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  1. When it becomes available to you, you'll see a button on the audio file object in the note.
  2. Re the add image button: I noticed this too – use add attachment instead.
  3. Joined November 2010, paid user for 12 years this month.
  4. I had used a search to filter 500 notes I wanted to move to a different notebook, but it didn't occur to me that the 128 notes might be a limitation of [CTRL] [A] rather than note selection per se. I'll give it a try.
  5. I tried this just now in v10.49.4 for Windows and, regardless of the setting in the config file, I get 128 notes selected when I try a 'select all'
  6. If you are on Android, you need to wait until the tick/checkmark changes to the back arrow (or the note maximise icon). Unfortunately, I've noticed this can take several minutes and may need a force stop and cache clear if it gets really bad.
  7. Yes, this happens to me all the time. Every time I return to Evernote after sharing a file, web page, etc. the dialog reappears and I have to cancel it. It's very annoying, because I create many notes by sharing items from other apps. Clearing the app cache from the Android app settings fixes the issue, but this is ridiculous to do every time. Glad it's not just me!
  8. I began a test transition to Nimbus Note last year during the darker early days of v10, and loved the elegant note formatting capabilities and partitioned spaces for work, personal, etc. I found the search inadequate and the Android app not so good, however. I ended up returning to Evernote – mostly due to Nimbus' deficient search capabilities, but primarily due to the concerns raised by other posters about the location of the data potentially being in Russia. Their team seemed just a little too insistent that they were ‘proudly based in the US’. Without being able to confirm either way, I elected to stick with EN despite its ongoing teething problems.
  9. I only have a discrepancy between Web (22561) and the Windows legacy version (22567) of only six notes, but I tracked one down to see. It was a note that had been shared with me via Workchat that is unavailable, but still shows up in the legacy version. I do recall in the past that shared notes were counted (or not counted) differently between platforms. Weirdly, the same account on three different Android devices returns 22514, 22543 and 22555 notes!
  10. @tjsuominen, your other option is to retain v6.25 and trial v10 via the web app, which has mostly the same functionality. I'm doing this right now on one of my laptops, primarily because the v6.25 retains the ability to set and edit note locations manually and batch operations like moving and retagging can be undertaken on large numbers of notes and are still much faster than in v10.
  11. I've noticed similar behaviour as @Kelly M. – notebooks take about 10 seconds to unlock before the move operation can be completed. Once they have been unlocked they remain that way for the session, but it is annoying to wait that first time.
  12. To add to this good advice from @DTLow, make sure you put double quotes around your notebook name, since it contains spaces (I think you also have a leading '.' too?). notebook:".Statements To Reconcile/Bills to Pay" intitle:Grande David.
  13. I've been waiting *so* long for a solution to this one. Thank you, @jrgreensboro!
  14. The option to download the notes in Android is under Settings/Synchronisation/Synchronisation type. Glad to hear it's working well with 11K notes. I've imported a few hundred, but am a bit tentative about committing further (I have 25K notes) until I understand the benefits and limitations for my particular work flow.
  15. Same response back to me as for @TK0047 and @CalS. Quite encouraging, and I'll run it in parallel for a while to assess long-term feasibility.
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