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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discussion!

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You knew, in your heart of hearts, that this was coming.

Any sweet offers out there? Must have deals? This is entirely off-topic, so don't feel the need to tie it into Evernote, though I've got a lil short term folder set up for clipping.

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To anyone who knows me, it doesn't come as much surprise that I'm not a fan of "in store" shopping. I too love the trend toward Cyber Monday. The few times we actually ventured out into the wilds without realizing it (or for some other reason), the husband and I have managed to score some Black Friday doorbusters without any planning at all (found an lcd panel stuffed in a washing machine, a tv in the garden center, etc).

On the Evernote front, we actually ran a feature on this last year:


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Black Friday always spurs fond memories of my late father & late brother-in-law. My eldest sister is 22 years older than I. So I grew up playing with her kids. She always lived out of state. My mom always hosted Thanksgiving. So my sister & her husband & family would travel to our home & stay with us. My (our) mom did most all the cooking & worked the day before Thanksgiving & the day after Thanksgiving. My father & BIL would take the four of us kids (me & my nephew & two nieces) shopping...at the mall...on Black Friday.... There's almost no amount of money you could pay me to step foot inside a mall on Black Friday these days or even the past 20 (or so years.) But I always remember these two men, who braved the mall...on Black Friday...with four kids...

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Urg, I won't be going out. It's bad enough that I live in the home of L. L. Bean's, I don't have to drive 25 miles to seek out that kind of punishment at the mall...

Heather, are you looking for something in a particular size/color? :D

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I learned from years past that even if you don't want to go to the actual stores and wait in line and potentially get trampled to death you can still get a lot of good deals from the online sites starting on thursday night. Most online sites run specific black friday deals online. They usually aren't as good as the door buster but still good. Often times they have free shipping too.

My two favorite sites for keeping track of deals are cheapcheapcheap.com and fatwallet.com both of these are updated frequently during Black Friday and leading up to it.

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I did a Black Friday standing on line wait at the store once and it really wasn't worth it to me. Unless they have something exclusive and that you really want on sale, then it is not going to be worth the wait.

On the other hand I have found that the cyber deals in the past 2 years have been better and a better experience. No real sense in clipping them in to Evernote because the deals expire quickly, but if you had your Christmas list in Evernote beforehand then it would be helpful.

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This is my favorite shopping day of the year. I get together with my mom and hit the stores. This year it will start at midnight. First time we are shopping in a warm climate.

I have my list ready to go in Evernote from last year, with everything that I purchased for everyone so I dont duplicate the gifts. As the year goes on I add information from conversations with items I think other people might like. I have everything I need in one place.

I have combed the internet looking at the sales pages, but I will look at the news paper tomorrow then figure out my game plan. Sorry most of you dont like the hunt. You just dont know what you are missing!!

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I found the ews funny today so this woman pepper sprayed people to clainstuff she wanted, wow.

Yeah heard about that, pretty hardcore.

I actually don't really like these kinds of sales. They force you into thinking you need to buy a bunch of stuff you don't need b/c they're really short term, so you have-to-get-it-now-or-you-missed-your-chance. Did a bunch of shopping today and yesterday online but it was entirely at places where the sale lasts the next few weeks. I didn't feel like I "had" to get anything, so I was good to go :)

Course, most places seem to be doing Black Friday all week, so whatever. :)

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Stayed home, did some chores, moved some wood onto the porch, accepted delivery on a piece of furniture for the mudroom, and made turkey soup. Oh, and did venture out to the local (and independent) music/video store, to get a video and watched it later on. Black Friday, what?

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Here we have the Boxing Day sales, where the retailers try to get rid of all their unsold Christmas stock. Many people will be out at 5:00 am to get bargains, but I'm one of those who would do my best to be as far from the shopping centres (aka 'malls') as possible!

The better strategy is to wait until early January when everyone's gone away on summer holidays and pick up what ever you need at nearly as good a price, but without the crush!

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Is that like one of those basement things?

The mudroom is usually the first room off the entryway, where you take off your muddy boots.

Yeah, the humor was a bit subtle. We laugh about MR's (and the weather that brings the need) and basements out here cause no one has them

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Or front porches.

Now there's something I could get used to !!!

In Socal, there are many people who, at times, could call their entire home a mudroom.

Or an unfinished basement

I don't think I've ever lived somewhere without a mudroom. It's basically a combination jacket/boots/shoes room with lots of rugs full of dirt. Helps encourage a shoeless house too.

Well welcome to Mountain View. 72 deg except Dec and Jan when it drops to 71. Burrrrrrrr

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I'd say these days are a grand treat for all people. I will buy a VPN with other items in this Black Friday. All I have to do I will choose the best VPN from this list after reading it thoroughly.


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