After syncing the IOS note should be all whatever the default font is on IOS.
  13. The appearance of text is controlled by the OS and by embedded information. It depends on what is installed on the device - fonts that may not be available will be replaced, slightly altering appearance. iOS does not really have full font control, as Windows or MacOS does. It is improving in this respect, and the new clients for EN are said to have better formatting control than today. If you want to try something, you could copy the text on Windows or Mac and paste it into a new note, using an option like „paste plain text“ or „paste without format“.
  14. Per @gazumped no best way in general, just some better ways that can be tuned to a specific use case, So whatever works best for you. If you think you have too many tools, consolidate and get rid of some. For me specifically, EN is the only app. Early on my use case morphed to second brain, paperless, and task management with it all in one place available on multiple platforms. As such I store everything in EN and use the reminder function to manage tasks. I decided that the quest for the perfect system was fruitless for me, a) it probably didn't exist and b) the time to find/migrate would outweigh whatever benefits (assuming I was efficient with what I had). It's worked so far. There are some concessions in that not every aspect of my use case is "perfectly" supported. But the aspects are supported very well and I feel no need to look elsewhere. If I am not grumbling when I am doing something everything is fine, I grumble easily when it comes to productivity hits. I have incorporated PhraseExpress so as to have some hotkeys pertinent to my use case that EN Windows desktop does not have, productivity. Ten years and 47,500 notes later I'm happy. But that's my use case and my tolerance for the trade offs of fewer apps, in my case one. It helps that EN is a good fit for me out of the box. Could EN make some changes, sure. Hopefully you find what works for you.
  15. Currently the probably best solution is to get yourself a SSD instead of a turning disk drive (HDD) as System disk, and install EN there. Prices for an internal 500GB SATA-SSD are appr. 60€/$?. Even 1 TB-SSDs are available for close to 100 €/$? For me it is NOT satisfactory that EN seems to run smoothly on a SSD only. It should work on a HDD as well, but it seems a SSD solves performance problems. What is good: Any computer still using a HDD as main disk drive will vastly benefit from being retrofitted with a fast SSD. The relatively small investment will prolong the usage of even older, or so powerful PCs by years. My 8 year old desktop still feels fresh and reactive, running on a 500GB SSD as C:-Drive. So in the end it probably means saving money by the retrofit.
  16. Found a Better Way, courtesy of the Web. I now set Evernote to be a "Helper Application" in the "Open with", "Other..." "Choose Helper Application". First, go to Any .PDF file in Windows Explorer.(Or the type of file you want to add Evernote as an App to Right Click on that file. Select "Open with" and then "Choose another app". "More Apps". Then "Look for another app on this PC" and then drill down to Evernote.exe . This will add Evernote to your dropdown list of "Helper Applications" and you can Import your PDF file directly into the last used notebook on Evernote. This works, but is still a little clunky. Would prefer a browser Plug-In similar to the "Web Clipper" where I could designate a specific folder for my imports to land. This does NOT Work in Chrome or EDGE. (Both of these bring up a "Save as" dialog box. Unless Evernote can be a "drive" on my computer where I can save the file to.)
  17. Right clicking on the image and selecting the editor of your choice is about as seamless as it gets with EN, or annotate. But as you say, not an ink note,
  18. Evernote looks fine in Windows. However, on my iPhone some words look the same as they do in the Windows version. These words show up with different font sizes from other words in the same sentence. When I place my cursor on a Win "problem area" the font size indicates it is the same size as the rest of the sentence -- and it looks the same. Yet, on my iPhone the difference is obvious. I've tried highlighting these "problem areas," clicking on the same font size, or an even larger size, then returning back to the original size, hoping I could "jar" the formatting back to normal, but to no avail. This is maddening form me and I can't figure it out. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.
  19. I have the same issue. I would like to make the Notes list thinner than it is now so i have more room for my detail. I have the same version. How do we upgrade? When I click check updates, nothing happens.
  20. I answered my own question... sort of. in FIREFOX, when I click on Download, the Browser "what should I do with this file" dialog box pops up. I check the "Open with" button, and then instead of Adobe Reader, I use the drop down to "Other...". Then I "Browse" to "Program Files (x86) > Evernote > Evernote > Evernote.exe and then click 'Open". This will now Import the file to Evernote into whatever folder I last pointed to. But this is a Bit Cumbersome to say the least. This does NOT Work on the CHROME Browser as Chrome launches the "Save As" dialog.
  21. Yup, that's the measure as to whether one rolls their own pending EN implementing such a thing, if/when. For example, I created my own set of hot keys for reminders as there are none native to EN. Worth it to me as much as I use reminders FWIW.
  22. I think the majority of users modify created date to store subject date Personally, I prefix the note title on all my notes; for example 2020-05-28 Receipt [Groceries] !Budget-Food $-35.98 >>This allows me to sort the receipts chronologically, and find receipts by date using the created date search option. My notes are ordered chronologically when viewed in title date sequence Text search works to find receipts by date
  23. Dates sort better in 2020/05/28 order, whatever the case.
  24. Ditto, though I do add a _YYYY tag in addition to the Receipt tag. Just in case.
  25. I'm sure I'm far from the first or last person to suggest/request this, but I've been using Evernote for the past 7 years and it annoys me no end that British English has never been a language option. Even when I add British varient spellings to the dictionary, it often takes several "Add to Dictionary" before it'll actually stop redlining it. Yes, I'm a Premium user and it's not even a Premium feature. Also, as the title says, it'd be awesome if they could implement a dictionary of scientific/medical terms. I'm a biomed student who's been using Evernote for lecture notes (I had to upgrade to Premium just so I could upload more of them this month) and it didn't even recognise terms like "acetylcholine" or "excitatory" or "ligand". Okay, maybe the latter point is more forgiveable since there's a whole freaking universe of obscure-ish scientific terms out there and it many be hard to include them all, but come on, no British English, seriously?! After well over 7 years?!
  26. Hi! There is one thing I've always needed to do with Evernote to make my notetaking faster/more intuitive. I'd love to see automatic headlines whenever I type: ENTER, [short text], ENTER. There could be a dropdown upon hovering on the headline to turn automatic headlines on/off. It just makes it faster when I don't have to pause and select a header or adjust font size/etc., and when I skim through my notes and can see the titles for each new set of paragraphs. Hotkeys in general for other quick adjustments would also be great!
  27. i'm so jealous. i understand enough to Frankenstein certain things together and understand the possibilities...but writing something clean that "just works" would not be my forte. If you did it, i think you would be a hero; especially in the #RoamCult—and other "second brain"—circles! 🤩
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