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  1. logandb

    EN Win10 forgetful Focus

    I suspect they are referring to the behind the scenes software that drives the server syncing rather than the Evernote clients. It has been a worrying couple of days though – I've been suffering from 'Evernote anxiety'!
  2. logandb

    Firefox Clipper not working since Firefox update 60.0.1

    I'm having the same issue as @ChrisTinaBruce, but only with pdfs. Again, works perfectly in Chrome. I think Firefox 60 has broken something relating to the web clipper...
  3. logandb

    Suggestion: FOWARD button

    There is a forward button: If you don't have one, try right-clicking in the toolbar, selecting 'Customize' and dragging onto your toolbar. You can hold either to show you forwards/backwards history and use [ALT][LEFT ARROW] and [ALT][RIGHT ARROW] as shortcuts.
  4. It's so frustrating! The forums for years complained about the gradual slowdown in the Windows version of EN. Finally (was it v6, perhaps?), the app became usable again yet now, when I thought the developers had a handle at least on this aspect, all those gains feel like they have been lost. Sorry, I've been trying to work productively today and these temporary freezes are getting to me...
  5. Incidentally, Google Drive (on Android at least) does a pretty serviceable job of scanning multiple pages to a single pdf and is my preferred tool. It's then relatively straightforward to use 'Send a copy' to share to EN.
  6. Fair point and a request with which I agree, but this is the behaviour EN has always had. I'd like to add that it would be even better if EN could generate multi page PDFs instead of (or as well as) separate images as it does currently.
  7. Any word regarding when this might be fixed?
  8. logandb

    How to stop sharing a note?

    sharedate:* seems to pick up not just shared notes, but also notes for which you have generated a link. I checked by right-clicking on one of my 'sharedate:*' search results, choosing the Share option and found that the note was 'Shared with 0 people' and 'Shareable link off' (see attachment). Presumably if the note was actually shared, these options would be switchable to off. Having said this, it seems from a search of the forums that is still not possible to use a search syntax to identify notes that have been actually shared rather than simply having a link generated for them.
  9. You should have started a new topic for this query, but not to worry! In EN for Windows, right-click on the notebook name in the left panel and select 'Style...' Click on the dot grid to the right of the notebook name (see below) and choose a colour there. Hope this helps,
  10. What seems to be the problem? Once the Evernote app is installed, it should sync automatically if you have a data connection.
  11. logandb

    Not compatible with Androids?

    Have you tried installing the Evernote app for Android? I think that's likely to give a much better experience than a mobile browser web version (there used to be one a few years ago and it was less than perfect).
  12. logandb

    Evernote for Windows 6.5 GA Released

    I'm not sure whether this is a bug that has crept in with this release, but while I am typing in the body of a note the focus suddenly jumps to the title and I find myself suddenly typing there instead of where I was. I think this occurs when an automatic sync takes place—with instant sync switched on it is quite disruptive. Apologies if this has already been observed by others...
  13. logandb

    Evernote for Windows 6.5 Beta 2 Released

    Just noticed a small issue after deleting the local copy of my database (~15.5 K notes, 7 GB) and enabling on-demand sync. Thumbnail images in the context section of a note are broken unless the associated note has been downloaded.
  14. logandb

    Higher Ed I need help with tags!

    Hi @BryanHasAQuestion, the great thing about EN is that there are usually a number of ways to organise your notes based on your own preferences and, most importantly, how you like to search. There's no point having hundreds or thousands of notes if you are unable to remember how to find them. All of our suggestions are simply ideas based on what works for us as individuals and you will eventually find a system that works for your own brain, too! @csihilling, I forgot to mention that the spaces I used in my tag examples were there for readability only - spaces in tags are not good news, because you always need to use quotation marks to delineate them. I usually use the underline character and others simply drop the spaces from the tag name. For example: tag:"Year 1" OR tag:Year1 OR tag:Year_1 are all equivalent depending on your tag naming convention, but the quotes are required for the first option (tag:Year 1 will find notes with the tag "Year" and the number 1 somewhere in them)