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  3. The Evernote support site is at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  4. title. Every time I click on web Help, and from the Mac app, it always logs me out. I have Premium btw
  5. Hi! It would be nice that when you’re in a search and hit the magnifier icon, it would navigate back to previous screen. Let’s say you have searched “test”. If you hit the mag icon, it would bring you back to the search field. It would be a little bit like when you hit the notebook icon. Cheers!
  6. Win32 refers to both 32bit and 64bit apps. It is the API interface, not the bittedness. The underlying platform of macOS does have its roots in the 70's, but the user interface was developed fresh when they started over with OS X and was designed to handle multiple DPI monitors of high and low res (which Windows still cannot handle without the DPI percentage adjustment hack) and their UI was designed to have better control so the OS could adjust apps colors right from the start. Hence system wide dark mode without apps having to be rewritten. Windows has done the same rewrite by the way, but only for UWP/PWA style apps. Which no one is using. My understanding it is a virtual impossibility to do it for Win32. It would be as much work for developers to rewrite to support as it would to just redo their apps. Which will be never. We'll be dealing with Win32 APIs until well past 2050. IT departments will not rewrite apps to support dark mode. If you want dark mode, they will let you use the AS/400.
  7. I understand wanting the option, but auto title is one of my favorite features of desktop app. I'm disappointed it's not in the other clients I use.
  8. I’m also disappointed in the answer. I was an Evernote Premium user and switched to Notability. I take notes during business meetings and couldn’t afford to keep losing my work because I didn’t manually press save. The longer Evernote lacks this basic feature, the less likely I’ll come back.
  9. ...including Evernote. Many apps are now 64-bit (we ship 32- and 64-bit versions of our software), but still use much the same Windows API as the 32-bitters. Speaking for my company, we won't be making any attempt to make UWP or any other versions, any time soon. Part of that is level-of-effort (large and oainful), demand for UWP apps (small to non-existent), and belief that backwards-compatibility to old Win32 style apps is not going away any time soon (pretty certain). Now I'm curious about the situation in Linux, with its roots in the 70's... but then again, so does MacOS..
  10. I can't believe they call this "expected behavior" in any app. Auto-save has been part of iOS for years. It is EXPECTED in iOS that changes in apps of this nature are saved in real time. Save is not the same as "done." The app should be saving in real time like any other app. I do alpha and beta testing for dozens of apps on multiple platforms so I know what "expected behavior" means. So if I am in the middle of typing a note and I quit the app without clicking "done" or closing the note should all of my typing be deleted? No. It is saved in real time. The same should occur for sketches. To have a user expect different is asinine. Just another example of how out of touch Evernote has become if they consider this an expected behavior. So sad.
  11. I haven't lost notes, sketches, or audio with Noability; it seems like an easy solution. It's my favourite note-taking editor on the iPad with an Apple Pencil. When I'm done updating the note, I save it to Evernote in pdf and native format.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Looks like I'll be making the switch to Notability too, got in touch with support this is what they had to say: I don't think Notability does this. How hard would it be to auto-save? Pretty disappointed with this response.
  14. OK!!! I did some testing; apparently with the split screen active on the on-screen keyboard, the text will not scroll. Merge and dock the keyboard and both the on-screen and BT connected keyboard work just fine. Solved!
  15. Good to know thanks. I haven't had any issues of which I am aware other than this one. Weird thing about this was adding the new tag to the note on the Surface and then the tag disappearing form the note but sticking to the tag tree. That's how I knew I wasn't dreaming the edits.
  16. Sadly, I'm seeing a lot of sync issues between working on ios and windows desktop application. I get notes coming back, titles reverting back to "untitled" and more. Usually the tags stay put, but I can't confirm that as I'm usually just frustrated at the point of having notes re-appear in my inbox after already dealing with them and filing/tagging/titling them. I've seen this across various versions of both Windows and iOS too. Reported in the past too.
  17. Being able to make specific notebook titles stand out would be a huge interface improvement. I hear that Windows users can color-code their notebook titles. But apparently Mac users can't. You can add emoji to the title, if you can find the "Rename Notebook" command which is hidden behind many clicks. But this is not feature-parity across all the platforms.
  18. Customization is vital for happy customers. Evernote, if you want us to spend time inside this app, make it possible to live comfortably with it. On all platforms. Consistently.
  19. This would be heaven. Evernote seems to never be displaying my notes in the order or context I prefer. Customization is extremely important for happy users.
  20. +1 also. You can't right-click the notebook title to rename it, you can't find it under Edit... or Note... The Rename Notebook option is hidden under the three dots when viewing the notebook note list. This is not good UI
  21. Also, there is an Evernote ios update out today. I still wouldn't install ios13 if you want to use EN, but maybe someone who already has will have luck with today's update. That said, my dev test ipad with ios13 is still not playing well with EN.
  22. Just want to make sure nobody expects anything to happen by posting here. If it does, be happy !
  23. More specifically, Windows dark mode doesn't support the old Win32 style apps, which is what 99% of apps on Windows are. It only supports the UWP, PWA style apps. Evernote could roll their own, but instead of it being a single Dark Mode experience for users, users would have to manually configure each Win32 app, and Evernote (and other dev's) would have to come up with a UI to modify, and support multiple DPI modes, video drivers, etc. It gets to be a mess. I can be done of course, but Windows makes it really really difficult and tedious to do. And I don't think all Store apps can be supported either. There is an Evernote in the store, but it is a Win32 app written with a wrapper so it can be downloaded from the store. I'm not defending Evernote, or Windows. It is just a huge mess. Which is to be expected with an OS that has its roots in the mid-90's.
  24. A certain scarceness of information content can not be overlooked, partly made up for by fast and easy reading ... 😳
  25. Bug Report. I have this beta installed on a Surface. I am running 6.18.4 on my main system. I downloaded a PDF through IOS. I modified the note title and added a new tag to the note on the Surface. I exited EN on the surface and everything synced. When I went to my main device the note was as it was before the editing. So okay, maybe my memory is slipping. However, the new tag was available for selection and after "re-adding" it to the note there is only one note with the tag. I don't know, sometimes notes created via IOS share get added multiple times, but I've never had one lose edits, or get overwritten.
  26. Betas are not a nice add-on for early birds to really work with new stuff - it is for testing, crashing and debugging. One should expect to loose something, like time, patience and sometimes even data. EN runs its own beta-program where users are in close contact with beta support. Who is not in (like me, not doing betas) may try, but on his own peril. Especially early betas (concerning iOS 13 and ipadOS we are still early) will lack a lot of functions. The betas of apps logically lag behind those of the OS. This forum is for User-to-user exchange and is not permanently monitored by EN staff. They will show along, from time to time, which usually proves helpful. But there is no schedule for this. Conclusion: If somebody is running his own beta-testing and want to communicate something to EN, a support ticket is the most appropriate way to do this.
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