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  1. Just went back to Evernote Legacy because of the lack of keyboard shortcuts in Evernote 10.
  2. Thank you for this great suggestion! Thing is, with Evernote, the note content is easily editable by accident. Tags are a great way to indicate status, but doesn't really display as a timeline. I like the way how Notion and Airtable have a "page history" feature. It would be something similar, but displayed just beside the scanned PDF, and locked to avoid any unwanted change by accident.
  3. Dear Community Members, I am looking for a document management software that logs every action we take on a document as a timeline. A bit like a life path of the document. Here is an example for an invoice: 01/12/2020 Document Received 02/12/2020 Document scanned 05/12/2020 Document paid 07/12/2020 Document archived This presented with a nice timeline design, one timeline for each PDF. It sounds very simple, but I haven't find any document management software doing that. Any ideas? Thank you.
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