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  1. Very smart suggestion @realtohr! Yes, our "Display name" pulls your username (by default) but will be overridden by what you have entered into the Full Name field. Username is displayed as lower-case due to the way our database is set up, but Full Name allows for capitalization. So, if it is simply an issue in the way something is being displayed, rather than creating a new account, you may wish to fill out your online profile in your User Settings.
  2. I show you have 3 support requests on file with us. One was filed in September, and was answered and replied to multiple times by yourself/us, then eventually closed out with a resolution. Two were filed yesterday. One appears to be gibberish text with a log attached. As a Free user, you will be assisted when time permits, as we must assist our Business and Premium users first, however you will receive a reply.
  3. Yes, you just reply to the email you received.
  4. *All* members of Sponsored Groups were notified that Sponsored Groups were being discontinued to the contact information of the administrator of the account. Any members currently on a paid plan have until the end of their term to make arrangements to transfer. We did not cancel anyone without *any* notice. People whose accounts were cancelled for nonpayment we were unfortunately unable to reactivate, as the Sponsored Groups product no longer exists. Unfortunately, people who did not have correct billing information on file may have had their accounts discontinued sooner than they wished.
  5. Your Inknotes should be searchable. Please let me know what your support ticket number is and I'll have this looked into by our web team.
  6. if you haven an iPhone, you can purchase Evernote subscriptions via iTunes. Purchase iTunes gift cards (with cash somewhere?) and use that to pay.
  7. Can you please let me know your ticket number? Also, can you (if you haven't already), reply to that ticket with your receipt from the iTunes store. I'll see about contacting Apple to speed this up for you. Thank you!
  8. I do apologize for the message in the Windows client. There actually is no "support@evernote.com" email address (and never has been). I've contacted the Windows team to ensure that the typo is corrected in the software.
  9. You can "shake" to undo, even after its been synced, as long as you're still in the note.
  10. Ahh, that was from our old ticketing system - we switched to a new one over the weekend. There were some "glitches" with it - the "empty answers" being one of them. We no longer offer a nonprofit discount. And on our new form, for security purposes, support answers go directly to the email address you have on file with your Evernote account in your user settings - so that we can be sure we're contacting the correct person. You can utilize the guest form if you do not wish for this to happen, but you will not receive Premium/Business support (if you are a member of that service.)
  11. I do apologize for the slight misinformation you received from our support team. InkNotes are indeed indexed - when they reach our server, they are indexed to become searchable as any other image file. They are also translated to .png format for viewing on other devices (that are not Windows/Ink Note compatible). You cannot extract the text from them, however, as they are not PDFs. Does this help explain that comment further?
  12. The Chat staff *can* create tickets. However, chat is just for Premium users - which requires you to login (as you know, since you've logged in to use it.) I'm just not sure why you think that we're not on a "proper" ticketing system simply because we haven't chosen, for good and valid reasons, to turn on all the available options of an Enterprise Level CRM Tool.
  13. As I happen to know fairly a lot about this, having analyzed every ticketing tool available that meets the requirements of a support department of our size (ie, we can't just use a self-hosted solution like Fogbugz), Its actually the *initial* creation of the ticket that has been the major roadblock. I'm sure many of you have run into a similar problem - I know I have. Here was my situation. I have a problem with some major company that only offers email/chat support. (Like Evernote) That problem is: I can't get into my account. I tried all the reset password options, but for some reason,
  14. Actually, it's been a conscious choice that we did not have a web page for that. Our ticketing system that we use *does* support it, we chose not to implement it, as the experience required users to Login to file a support request. If a user is having problems with logging in to their account (as many of them are, especially right now) then that system doesn't work. I'm sorry you feel it's amatuerish that we don't display this feature, but there was much more to the decision than just "wouldn't it be nice for the users to see their open requests." We've only recently been able to design s
  15. While we actually have staffed up our support team on all fronts, including chat, and while we would love to have more people on chat, unfortunately because of the way our service is set up it requires authorization to your account (be it Free or Premium) in order to contact us. While we've been able to push out updates to all of our software clients to provide better messaging for this issue, as well as having updated our Knowledgebase, our the best method to contact support if you are unable to login remains filing a ticket. As Jack said, trying to login with your username and password
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