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  2. In my IOS for iPhone version if I close the app and reopen All Notes becomes the context.
  3. No worries. It's really not my call, but I thought it might just be a little more courteous to the Evernote folks, it all.
  4. EN text sorts from left to right, so 3.11 comes before 3.2. A fix would be to use all three digit suffixes - in your case, 3.010 to 3.110.
  5. In a pure hierarchy, an item has at most one parent, classification wise. Tags in Evernote have that property. What you're trying to do, however, is mashup multiple hierarchies into one, and Evernote can't do that.. In this case, you can have your animal hierarchy ("animal"->"cat"->"tiger" or "animal.cat.tiger"), which is a natural inheritance tree (a cat is-a animal, a tiger is-a cat, etc.) in terms of a classical Linnaean classification, but endangered vs. non-endangered is a purely transitory classification (a species may go on of off the endangered list, e.g.). I's good practice to keep that categorization separate from whatever animal classification scheme you use. Incidentally, you're on Windows, you can implement a sort of hierarchical search using the tag hierarchy (i.e. "animal"->"cat"->"tiger") and the setting Tools / Options / Navigation / "Automatically select child tags". If this is enabled, and you search on, say, the tag 'cat' (tag:cat), then all of the subtags of 'cat' will be added to the search, so that you get notes tagged with "tiger' automatically. I don't find it useful, because it's a global setting (you cannot apply it to searches ad hoc), but others might.
  6. Is there any possibility of Evernote adding a "Note History" menu? I'm not referring to the changes or versions of an individual note. I know that already exist for Premium users. I'm referring to a Note History menu that shows a list of the notes I have opened in a session, day, etc. - something similar to the History Menu in an Internet Browser. I think this would be useful to users by speeding up the navigation process. Just clicking that menu and navigating down the list to a previous Note would be quick and easy. I have several Notebooks and hundreds of Notes and spend too much time looking for them when I'm working on a vast array of subjects. I know Tabs have helped with navigation, but a simple History menu would be even more useful in my opinion. Your thoughts?
  7. Hi Dave, thanks for your response. All devices were on the same network, and I did check the web client and it worked there too, so the mystery remains. In the meantime, all working now so not end of world, but I do get paranoid, especially since data has indeed been corrupted in the past.
  8. I haven't seen this, but it sounds like a connectivity problem between your computer and Evernote, particularly if the iOS devices were not on the same network as the desktop. Another way to check would be to use the Web interface in a browser, which is independent of the Windows desktop client: https://www.evernote.com/client/web.
  9. There is a timeout feature. I'm not sure how long it is exactly, but (unless you told Evernote to keep you logged in for 30 days when you signed in!) after a few hours of inactivity it should automatically log off on that computer.
  10. That is annoying when you already have a paid account. I'd open a support ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action Please let us know the response
  11. Welcome to the forums @Ledkriszep. Be sure to click on the upward arrow at the top of this page to indicate your support for the suggestions.
  12. Are you coding in HTML Evernote stores note data in enml format, which is html based. I prefer to store my code snippets in text file attachments.
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  14. Could be how we all look at things, but not sure I see the memory difference in tagging with a three part compound tag or three tags of the bits. I guess you could forget a bit. Though I am with @gazumped, simple tags and compound searches provide more flexibility for my use case. But as always, horses for courses.
  15. Maybe switch to Evernote Premium? You could contact support through E-mail if your a subscriber or you could Dig through settings for awhile and try to find how to stop it. I have Basic, so I don't know what the settings would look like in Plus.
  16. Try de-upgrading evernote and try again @Brinkburn1.
  17. I have an Evernote Plus account. Each time I upload a document in Evernote, I have a pop up message which says I should switch to an evernote premium account. How can I prevent this from happening?
  18. How many notes do you have on your iPad Pro?
  19. I would recommend the free utility Shutup10, seems well supported: https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10
  20. I find it too limiting to stay in the same eco system (any platform) It does add a sync step, but I use the best tools for the job. Excel/Numbers for spreadsheets, Word/Pages for documents, ... and Notability for note taking.
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