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  3. Hi - after encountering this problem a couple of times I've ended up sending to my EN account via email & that worked perfectly! Thanks for all the suggestions
  4. No I don't have a search active. I've tried the full sync twice, so I may have to reinstall the app.
  5. Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes look at the work you do to improve Evernote. Could you please show us the work you are doing to port the new web app over to Firefox?
  6. Not quite what I had in mind but clever work around. 👍🏻
  7. If you place the images in a table, the size is constrained to the cell dimensions You can also merge cells to provide interesting image/text layouts
  8. I often add images to my notes in Evernote. It would be nice if I could resize multiple thumbnails to a set width e.g. 140px. When I add an image in a note the image usually takes up all of the space in my note. For aesthetic reasons I like to see resize my images/screenshots into small thumbnails, it makes it easier for me to view the note. Currently, the process to resize images is to click on the image corner and drag to resize. This is a tedious process and when having to resize 10 images in a note it can become quite cumbersome. It would be nice if there was a way to select multiple images and resize all the thumbnails. As a comparison, the Notes app on macOS by Apple offers two sizes for image thumbnails (View as Large Images, View as Small Images). I would like to see one step further and be able to resize to a width/height of choice. Large Image View in Evernote. Small Image View in Evernote (manually resized). Large Image View in Notes. Select "View as Small Images" to see below. Small Image View in Notes. Select "View as Large Images" to see above.
  9. That's perfectly clear 😉 OneNote is a fine note editor, although I know nothing about the .one format. I'm familiar with Evernote's enml/html format, and find it quite workable. As I said, I'm concerned about my 12k+ files/documents. I'm not going to import them into OneNote.
  10. The one thing I have found that will pause my Windows desktop is backspacing in the search field. Not always, but with some regularity. Must be confusing that search engine.
  11. Thanks for sharing the early stages of your development ideas. However, I am deeply disappointed in, and disturbed by, what you showed: Incremental Search -- I absolutely hate it, and find it a big waste of computing resources and my time. Most often it is NOT appropriate to search on what I am still typing because I am likely to make typos that will mislead the search engine Just as in your own example, the first few characters are rarely good indicators of the search target. As you showed, typing "me" produced results for both "Mexico" and "Melinda" -- totally unrelated. How was that helpful? It was NOT helpful! It wastes computing resources searching on irrelevant text. EN Web App -- I almost never use it. Why are you focusing on it first??? Do you have any metrics that show which EN app most users who have a PAID subscription are using? Due to the nature of the web interface, web apps will likely never be a powerful and easy to use as desktop apps And, of course, you have to have an Internet connection to use any web app. What happened to focusing on rebuilding your foundation? Ian has repeatedly stated that Evernote was going to focus on rebuilding the foundation first. Why are you now working on web search enhancements, especially a platform and feature that many don't want or use??? If you are going to work on the Search engine, why not work on something that will work on all platforms, and that we have been requesting for many, many years, like full boolean search.
  12. I'm interested in what app/service you'll be using in the future. Not note-taking; there's plenty of editor apps. My concern is storage and organization of my files/documents.
  13. Yesterday
  14. I've been using Evernote forever; a premium account it got me through 8 years of grad school and more, but it is 2019 now and still the Evernote iOS app is absolutely horrendous. There are semi-frequent updates to the app, but none have resulted in a better user experience. I'm not going to go out by listing all of its deficiencies (to say nothing of the stagnation of the Mac app), just thanks for being there when we needed a workhouse note app. If there had been more innovation along the way, more upgrades and improvements, I wouldn't be going to OneNote. Still, I hope Evernote can turn it around. I'll keep an eye open.
  15. Hmmn. Good that we had this chance to see behind the scenes - good that Evernote is looking at ways to make searching a more intuitive feature. Eleven out of ten for an interesting video. I look forward to experiencing the new bells and whistles - but I have a luddite fear of apps 'helping' me to do things, because although software can react scarily fast, it still takes time and system resources to come up with (and select between) titles, content, author names. If I already know exactly which tag or title keyword I'm looking for, that's just wasted time and (my) resources giving me changing menus of a hundred different note options when I just want to add simple details to a contact. I hope Evernote will continue the practice of allowing me to switch OFF the search 'helper' in Options or Preferences, and just go back to a straight keyword match!
  16. Well, since the Windows preview is essentially a web wrapper application, I also share this concern ... we'll see. I hope they have the search as you type delay fixed since that is a pain point experienced today by many.
  17. I'm still using 6.16.4 Windows client--it's laggy as it has been for years, but stable. I quit using iOS a long time ago as sync kept going haywire--too bad, I liked to use my mobile to catch up in the evening. So that's about 40% of functionality lost to me. I'm hopeful as always. I lost a bunch of stuff last year when I discovered a bug in EN after making several notebooks local trying to improve performance. Way back, they tried what I felt was wrong-headed on-demand sync, and when I made notebooks local, all the unsynced notes content were lost. Support helped me find a backup I had made and it is possible to repair them ONE BY ONE, and as they are old archive for client work I have not taken the time. Every so often I look at that folder of an old dB on my desktop, and think, someday. I don't feel I have the time to try other solutions and work through all the issues--my notes are heavily populated with PDFs so any migration has to do that automatically or it's DOA. I played with Notion, and see the updates, but haven't had time to try the more recent migration options to see if I could really do it. Given that I no longer do multi-device thanks to the iOS issues (for me) and I'm a one-person company, I could downgrade to non-premium, I suppose. However, the real thing that holds me back is the web clipper and ability to route emails into EN. The latter let's me subscribe to all manner of industry stuff I use for my consulting and then organize it in one place, vs. going to email then going to something else. The former is how I get pretty much all other content, aside from occasional PDFs that I cannot directly clip as PDF for some reason. I had a CEO once who said a company should only deliver enough value to customers to prevent them from leaving for the next best option, and keep the rest of the value for the company. This seems very much like that.
  18. I have no idea what you're talking about. The video describes an improved design for search on the the web application("Join Ian and Mariano, a senior designer at Evernote, as they discuss how they’re working to make search in web more interactive, more meaningful, and more useful."). Given the state of the current web application, that would be an obvious improvement, provided they can make it perform well. Whether it's what will appear on all platforms eventually -- as their stated aim is to equalize user experience across all Evernote platforms -- then I'll wait to see how it stacks up against the current Windows application, which I use a lot. It would almost certainly be an improvement in the Android application, which I use somewhat less frequently.
  19. For a very capable (Windows) option here, have a look at NAPS2 - it's possible to drag and drop PDF files into the app, rearrange the order and output them as a combined document.
  20. Please feel free to pass on my comments to where ever they need to go to be heard. This is not a paying position, and I have used up my 10 hours this month working FREE for Evernote. Thanks!
  21. Again, this is not the appropriate discussion for such comments.
  22. A quick search for pdf+files+combine brought up several freeware tools that are able to join multiple pdf-file together. Some do it online, so no need to install anything locally, but exposing the content to the providers website, others run on a local installation. So this should be no problem, even if you do not want to purchase a full featured pdf package.
  23. I did, AND part of my comments were what I'd rather see them working on, instead of videos about old features.
  24. I started off as a premium user, in 2009. Since then, I have become an Evernote Business user, in 7 accounts. From 35,000 notes to 5,000 notes, my user name has to be different for each one, with a different email address for each one, because Evernote still can't get it's head around someone working for more than one company.
  25. My impression is we're to comment on the video contents. This discussion isn't the place for general complaints.
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