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  1. *All* members of Sponsored Groups were notified that Sponsored Groups were being discontinued to the contact information of the administrator of the account. Any members currently on a paid plan have until the end of their term to make arrangements to transfer. We did not cancel anyone without *any* notice. People whose accounts were cancelled for nonpayment we were unfortunately unable to reactivate, as the Sponsored Groups product no longer exists. Unfortunately, people who did not have correct billing information on file may have had their accounts discontinued sooner than they wished. We have attempted to work with everyone who has contacted us to make arrangements to transition their accounts to Evernote Business as smoothly as possible. However, there is nothing we can do to reactivate a Sponsored Group. For Educational discounts of 75% off 5 seats or more, you can go to http://evernote.com/schools/
  2. Your Inknotes should be searchable. Please let me know what your support ticket number is and I'll have this looked into by our web team.
  3. I do apologize for the slight misinformation you received from our support team. InkNotes are indeed indexed - when they reach our server, they are indexed to become searchable as any other image file. They are also translated to .png format for viewing on other devices (that are not Windows/Ink Note compatible). You cannot extract the text from them, however, as they are not PDFs. Does this help explain that comment further?
  4. Note history creates a snapshot of your not on our server every 8 hours. If you have synced multiple times in the same 8 hour period, then we will only have one version for that session.
  5. This is available already using pretty much any of our clipping tools. With Evernote for Windows/Mac installed, you can simply highlight your selected text then: If you're within a browser, right-click and Add Selected Text to Evernote. (And that links back to the original page you linked from). If you're not, Ctrl-C and then "Paste to Evernote" with the platform-specific shortcut (it's different for Mac/Windows, and user customizable.)
  6. You can *try* using the Optimize Database option from the DebugMenu. It generally doesn't work for this, but if you don't have time to rebuild your database the "right" way, it's worth a shot and won't actually hurt anything.
  7. Actually, as of January, we added the ability on the back-end to make specific notes Read-only in the clients. It's currently only available via API. This is an interesting idea, to allow users to turn on that switch.
  8. Skitch supports SVG files. Do you have a Mac?
  9. I really dig the Scanbizcards integration, because I get business cards all the time and can never find them again. Livescribe is really great. I don't think I have a regular pen/paper around anymore. And I use the Quickoffice integration pretty much every day, since I have a lot of docs/spreadsheets. @lindseycholmes From a support standpoint, there's a bug with AwesomeNote right now and Hello/Food, so be careful with that (it may make your Hello/Food notes not readable anymore by those apps. AN is aware and working on it.)
  10. One of the incoming email processing relays had slowed down, so our churn capacity was reduced. It hadn't "failed" (was just operating very slowly), so it did not trigger any alerts. We rebooted that relay and it appears to be running normally now. There's currently a backlog of 78,000 emails that are slowly being processed, so the failed or missing emails should appear over time.
  11. Evernote Support does answer all support queries that come in through our web form - from Premium *and* Free users. Premium users are handled first, however. We do get busy, so Free requests can take a while to get handled, whereas Premium requests are handled in one business day. However, the key is *rebooting* the computer. We often find when people write in asking us how to remove the software from a Mac that they have missed that important step.
  12. Here's another helpful tip: After dragging the application to the trash, reboot your Mac, and the rest of the Evernote helpers will also be removed from your system.
  13. We definitely are still working on it. We're *well* aware of the issue, being people who clip code snippets into Evernote on a regular basis
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