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  2. Why did Evernote follow-up this important request!
  3. Hi, We use Evernote Business for document management and Google Docs for commenting and track-changes. Because switching back and forth is not efficient we want to switch to Evernote completely. Google Docs has great commenting and track-changes features. Evernote doesn't. Is there a work-a-round? When can we expect a decent commenting and track-changes feature within Evernote. I think it's time. People are asking for it for years now.
  4. Hi, We use Evernote Business for document management and Google Docs for commenting and track-changes. Because switching back and forth is not efficient we want to switch to Evernote completely. Google Docs has great commenting and track-changes features. Evernote doesn't. Is there a work-a-round? When can we expect a decent commenting and track-changes feature within Evernote. I think it's time. People are asking for it for years now.
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  6. Hi Thanks for you comments - I'm unsure how to share these notes, but as the notes are public records I have attached one which as it is an image of a computer printed document (which I would guess was professionally scanned, as it came from the British National Archives) I was really surprised that it wasn't indexed. In fact I've had a response from EN support and he can't get the image to index either - Onenote has no problem with the Jpeg. Another worrisome problem is that, as support confirmed, there is no way of knowing how many of my notes have not been indexed. Support suggested looking through my notes, but as there are some 12,000, not very practical. Doc.
  7. When I open the Evernote Android app it starts playing youtube in the background. It also triggers background play when I use the youtube share feature to share a video with Evernote. After I've shared the video to Evernote Youtube will random stop the video I'm watching and play something else in the background. I have a galaxy note 9. Does this happen to anyone else?
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  9. This looks fantastic. My only question is when can I get access to those beta features!!! (I have signed up for new beta.) If it works as well as demo'd across a large majority of web sites and syncs properly across devices, this will be the first seriously impressive new feature in years.
  10. Totally agree - and it's good to have users that can and will contribute ideas freely. I just sayin' - best not to hold your breath...
  11. Only subscribers get access to email and chat support, though there is a general access for everyone on Twitter @EvernoteHelps The Forums here are -mainly- supported by experienced users, though developers will chime in from time to time - it's good to post issues with new releases in one of the release threads forinstance where the devs for that version will be watching more closely than usual. Evernote staff do read these posts, but it's not easy to keep up to date with everything!
  12. Thanks for the responses. I think it may have been pilot error mostly. However, I'm not understanding why only 2 files show on my PC. Sooo I started poking around and noticed that there's a choice for using the older version / layout. I tried that, and bingo, all my files miraculasly appeared. I'm not well versed on techy stuff. My IP address shows it's located in Montana, but my pysical location is CO. I poked around and found that my server is based in MT, but on a map of where it is, it's showing my location in CO. That's where my confussion came in. Also, I don't know why the new version of Evernote only showes up on my S8 and not on my PC. Anyway, thanks for your responses!
  13. Hmmn. This conversation is a lot like the usual exchanges on word processing, mind maps and spreadsheets - Evernote is fine for very basic use in various areas, but adding menu options for the features of even one of those specialised applications would pretty much double Evernote's complexity, and make the learning curve even steeper. It is possible to set up a table in Evernote and do some very basic layout, but if I want to do even semi-serious spreadsheeting, I use Excel (and usually store the XLSX file in Evernote). Same for Word & DOCX, Freeplane & MM, Lightroom & NEF etc etc. Like @PinkElephant I would not use Evernote to catalogue pictures - Lightroom does.. everything.. you need and I already use it. (And it has an even steeper learning curve than Evernote!) But since I fell out with Microsoft* I've been trialling Linux, and Lightroom doesn't 'do' Linux. Which made me aware of a parallel world where clone-ish products are available for Windows and Linux at much less cost than Lightroom (which is rumoured to be going up this year). Various apps like Lightzone, Darktable, and Rawtherapee exist and I can convert to using some of those in both Windows (while I still have a device or two running that OS) and Linux (which I'm still cautiously feeling out). TL:DR - If you need a job doing, don't just reach for your favourite tool and try to find a way to use, or bend it if necessary, for that purpose. Do some due diligence and find out what software exists out there to deal with your needs. If the reviews mention your favourite tool, then fine: it's in contention. But if something else out there will do a better job, then the choice should be clear. *Long story - updates / security / cost / blue screens... <sigh>
  14. *shrug* Seemed like a reasonable response to what you asked: I vaguely remember some discussion around that in the forums with an Evernote developer, that I thought contained some of the justification, but I couldn't come up with it, and it's possible I'm misremembering it. You could try searching the forums for it.
  15. If I take my usual 10MB JPEGs, I am done with a limit of appr. 20 pics per note, table or not. If I want more pics in an EN note, I have to downgrade quality. This creates an additional step in the workflow, and I have to set up links to the original pics for full res. If I use my usual RAWs with 25MB/piece, or throw in a HDR-combination, a panorama .... Yes, it can be done, but good photo software will do a better job in nearly every context. If I want to document all the stuff that does not go into the photos metadata, I put the photos into a folder, and link it to the note. For this, Graphics Converter is good, because it uses a traditional folder-structure for the main photo catalog. I can create „smart albums“ from this stock, but the basic structure is link-able. This is one reason why I prefer it over the Photos app.
