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  1. MB Air / FF 46.0.1 / webclipper 6.2.0 The option to clip to the client is not available. The only option is "cloud" Expected results: Firefox/add-ons/webclipper/preferences/save clips to [cloud or client] Actual resutls: Firefox/add-ons/webclipper/preferences/save clips to [cloud] What's up???
  2. Now there's something I could get used to !!! Or an unfinished basement Well welcome to Mountain View. 72 deg except Dec and Jan when it drops to 71. Burrrrrrrr
  3. The mudroom is usually the first room off the entryway, where you take off your muddy boots. Yeah, the humor was a bit subtle. We laugh about MR's (and the weather that brings the need) and basements out here cause no one has them
  4. Is that like one of those basement things? Cheers from the West Coast !!
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