  16. When it comes to digital organizing, I think EN is a great tool. I assign tags; there's also other metdata - title, dates, ... I add notes. I consolidate photos into one note - I use a table for layout For example, photos from a trip or party. This is more front-line access than archive and backup
  17. My experience: Organizing photos in EN makes plain and simple no sense. Yes, you can do many things with a Multitool, but none of them perfectly. And especially with photos, EN is far from being even in the range of tolerable tools. This is, you can organize all stuff in EN, but to have it organized, not to have a good photo archive maybe even of high-resolution material, ready to use or work on. If you want to organize photos on a Mac, the Photos app is not the worst thing to use. Combined with Power Photos, you can set up several Media-Databases to work on, select photos using the intelligent album feature etc. If you want something more like Lightroom, maybe try Graphics Converter. It is purchased software, no abo, and has powers far beyond what a Multitool like EN allows (for example batch processing for all sort of metadata, sorting and applying stuff to JPEGs and then copying this and trimming the RAWs correspondingly etc.). Your data is with the fotos, and then you can create albums based on tags, location, ranking, date, ..., export, share etc. For Backup, I simply use iCloud with the 2TB plan for the offsite copy, plus Time Machine to my NAS. An alternative with unlimited cloud storage and cheaper than iCloud would be Backblaze - but only if you have a large memory on your device, because it will not save network locations, only the computer itself. For a 128GB-Mac it is expensive, for a 2TB reasonable ...
  18. For Evernote, this could be rather simply implemented if the Evernote notes were supporting a slightly expanded version of html. With html anchors, we could do that. And while improving the html, Evernote could also add the html titles... (heading 1, 2, 3...) Don't reinvent the wheel, Evernote. :-)
  19. Just curious as to your method for accessing these meta variables in the html code? My soultion is to append the metadata to the note contents (using a script on my Mac) >>This includes the source URL, author, date created, and more! and the most important metadata; TagsNotebook would be nice; we're also missing that on Mac exports
  20. ... and you can check for unknown devices there as well, under your account information. - No unknown access, nobody hacked into the account. Probably you use the new or the beta version of the web client, or another EN client. There are known issues when these do not show all existing notes. Solution: Downgrade to a stable version. - Unknown device + IP, probable unknown access. Then somebody got your account credentials (not from EN !), and used them to enter your account. Change your PW immediatedly (to a good one, not used on any other account), withdraw autorisation for the unknown device, and enable 2-FA. This is possible for Basic accounts as well, but only with limited options for the generation of the second factor.
  21. Thank you very much Sixiron, I can see I am not alone ! And I didn't even know how to contact Evernote support. Please update if a solution comes !!
  22. Valid points, and it isn't a priority I agree. "Nice to have" is a fair categorisation. It is a pain point for me though, hence the suggestion, and it doesn't feel like a huge thing to implement. The "adding new tags being infrequent" was poorly explained - what I was trying to say was that the number of times I actually *want* to add a tag is infrequent, the number of times I accidentally add a new tag is significantly more often. Having an "Are you sure" prompt would save me a lot more time than it would waste. I can only speak from my use case, but don't ask don't get 🙂
  23. Yes I realize that. That's what I'm asking Evernote to change.
  24. Thanks for the update - please let us know the eventual outcome.
  25. Hi. Good suggestion, and I can see the attraction, but you already qualified your comments with "adding new tags.. infrequent" and "may not be for everyone"... Given that any new feature takes development and testing time - which eventually boils down to cash money - is it worth Evernote spending time developing something that may be used by some of their users occasionally? IMHO this is a 'nice to have' for when the team doesn't have anything more important to do.
  26. ?? The new CEO is sounding off about improving existing services rather than new feature development - - and I would have thought that improving storage management on mobile devices would have been something to look at, provided it's technically feasible. But Evernote (other than the videos) don't talk about new features until they're released, so all we can do is wait....
  27. Seems unlikely they care at this point. A company like this is heavily invested in Agile BS, staffed with product/project managers and likely focused on new products rather than existing functionality. The original developers and then some have long since left according to LinkedIn (eg Technical Lead - Android Group, left 2014, Android Manager and Lead Developer, left 2017, etc), the codebase has likely had many developers fingers all over it and few if any probably fully understand it at this point. And even then, with Agile/Scrum their hands are tied by what the PM and by proxy CEO wants them to work on which most definately won't be features that help a small but core group of hard core users, it will be new features/products that will bring in new customers. has anyone tried this? Link2SD https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buak.Link2SD&hl=en_US Might get lucky?
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